I’m sorry, guys. If you were expecting some sort of intelligent commentary, you’ve come to the wrong place. I am officially lost in the land of ugly cries and flailing, because the Scorpio clan is almost completely reunited AND IT FEELS SO GOOD:

Scorpio reunion3

I mean, there’s still Mac to go, obviously, and I’m already stocking up on Gatorade so I’ll be able to survive that one. (Just try to picture John J. York’s face when he sees Robin alive. Go on. Picture it. Grab a tissue. I’ll wait.)

But in the meantime, we got Robin and Robert, and if her saying “Daddy?” in that wobbly voice or calling him her hero wasn’t enough to break you completely, then… we are very different people:

Robin Robert Reunion1

But that was nothing compared to the one-two punch of Anna and Robin laying eyes on each other for the first time in almost two years, interspersed with exactly the flashback I’d been hoping for. THANK YOU, CARLIVATI. I NEVER DOUBTED YOU.

Also, I feel like someone should track down the casting director from 1985 and congratulate him or her? Because seriously, look at these two:

Robin Anna reunion2

Robin Anna reunion3

And then with the hugging and the crying and that little noise Anna made when Robin said “Mom”? Let’s just say Robert and I were on the same wavelength while watching this:

Robin Anna reunion1

Scorpio reunion

Of course, the cherry on top of the giant feels sunday was Robin reuniting with her beloved step-father Duke for the first time in 24 years. And by Duke, I mean his precious, disbelieving faaaaaace:

Robin Duke reunion2


There’s something extra special amazeballs SOAPS! about any scene where — at one point or another — every single character has come back from the dead. After a few stories around the Thanksgiving table, poor Emma is going to grow up believing that anyone who dies is bound to show up again after a few years… give or take a decade.

(Then again, in this town, she’ll probably be right about half the time.)


In other news, apparently Michael Saucedo hasn’t aged in 12 years? It’s… actually a little creepy:

Juan Santiago returns

Since Juan was kind of the worst, I’d actually forgotten he left town to go pursue his music career. But the idea that he’s now a famous celebrity is hilarious. And his wink/nudge cameo with his real life wife was cute enough to tolerate his temporary return. Plus, an Emily mention that allowed me to picture only Amber Tamblyn’s version of the character! Win/win!



  1. Me too! I was so picturing Mac’s face and Maxie’s when they see Robin and I started bawling even more harder! LOL! Also, did you get when Juan said that he’s married to a nice girl named Becky? I almost fell off my sofa. Well played Carlivati, well played. :)

  2. I have a complaint! And it is this: Why bother with anything else but the FEELS OF THE MOMENT! Everytime they cut away from my crying, happy Scorpios I wanted to yell. (This is not to say the episode wasn’t lovely and setting up for even more drama..)

    I’m now going to have to find those clips and watch them ALL DAY AGAIN AND AGAIN!

  3. ROBIN!! Never leave me again! We get Scrubs back! Sorry, Sabrina, but Robin is the only one for Patrick. She can find someone else.

  4. These episodes were all kinds of awesome but can Robin please please go in and stop this farce of a wedding!!!! I get that she is worried but go in and tell him you are alive!!

    I cant stand it, they even had Epiphany say that Patrick and Sabrina have been thru so much to get to this wedding….REALLY???? I screamed at the TV when she said that (and when Liz went on and on at the house) What have they been thru? b.c I have not seen anything. The whole relationship has happened off screen. On the other hand, she was there for the entire Robin and Patrick relationship. That was going thru so much. They grew together.

    Then we get a Noah shout out and he was going to walk her down the aisle???? What??? Where is her father and other family members…Juan was sooo busy with his tour that he couldnt walk her down?? Maybe Carrrrlos should have walked her down since she was going to wear the jewlery he got her!!! Its ridiculous that she would rush a wedding without any family there.

    I hope that KMc is going to be on P/T after this is over, so that she can be a director and have scrubs together. Cant wait for Monday…..Scrubs forever!!

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