I don’t understand anything that’s happening right now.

Can someone wake me up when this characterization starts to make sense again? Because I keep waiting, but it’s getting increasingly painful. I’ll let Emma ask the pertinent question:

Patrick and Emma2

EMMA: Why are you taking so long to bring me and mommy home?
PATRICK: Because me and mommy have been apart for a little while, so we just need to take a little time to get to know each other a little bit. Unfortunately, I can’t do that by spending any time with her. I mean, that would be crazy. Do you understand?
PATRICK: Good talk.

(It’s possible I may have been paraphrasing a bit for part of that, but I think I captured the essence.)

So, it’s been over a day now and Patrick apparently still doesn’t know where Robin’s been all this time. Or how she got free. Or why this all happened. Has her captivity affected her mentally or physically? How’s her HIV status these days? Does she have any PTSD? HE HAS NO IDEA. And worse — he doesn’t even seem to care.

I don’t mind him feeling confused about how to deal with the Sabrina situation. But why is that the only thing he’s thinking about right now? Where is the urgency? He’s like this pod person inhabiting Patrick’s body all of a sudden.

Scrubs reunion

It certainly doesn’t help that Robin is suddenly being given the vengeful woman scorned edit. How? How do you take a story with this much soapy goodness going for it and mess it up this bad in the home stretch?

(You know, I’m still 99.9% sure this is leading to a Robin/Patrick reunion. But after today’s bizarre scenes, in which they were written like a divorced couple working out custody arrangements, I’m starting to worry if I’ll still be rooting for it by the time we get there.)


In less enraging news — and I can’t believe I’m about to say this — Lucy cheated on Kevin. I know! I hate it when she and Doc fight. But unlike a certain other couple I could name, their problems at least sort of ring true to the characters. Even if they have been mostly taking place off screen.

Plus, her one night stand with Scotty was all fun and old school, and it gave him a chance to validate all of my feelings about his Laura obsession:

Lucy and Scotty

LUCY: What about Laura?
SCOTTY: Laura… that was a huge mistake. I tried to recapture the past, which was long, long gone. You’re the one that’s always on my side. And I’m not just talking about my campaign manager or this mess with Heather or Franco.
SCOTTY: Lucy, you’re the one that I always turn to.
LUCY: And you are always the one that I turn to. You know you’re always there and you always help and — in fact you helped me get Deception off the ground while Kevin was whiling away the hours in his office.
SCOTTY: That’s what I’m saying: partners in crime, peas in a pod.

Thank you, Scotty! Banter! Humor! A relationship based on reality and not some teenage fantasy that never really existed in the first place! I can’t really argue with any of that… except Lucy and Scotty are obviously better off being platonic besties forever so she can eventually make up with Kevin.

(WHICH HAD BETTER FREAKING HAPPEN, CARLIVATI. You’re on thin ice right now, buddy.)


15 thoughts on “I don’t understand anything that’s happening right now.

  1. You are always so super fast to blog my WTF reaction. Bc it doesn’t ring true to me that if Robin WANTS to be home with Patrick that she would take this incredibly passive aggressive route of saying NO to Patrick but then going around behind his back to tell Sabrina to just step aside. I mean, Patrick’s immediate reaction was to ask Robin to come home. She said no. Then she goes to Sabrina and tells HER to tell Patrick it’s over between them? Robin isn’t manipulative. And Patrick ALWAYS just wanted Robin back. This makes no sense. But I forgive Felix bc he’s Sabrina’s best friend and he’s looking out for her and he’s not wrong in that nobody else is looking out for Sabrina so he’s doing it 200% even if he’s wrong. I actually feel like hes a very realistic bff who tells you that YOU deserve the moon and stars and everybody else be damned. I like the slow brewing inner turmoil of Anna though. Can’t blame her for executing Faison but she’s not a killer so she SHOULD be conflicted. I never understood Scott and Laura (I barely understand Luke and Laura) so I’m perfectly happy for Scott to be all “meh” regarding Laura. And Carly. Jeez. Sure her judgement with men is always been off but this is just sad. And I even liked new not-really-Franco-bc-they’re-rehabbing-the-character Franco until he stabbed Heather.

  2. All I am going to say here is Emma ROCKS!!

    That girl needs to get her parents together b.c clearly she is smarter then both of them!! I agree with this post soooo much. This was terrible. When Patrick came over I thought..ok so now they are at least going to talk about who had her etc and then they didnt!

    Robin also has to reveal herself to others and it was weird that Nik and Liz didn’t speak about that either??

    Make it end!!!

    • Yeah, at least one line between Liz and Nik about the miraculous resurrection of their shared good friend would have been nice. We still haven’t gotten to see so many other people reacting either — Sonny! Carly! AJ — as far as both of them know, the other is dead. That’s soap gold!

      The pacing on this reveal has just gone straight to hell.

  3. Will the real Patrick Drake please stand up! Who is this person walking around town in a cloud of confusion? This man who so brilliantly and heartbreakingly fell apart after his wife died is now walking around like he doesn’t know who she is. I mean come on; I wasn’t expecting him to tell Sabrina to move over at the altar so he could renew his wedding vows to Robin but this, this…. *shrugs shoulders*

    If I could just interject here…I can barely stomach Carly on a good day. Carly and Franco, I. Can’t. Even!

    Now that that’s off my chest, Emma shouldn’t be the smartest one in the room. I know it’s complicated Patrick but seriously talk to your wife! Robin, talk to your husband. Sabrina isn’t your issue she’s Patrick’s.

  4. So, they’re messing up Scrubs reunion?! OK, I give up on this show. It’s like they give us false hope and ruin it. This is more like LIsa or early Britt, (as in before they gave her any sympathy), not Robin! W.T.F.

    • I don’t think we’re quite at the point of no return yet. But they’re definitely making some frustrating pacing choices and I’m baffled by it.

  5. It has been a let down after such a great build up. Im glad they had Sabrina not give in to robins plan because I want to see Patrick choose Robin. I want him to show Robin and us that he 100% wants to be with her. It is making me a little tense because I want Robin & Patrick to stay true to their characters.

  6. As a side note fron Friday, I like Dante’s new standy-uppy hair instead of his old flybacky hair. Not sure how long it’s been different but I just noticed it.

    • This week was the first time he had. I miss the old hair. :) Not the wings lol but I liked it when he had bangs. Or hair on the side of his face/forehead, whatever it’s called on a dude

    • That’s not what I’m looking for. Patrick doesn’t have to forget about Sabrina to show a little interest in finding out what Robin’s been through or the reasons why their lives were blown apart. And it’s frankly unbelievable to me that the man who was afraid to let her leave his sight for a moment in the church would then be okay with barely seeing her at all for the next two days.

      • Exactly! He should have broken things with Sabrina at the church or soon after. There should be no confusion here. He should have wanted to talk to Robin asap to found out what really happened. Not wait two days and run after Sabrina b.c of Felix (who in my opinion is no friend…he is making this way worse for her). Now we get to see her cry again when Patrick finally choose Robin, hopefully.

        I just keep watching the clips of the reunion and old stuff til the Patrick we know and love comes back :)

        • I’ve been watching old clips too and it further solidifies what I’ve been saying…there is no way in the world Patrick would be walking around in this cloud of confusion. Even if he needs time to think about who he wants to be with (which shouldn’t be the hard choice the writers are making it) he wouldn’t just ignore his wife. The same man who grieved himself into taking pills just ignores his returned from the dead wife?? I’m not buying it.

  7. If you Spixi haters didn’t feel A THING when Maxie said goodbye to her only friend in the world and Spinelli let go of his first love and mother of his child….you are made of STONE! Stone I say!!

  8. I was not a hater, just never fully invested in them. I liked her with Matt but maybe it was my Days fan coming out :) Yesterday was beautifully done, most Spixie fans should be happy. Until / if BA decides to return.

    Can we get back to Scrubs reunion now??

    On a side note: Can Matt come out of jail now?? Really, he did us the biggest favor EVER by killing Lisa, he should be out by now!!

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