Five Things About Revenge: “Surrender”

1. AMANDA ROSS, YOU GUYS. That’s Emily’s new cover identity. I can’t even. The look on Emily’s face when she said she was going miss Nolan was pretty much the highlight of the episode for me.

Amanda Ross

(Also Emily arguing with Victoria about wanting to seat him at the main table at the wedding? LOVE.)

2. The less said on Aiden’s proposal, the better. Especially when we know he’s going behind Ems’ back at the same time. I seriously don’t understand how we’re supposed to feel about this relationship. Are we supposed to think it’s healthy and good and be rooting for these two crazy kids? Because that ship has waaaaay sailed, writers. He’s possessive and controlling and Emily continually letting him get away with all the crap he pulls doesn’t really do her character any favors.

3. And just like that, Charlotte’s flipped a switch and back to liking Emily? Okaaaaaay.

Charlotte and Ems

I mean, don’t get me wrong: I’m glad. It just feels as random and contrived as her sudden dislike did. But the “sisters”  moment was nice, so I’ll allow it, I guess.

What I won’t allow is the show’s attempt to make us feel bad for Daniel. Oh, boo hoo. He was fine with cheating on his fiance until he thought she was pregnant. And now he has to give up the girl he loves — you know, the one he cared for so much that he got her paralyzed and then never bothered to check back in to see how she was doing. CRY ME A FREAKING RIVER, DANIEL.

4. Margaux and Jack are kind of adorable?

Margaux and Jack

I was a little skeptical at first, but I kind of love that Margaux is does seem to be one of this show’s rare examples of genuinely good rich person. Her unhesitating loyalty to Jack, even at the expense of her story, was lovely. Thumbs up, Margaux.

(10+ BFF points to Nolan for forcing Jack to come clean. Jack! You should know better than anyone what happens when you base a relationship on secrets and lies!)

5. Lydia and Conrad’s messed up affection for each other remains fascinating. I buy that they actually care about one another? But at the same time, I buy that they’d each cheerfully sell the other out in a heartbeat.

BONUS: Nolan wore these shorts, and it was amazing:

Nolan's sailing pants

Winter finale tonight! I wish I could say I had a solid theory about who will shoot Ems and how it will all go down, but honestly, you could make a case for just about anyone and I’d believe it. REVENGE!


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