To be filed under: things I never thought I’d see.

Hey, remember that time Jerry Jacks came back to town with a new face and a different accent and started gleefully torturing people he used to like with no explanation? Including the daughter of his former fiance? And remember how years passed and he never once even acknowledged that his relationship with Bobbie ever existed, because Bob Guza is the hackiest hack who ever hacked?

Since this is a time for giving thanks, let’s just all take a moment, bow our heads, and be grateful that we now have a head writer who’d rather let this happen:

Bobbie and Jerry

JERRY: For God’s sake, Bobbie, we use to mean something to each other!
BOBBIE: Oh, yeah? Well, anything we had ended on our wedding day when you got arrested.

BARBARA JEAN IS IN THE HOUSE, Y’ALL. I was delightfully unspoiled for her visit, but when she opened the hotel room door and came face to face with Jerry, I actually started seal clapping in a really embarrassing way. YOU GUYS. I’M SO PLEASED BY THIS DEVELOPMENT.

I have no idea where its going, but just the sight of the two of them together, acknowledging their past, has me giddy. GIDDY!

Other things for which I’m thankful: the fact that Patrick’s bachelor party consisted of a pub crawl with Elizabeth and Epiphany, during which the former drank out of a shoe. (Or many shoes. Whatever.) These are the great former player Patrick Drakes bestest besties and I kind of love it to death:

Liz and Patrick

Epiphany and Patrick

And finally, I’m thankful that Britt is not only still an unapologetic Scrubs shipper, but also rapidly climbing the ladder of my favorite character list in all her snarky, not a nice person, tells-it-like-it-is ways. Like this response to Robert being a bit of an asshole about her parentage:

BRITT: [eye-roll] It’s not like it’s great news for me either.

Or this one, upon Robin refusing AGAIN to just go tell Patrick she’s alive, already:

Britt is judging your stupd choices

BRITT: Oh, come on. Now I know why my mother gets so furious with virtuous people!

(That face? That face right there? The one that’s judging all your stupid choices? That’s what mine looked like at the end of the episode when Robin opened the church door and then hid behind it. BRITT AND I ARE NOT AMUSED WITH YOUR BULLSHIT, ROBIN.)

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to everyone who’s celebrating! May your meals not end in disaster and emergency pizza. I’ll see you on the flip side.


3 thoughts on “To be filed under: things I never thought I’d see.

  1. I cosign with the above. I was screaming at the top of my lungs at Robin. (Which I KNOW Frank wants!) If Robin hasn’t stepped into that church by Tuesday I am flipping over EVERY F*CKING TABLE! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  2. Patrick’s marriage to Sabrina isn’t even legal if Robin is alive. Which she is. And not alive where nobody knows it, but alive walking around Port Charles with LOTS of ppl knowing. It makes no sense for her not to TELL ALREADY. I don’t loathe Brit so much now that she has some dimension but I’m looking forward to seeing how they resolve this issue with Nick where she probably stole his sister’s baby. But seriously, why is Robin hiding in the back of the church??

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