Five Things About Revenge: “Resurgence”

1. To say that this episode was something of a Nolan/Ems shipper paradise would be a vast understatement. Holy cats, kids! Emily playing wingman for Nolan’s revenge scheme! The gleeful plotting! Her vulnerable confession at the end! And the gazing:

Nolan and Ems gaze5


Mostly, I  love that Ems is clearly listening to Nolan. She heard him last week when he told her about his needs. She’s clearly appreciating all he’s done for her and trying to be a better friend to him in the time they have left together. Her putting herself out there emotionally to him is the closest thing to “I love you” she could possibly offer — and he knows it.

2. Speaking of Nolan’s revenge scheme, Bizzy was certainly a deserving target, but did anyone else feel like it was maybe a little unfair to blame her for Nolan’s dad being a homophobic douchebag? (No? Just me?)

But never mind that. What I loved was, of course, Nolan showing her mercy at the last moment — while still keeping her in his (and Ems) back pocket for later. That’s the Nolan I love: equal parts compassion and practicality.

Jack and Margaux

Nolan and Jack friendship

5. It’s kind of amazing how much more tolerable I’m finding Jack this season. He and Margaux aren’t exactly setting my world on fire, but I’m kind of rooting for those two crazy kids anyway? And his scene by Fauxmanda’s grave might have had me sniffling a bit.

It’s also nice to see his friendship with Nolan being a regular thing now that all their respective cards are finally on the table. A Jack who isn’t being played for a fool by everyone is actually a Jack I like! With Aiden at least temporarily out of the picture, can we focus on him as the third member of the revenge trio? Pretty please?


Nolan Ems and Aiden

(Yes, I’m sure he’ll be back, and probably sooner than I’d like. But it was awfully nice to see him go. Especially after that first scene where his desire to isolate Ems from all the competition everyone she loves could not have been more clear.)

4. Conrad’s glee while taunting Victoria about Patrick? GOLD. Welcome back, you magnificent bastard, you. (And I find it hilarious that he wasn’t even going to pursue Patrick at all except as leverage over her — what’s a little attempted murder in this family, right?)

Next week’s surprise from the past? The only past person I want to see is Fauxmanda, show! Don’t tease me like this if it’s not going to happen!


5 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Resurgence”

  1. I gave up on Revenge half way through the second season. So I have a question: why does Emily hate Daniel? She seems loathe him as much as Conrad and Victoria.

    • Daniel became more and more of a Grayson last season. He learned pretty much the full truth about the David Clarke conspiracy and remained loyal; he’s done a lot of shady business stuff himself. I wouldn’t say Ems hates him as much as she hates his parents. But she’s definitely not under any illusions about his innocence.

  2. Oh man the Ems and Nolan feels this episode! Couldn’t have been more perfect. Although was it just me or did Nolan interrupt HIS OWN Ems moment at the end? They were looking at each other in a very excellent way with no words and then BOOM he busts out the cell phone evidence of Daniel.

    With Aiden leaving this episode, I’m actually starting to suspect he is the one to shoot Emily. She will back out of their (his, really) stupid plan of never seeing anyone again and being just the two of them. Then BLAM! his jealousy reaches a breaking point. Maybe.

    Anyway, I just feel like the framing of Victoria won’t go exactly as planned because no of course not. They are trying to lull us into thinking we now know what is going to happen.

  3. I heart Nolan and Em’s as BFF. I’m rooting for Daniel and his ex-girlfriend to end up together, and for Aiden to just die a lonely death. Charlotte is acting like a real witch and Jack is just so dumb.

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