Wait, what? Oh, whatever…

Normally, I’m not too fond of convoluted retcons of retcons. But when the original was as bad as the Franco Quartermaine nonsense turned out to be… I guess I’ll allow it? Especially if it means the powers that be have FINALLY realized this entire recast story was a huge mistake.

And really, doesn’t the son of Heather Webber and Scott Baldwin turning out to be a serial killer leave slightly less of a bad taste in your mouth than foisting that crap off on Alan?

Franco retcon3

Franco retcon2

(For those keeping track at home, this makes the third grown child Scotty never knew he had and the second one who turned out to be a bit of a psychotic murderer. Jeez, Baldwin. Did they not have condoms in the 70s?)

Franco retcon


Which isn’t to say I’m loving every aspect of this new backstory. But it does get Franco out of the Qs, which was a connection the writers hadn’t bothered to explore in anything close to an emotionally satisfying way. It gives Scotty something to do other than stalk and moon over Laura. And it neatly explains Heather’s obsession with Franco with a little more nuance than “bitch crazy.”

Most importantly: it gives Robin Mattson a platform to once again prove that she is the reigning MVP of holding that delicate balance between heartbreak and farce. That moment when she went from indignant hurt to forgiveness and compassion over Franco’s lost talent? (We can debate the merits of pre-tumor removal Franco’s “art” at another time.) That manic, delusional hope when she promised that now they could be a real mother and son? Mattson is the master.

Silas and Sam at the gallery

Meanwhile, Michael Easton seems to be enjoying his work again now that Silas has basically transformed into McBain in scrubs. I’m not knocking it, because standing in the background of dramatic scenes making faces and wry quips is really one of the parts of McBain’s presence in town I’ve missed the most.

(The other, of course, being his habit of casually smoldering whenever he was within fifteen feet of Sam. Luckily, Silas seems to have picked that up too.)

Silas and Sam cuteness


In other news: the less said about Olivia and Sonny, the better, because if I start down that road, I’ll just end up frothing at the mouth, shaking my fists at the sky, screaming HE SHOT YOUR SON IN THE CHEST! And haven’t we all already been down that road? It leads nowhere but frustration and rage blackouts.

But I do need to give a shout out to her adorable red dress and to Lisa LoCicero for wearing it:

Olivia's red dress

My kingdom for a story more worthy of her many assets in all their bountiful glory.


14 thoughts on “Wait, what? Oh, whatever…

    • You’re right. I shouldn’t impugn poor Lee’s gene pool. He was Scotty’s step-father, I believe. And then adopted him later.

  1. I’m fine with it all, I guess. I just would have preferred that they kept the Quartermaine’s relevant and ignored the Franco part. Instead, they are solidifying the Franco part and making him not a Quartermaine. I’d just rather watch Sam and Silas make eyes at one another than deal with this baloney.

    • Well, in my perfect world, they would get Franco away from the Qs and ALSO do something interesting with them. AJ’s supposed to be back soon, so hopefully we’ll get more?

  2. They finally got Sam out of her yoga pants and into a dress, and she looked spectacular. If Silas doesn’t make a move now, it will be highly disappointing. I just don’t understand why they don’t dress Kelly Monaco better all the time.

    Do we know who Scotty’s biological parents were? I knew Gail was his step-mother, but I didn’t know he wasn’t Lee’s biological kid. The relationships on this show make my head spin.

    • Scotty’s bio parents were waaaaaay before my time, but according to the internet, they were Meg and Lloyd Bentley — he died before the family came to town; she married Lee and then apparently got breast cancer and also went crazy and then died. As you do.

      • Thanks. I should have thought to look it up. When I did, I was amazed that the character of Scotty has been on since the mid-60s. The legaciest of legacy characters. Franco’s got some major ties on both sides there.

  3. There were so many characters that RoHo could have played on this show and the writers chose a serial killer that fans absolutely hated.

    I guess SK and RM are thrilled that their new “son” is a crazy serial killer and the actor is a pet which means they will get air time from now on, unless RC kills them offscreen.

    • LOL. I’ll respond to my own post. KS and not SK! KS could be annoyed that the only way he can return to GH after starting on the show back in the 1970’s is to play the daddy of a character that never existed until four year ago.

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