In which chemistry forgives almost any transgression.

Just for the record: I’m still profoundly annoyed by the way this whole reveal has played out so anticlimactically, with half the town figuring it out on their own and then Julian knowing that they know. And it’s still way too much about Sonny and also giving me trauma flashbacks to the way all that Alexis and Jerry chemistry was criminally wasted when that reveal was bungled and rushed exactly like this.

But let’s just say that certain portions of today — mostly involving William deVry making that little helpless moan mid-kiss — were SUPER GOOD FOR ME:

Alexis and Julian kiss5

Alexis and Julian kiss2

ALEXIS: Why would I trust you?
JULIAN: You did once upon a time. You looked in my eyes… you walked out of that bar and into my car.
ALEXIS: Are going to seduce me now?
JULIAN: You tell me… [whispering] I remember you.

Is that man made of sexiness and magic? He must be, because one look from him with the eyes and the smolder and the “Carly who?” speech and I’m ready to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. (Although, honestly, it doesn’t take much acting to convince me someone could be wildly attracted to Nancy Lee Grahn, because… come on.)

Oh please, please, please let this story get back on track now. No more Carly distractions. No more Julian forgetting Alexis exists for weeks at a time. All I want is some tension and some pining and for this to not end with her being played for a fool. Is that so much to ask? Can Alexis finally have a bad boy who isn’t really that bad? Who can be dangerous without being a sociopath? Who will respect her and protect her and not treat her like a child?

I have high hopes, guys. This is probably dangerous.

Speaking of gentlemen who respect Davis women — and I can’t believe I’m about to say this about this guy, but — Silas and Sam! Holy hell!

Silas and Sam kiss2


Unfortunately, things that were less good for me today included: Olivia finally losing what was left of her dignity, soul and goddamn mind. And Sonny expressing his frustration with not being able to kill anyone by saying this to another of his former lovers and baby mammas:

SONNY: Okay, let me tell you something. If I was your father–

Ew. Ewwwww. I need brain bleach from that line. Although his pouty “aw, but I really want to kill someone” face was sort of worth it.

Meanwhile, Franco “heroically” redeemed himself for all that pesky rape, murder and kidnapping by meeting the minimum requirements of human decency. Which, on the scale of “endanger a child/save a child” that passes for this show’s get out of jail free card, places him somewhere between “Sam taking on the Russian mob to atone for letting Jake be kidnapped” and “Luke not killing any toddlers while driving Aiden to the hospital.”

So, naturally, all was forgiven.

Franco and Carly2

(I mean, I suppose I could give him points for jumping into freezing water in November in upstate New York, but considering Carly was wandering around outside wearing nothing but a skimpy cocktail dress and a fabulous haircut, I’m going to say Port Charles is experiencing something of a heat wave and that was basically a pleasure swim.)

At least we’ll always have Kiki’s ridiculously ungraceful leap into the water. Never have I wished for the ability to make gifs more. And, hey! Now we have definitive proof that even a serial killer is a better person than Morgan. So that’s nice.

20 thoughts on “In which chemistry forgives almost any transgression.

  1. I KNOW RIGHT?? TO EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID! I may only ever speak in ALL CAPS from now on. Poor Olivia. How has she ended up Sonny’s personal doormat? The character was so tough and not brainwashed by Sonny when she came to town. But that Julian who is as criminal as Sonny…he grabbed Alexis and I knew she *should have* dropped his ass with some pepper spray but I squeed with soapy delight that she let him kiss her. And yesterday I rewound KiKi’s jump into the water no less than 5 times just from the preview and laughed and laughed. I’m even willing to have Franco amnesia bc I like his chemistry w Carly. Fix Silas McBain’s hair and I give this episode 4 stars! Is anyone still Team Morgan? Bc wanting your father dead and trying to kill your brother over a college girlfriend is just really lame.

    • RC has fixed so much of what was wrong with this show, but he’s never seemed to have had a good grasp on some of the newer characters. Johnny, Olivia and Kate/Connie all became basically unrecognizable to me under his watch. I don’t get the sense that he knows what to do with Olivia at all. Throwing her at Sonny seems like such a lazy default. It’s a shame. I like Lisa LoCicero a lot. But Olivia is basically dead to me at the moment.

      • the weird thing is, I think he thinks giving Olivia to Sonny is a favor. I think they like LLC and want to keep her around, but like you said, he doesn’t really know what to do so he gave her to Sonny.

    • meeee. :) But I don’t care that Morgan is evil. I want him to be evil. Also basically I’ve always been indifferent and/or hated that drip Michael, so, it’s easy for me. And I ueber hate Kiki.

      Plus, he’s not mad about Kiki, not really. She’s just a symbol. He’s really mad at Sonny and Michael. (I would like some scenes where he hates on Carly too)

      • Hey, somebody should hate Sonny and it may as well be Morgan since Dante has failed miserably at the task. But I HATE that kid lol. He’s not even good at being evil! He got caught über promptly at his first act of sabotage with that bug in pop’s office. He failed to kill Michael. His house of lies re:KiKi came down pretty quick. And he always looks confused. He’s like a kinda slow version of Sonny. But I don’t mind Ava using him for 19 year old sex so he’s got that going for him lol.

        • heh, yeah. when Sonny was all, “I just can’t figure out why she wants to be with him” it was like “oh Sonny, do you recall your much younger girlfriend Emily?”

          • Olivia should’ve been like “19 year old sex, Sonny. Don’t be a hater.” And then hit on Michael lol.

      • I agree. For some reason Michael/Kiki are completely intolerable. All Michael does is kiss Sonny’s behind and Kiki is a waste of space. TeamMorgan

  2. How is it that out of the 4 couples featured, the most “meh” of them (Carly and Franco & Olivia and Sonny) end up doing the horizontal mambo and the ones that were OOOOOZZZZZZZING chemistry (Sam and Silas & Alexis and Julian) ended up parting ways? All I can say is when they finally “get down to get down” it better be smoking!!! I felt that the show wasted a perfectly good song (Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran) on the wrong two couples.

    • Olivia and Sonny make no sense to me. As a teenage girl she had the sense to keep herself and her kid away from Sonny so it makes no sense that the 40 year old version don’t care that Sonny SHOT her kid, got her beloved cuz from the hood shot twice and killed, got HER shot…she’s just like “Shoot me AGAIN and next time put some stank on it, love of my life!!!!” But the fact that I find new Franco positively endearing and want him to find love in the arms of Carly…I can only say that I make questionable decisions in my actual real life lol.

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