Five Things About Revenge: “Secrecy”

1. OH, FOR FUCK’S SAKE. Aiden is moving in with Nolan, now? I thought we’d be rid of him for at least an episode! (Although, admittedly, Nolan’s extensive roommate rules and post-it notes almost made up for the annoyance. Almost.)

Ems and Nolan computer


Also, Nolan calling Aiden “a decent guy” is a real stretch, show. Especially since he’s been pretty vocal about criticizing him in the past — are we really suppose to believe Nolan would handwave him overtly threatening Jack and Carl? Because I don’t believe that in the slightest.

2. On a related note, my appreciation of Jack continues to grow. Although that may just be because his hatred of Aiden warms the cockles of my heart? Because seriously: the fact that the show is allowing him to call out the grossness of Aiden’s behavior brings me such joy.

Jack calls out Aiden

As did his protectiveness of Charlotte and the excellent confrontation where both he and Emily acknowledging the fact that knowing the girl she once was isn’t the same as knowing the person she is now.

Jack for the win! Words I never thought I’d type.

3. Oh, good! More absolutely stellar marriage advice from Conrad! Two questions here: remind me again why Daniel still listens to basically anything that comes out of his father’s mouth? Also… so how does one get the job of rich man love nest butler? Because it seems kind of cushy. (And of course the Grayson wives know and have always known about all this. YOU ARE ALL SUCH TERRIBLE PEOPLE AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT.)

Conrad's advice

Sarah seems genuinely nice, by the way. Which makes it easy for Emily to play her like a fiddle, and also means I think she deserves better that Daniel doorknob. Free Sarah!

4. Can more revenge school alumni show up? Because the ones who aren’t Aiden seem so fun. I like to imagine there’s a secret Facebook message board where they can crowdsource solutions to the various revenge problems they’re having. (And also share cute kitten videos. Obviously.)

Revenge alumnus

But the kicker of Emily’s scheming to keep Daniel was obviously the big pregnancy lie at the end. In retrospect, I’m only surprised it’s taken her this long to pull that one out of her bag of tricks. But if ever there was a time to pull out all the stops, this would be it, I suppose. (Where the hell are they going to go with this show post-wedding?)

5. HOLY SHIT, LYDIA. Actually, that should not have been a surprise after they went out of their way to bring her name up earlier in the episode, but I was honestly expecting Mason. I eagerly await the no doubt batshit insane explanation for how she got off that plane in one piece.


One thought on “Five Things About Revenge: “Secrecy”

  1. The ending was so soapy! Nothing like faking a pregnancy to trap a man. And they brought back from the dead Lydia. It’s sweeps.

    Nolan continues to be my fav. “Don’t brag after a shag”.

    What is Charlotte up to?

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