Be still my Scrubs lovin’ heart!

You guys! You guys! YOU. GUYS.

I know I’ve been gone for such a long time. Luckily, Tenillypo has kept the fire burning in my absence. (Thanks, best co-blogger ever!) But today, I was just so effing happy and I had to come back to spew all my candy-filled glee all over you all. Did you have a cigarette at minute 58 of the episode? Because I sure wanted to. Monday I was cursing RC. Now, I love him with all my heart. What a difference a day makes.

Robin Patrick reunion3

ROBIN: It’s okay. Go to Sabrina.
PATRICK: What if I lose you again. I can’t…I can’t…
ROBIN: You’re not gonna lose me again. Tell him baby.
EMMA: I’ve got her, Daddy. I’ll hold onto Mommy.
PATRICK: Don’t move. You stay right here.
ROBIN: I’m not gonna move.

I can’t even express how amazingly satisfying that was. JT and KMc most definitely still have it. And Mac’s reaction! Him barely being able to hold himself back and getting over to Robin the moment Patrick left! So many feels! And of course, I jumped ahead because Emma’s slow motion run killed me… both days. Such satisfying reunions!


Sabrina was appropriately upset, but they continued her most annoying characterization into her reaction to this. I mean, she has every reason to be devastated, but when she talks about “everything we had to overcome to get here” my eyes rolled so hard they almost fell out of my head.

Sorry, Sabrina. Life stinks sometimes. I’m happy to do a celebratory dance in your tears.

Sabrina's tears

Psst, Felix and Wednesday GH previews, you are not going to make me believe even for a second that Patrick is not going to want to go back to Robin, so cut the shit. Scrubs 4-EVA!


15 thoughts on “Be still my Scrubs lovin’ heart!

  1. Amen to everything you said!! I loved it all!!! Give them all Emmys now! The whole group of them!

    I said it b4, the only way JT was getting an Emmy nod this year was for a reunion scene. I read someone saying that it looked like the first time Patrick has breathed in 2 years. Very aptly put. Patrick is alive again!! Just look at that smile and the KISS!! Sabrina, who??

    YEAH!!! Happy dance!

    It was so awesome to have a new Scrubs scenes to watch…I need a t-shirt that says I survived Robin being gone and Patrick with Sabrina!!

    I didnt even listen to the rest of the show b.c I was so excited for Scrubs! :)

  2. Sobrina who, indeed. Kim and Jason just taught a master class on actor chemistry and soap reunion bliss. Pay attention, Theresa the ABC Disney Princess.

  3. I loved the Drake family scenes! I admit I fast-forwarded through every other scene just to see the Robin reunion. And I cannot stand Sabrina – I get the character is supposed to be perfect but seriously, she’s too much; I like layered characters and Sabrina just comes off flat – no offense to the actress; it’s the character. And honestly, there wasn’t much spark between Patrick/Sabrina – now Patrick/Robin, my goodness, they click. And I swear, if Felix hates Robin for coming home or blames her for ruining anything, I’m done with him. That is all. =D

  4. In the history of soap kisses, that kiss was epic — so much emotional intimacy. The way he touched her face, the way she looked at him — have mercy! Never did he kiss Sabrina that way.

    And agreed, what exactly has Sabrina had to overcome vs. the hurdles Robin herself and then Scrubs had to deal with? That line was ridiculous.

  5. Never leave me again, Scrubs!! Sorry, Sabrina, but Robin is the only one with Patrick. The Drakes have been through way more than you!

  6. Who/what is Scrubs? I thought it was a tv show or clothes but I think I’m missing something. Patrick killed that scene, I never knew the actor was so good. Emmy! But I love that so many dead ppl have come back that the wedding guests were not full of wtf and Anna and Duke spoke of how they’ve both come back from the dead so they can help her through it.

    • Scrubs is the couple term for Patrick and Robin, rooted in them both being doctors. I prefer it to some of the disgusting mash-up names you often hear.

      • I hate mash up names so Scrubs is fine by me. I came in as sometimes viewer in 2006-ish and regular the last couple of years, but in soap fan terms that’s new. But I don’t know any soap fans so some of the lingo and nicknames and a lot of GH history I just piece together from this blog.

    • You never knew he was that good b.c if you have not watched him other than the past year, you wouldn’t think so. Its been THAT BAD!

      If you are a new fan, please go to YouTube and watch their story. Especially after Robin ‘died’, he was robbed of an Emmy last year. Scrubs went thru every imaginable obstacle and came out stronger….sorry Sabrina.

      I have to say even Leyla was better than Sabrina. I did feel a little bad for her when things ended but even she knew it wasn’t going to last and didn’t sit crying over it. She moved on.

  7. VIVA LA SCRUBS! Death to the Disney Sobby Princess! Here’s to the end of Purina and the resurrection of SCRUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been a hot mess since the last minute of Monday’s show when Emma ran to her Mommy! Such a reward after enduring nearly a full hour of Purina’s Disney wedding from hell rammed down my throat!

    But hell the flags showed before Emma and Patrick saw Robin-his running to the lab to see one more time if Robin was alive should have bought Sobby a clue but she marched her delusional self down the aisle anyway. And even during the wedding when Patrick paused for an eternity and then barely got his “I do” out should have stopped this train wreck from proceeding…

    Thanks to Miss Evil Eyes (Robin’s nickname for Emma yesterday) Purina is now dead and Scrubs are back!

    If anyone even thinks for one iota Patrick will choose Sobby well here a few more clues folks-he didn’t kiss the BRIDE, he kissed his WIFE-TWICE! Hell I think he would have made love to Robin right there in the church if Emma hadn’t tugged his sleeve to remind him that Sobby was a blubbering mess nearby. He literally forgot Sobby existed once he had Robin in his arms again!

    So please let him tell her goodbye-and make it fast so us Scrubs fans can get back to their joyful, long long overdue reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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