Farewell, sweet Jackal.

If you’d told me a few years ago that one day Spinelli would be leaving the show and I wouldn’t be throwing a parade to celebrate, I might not  have believed you.

This is a character who’s variously annoyed and enraged me almost nonstop for the last seven years — from his insulting cliche of socially maladjusted nerdery to his hypocritical moral self-righteousness while working for the effing mafia to his Nice Guy (TM) entitlement when  it came to romance.

Spinelli HAIR


But over the last year, he’s finally become the real boy I always knew he could be. Quirky, but now mature. Nerdy, but capable of stringing a coherent sentence together. Able to use people’s real names. And in a romantic relationship with a partner and not an object of worship. Finally, we have a Spinelli I can live with!

So, of course, he’s leaving.

All of which is to say: even though it included a montage in which the phrase “essential person” was uttered, I found myself honestly enjoying yesterday’s goodbye scenes with Maxie and baby Georgie. And that’s a real accomplishment.

Spixie goodbye1

Spixie goodbye2

MAXIE: Our friendship changed my life. Even when I was at my worst, you saw the best in me. Sometimes I think you were the only person to ever see any good in me. That’s because you knew how to bring out my best for the world to see.
SPINELLI: You do the same for me. If I’m any kind of man today, it’s because of you.

All right, you two. I give in. Your relationship drove me nuts half the time you were actually together. But that goodbye was nicely done. I wouldn’t even be opposed to a romantic revisit if Bradford Anderson ever changes his mind. (Although I hope he doesn’t, because he deserves to go onto great things that utilize his talents well.)

I’ll also honestly miss Ellie, who was such a breath of fresh air. Sure, her inability to stop using the word “intercourse” occasionally made me want to murder her. But she was soap character who — for the most part — didn’t act like one. And she loved SCIENCE! I’m glad she escaped the Port Charles alive, at least.

(You know if this was Guza’s GH, she would have been gunned down in a hail of bullets instead.) (Oh, who are we kidding? On Guza’s GH, she never would have existed in the  first place.)


Speaking of bullets, I’m having a hard time focusing on any scenes involving Sonny gassing on about mob business when it’s been what — three days now in show time? — since Robin revealed herself and we STILL haven’t gotten a reunion or even a reaction scene.

Since this is the same writing team who made the time to showcase his grief over “death,” I find this lapse extra baffling.

Hey, this may be crazy talk, but did we really need a dozen scenes of Sony and Shawn plotting Carlos’ death over the last two weeks? Could maybe just one of those have been replaced by a minute about one of the most important people in Sonny’s history coming back from the dead?

It’s especially odd when you consider they took the time to throw in that boxing scene with Spencer and Leslie. Which was lovely! Finding out “Uncle Sonny” has been building an off screen relationship with his nephew all these years is one of those little character details that this writing team can be so good at! But the fact that that was deemed necessary and not a Robin reunion…



10 thoughts on “Farewell, sweet Jackal.

  1. Yes, am waiting for the Robin Sonny reunion. Back in the day I was a huge sonny fan, so it is kind of fun to be anticipating a Sonny scene again. Also, so glad they finally renamed the baby. I wish that instead of being afraid of Lily coming back I could be looking forward to georgie instead. Wondering who they may now pair maxie with i cant think of anyone aready on the show.

  2. That whole non-wedding storyline drove me up the wall, but in the last year he’s grown on me so much. The whole scene made me cry. And I’m so sorry we won’t see baby Georgie anymore — she is precious.

    On a completely unrelated note, Duke looked incredibly suave and awesome today, particularly when he was reading that letter to Julian. And that is the only positive thing I have to say about this alliance of his with Sonny. I am so glad Duke has a storyline, but having to watch him with Sonny — no, just no. And since Duke was deeply affected by Robin’s return, wouldn’t you think that he would have mentioned it to Sonny, particularly while discussing Anna? Another missed opportunity to break the news to Sonny. I wonder who will actually tell him?

  3. I’m not as ecstatic as I once would have been, but I’m still okay with Spin going. He’s had a good, long run, and this show has way to many cast members. I hope BA does well.

  4. i so totally agree with that comment…

    and that’s not how long he’s been a creep…

    he’s been a creep for as long as he’s been on the show


    Sonny ruins everything, so I don’t care when he finds out that Robin is alive. Sonny is the same creep that came to Robin’s home with a gun!

  5. no….

    sonny has his you know what, so far up the mob’s you know what……that i’m sure that duke couldn’t get in a word….about robin in there….


    no, just no. And since Duke was deeply affected by Robin’s return, wouldn’t you think that he would have mentioned it to Sonny, particularly while discussing Anna?

  6. I’m glad the Spinelli detractors aren’t made of stone after all ;)

    Reporting from later in the week, can we put Morgan/Fredo in a rowboat NOW? He’s my favorite character to hate lol. If he wasn’t always hunched over with that confused/pouty/slow expression on his face, I might not find him so laughably terrible. I don’t actually want him killed off. I want him to hang around and fail at everything. The irony is that the only thing I like about Ava is that she has a 20 year old boyfriend. I like Morgan as an accessory in Ava’s closet.

  7. I always loved Spinelli. He brought a little humor to things, and he was decidedly glamorous in a town of beautiful creatures. I KNOW that guy. I went to school with that guy. I will really miss his weird language and orange soda….

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