Five Things About Revenge: “Exodus”

1. Pretty much everything about that was super good for me. Although I really need Emily to get a win sometime soon. It feels like it’s been a while since she’s had a plan succeed.

But never mind that–onto the important stuff: Emily trusts Nolan with her life! Long live David Clarke! That kiss! 

nolan emily kiss2


It physically pains me to think of Nolan being so far away while Emily’s in danger. Especially when he thought he was protecting her by seducing Patrick. (“I fight for the people I love too. It’s why you’re here right now.”) His reaction to her getting shot ought  to be spectacular.

2. Daniel shot Emily! Actually, this isn’t the most shocking choice of shooter, but I feel like they set it up believably enough. (Although really, Sarah? Oh, honey. If you honestly can’t live without this loser? You need to get out and broaden your horizons a bit.)

That said, the identity of the shooter interests me a lot less than the possibilities they didn’t go with:

Daniel shoots Emily

QUESTION | Who else was under consideration to pull the trigger?
We toyed with so many different people. There was a time that we played out what if it was Aiden who shot her, and then we realized that that just would seem so incongruous with the couple that we know them as. So even to try to think about getting him to that point didn’t really work. We obviously toyed with the idea of Victoria shooting her, because it’s so delicious and wonderful, and then we had Lydia coming back… So we teed up everybody we could think of as the shooter and just saw which had the best prize when it happened and the best dramatic merit coming out of it, and Daniel really was the answer to that question each time we looked at it.

This is where it becomes obvious, once again, that there is a fundamental disconnect between the story the writers think they’re telling and the one I’m actually seeing on screen. Because I have zero problem believing Aiden could shoot Emily, based on “the couple we know them as.” Are you kidding me? Throw in some booze and some jealousy — have her disagree with him one too many times or delay his perfect dream wedding and that’s a recipe for him snapping right there.

The fact that the people writing this apparently don’t agree is slightly alarming.

Jack and Emily fight

3. Jack realizing his anger at Emily was really about prolonging their relationship was nicely done. I can’t believe how much more interesting and likeable he’s become this season since learning the truth. Even though I still don’t care about them romantically, I’m actually invested in seeing him and Emily repair their friendship.

4. It’s good to know that even after some time apart, Victoria and Patrick remain as uncomfortably incestuous as ever. Like, seriously. I keep expecting them to start making out in every scene. It’s both awkward and hilarious.

Patrick and Victoria2

(Also: the fact that Conrad was willing to let bygones be bygones with the man who tried to kill him sort of proves, once again, that however many kissy faces he makes at Lydia, Victoria still holds his cold, black heart in her hand. Oh, those two crazy kids.)

5. AMNESIA! One of my very favorite tropes! I know some people are rolling their eyes at the prospect, but I prefer to sink into the soapy goodness and let it wash over me. Plus, the opportunities for protective Nolan to take care of amnesiac Ems are astronomical.



4 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Exodus”

  1. That’s assuming she actually has amnesia. Knowing Ems, she’s probably faking just to regroup and throw Daniel and Victoria off while she plans her next move.

  2. Nolan is love. Everybody needs a Nolan in their life. The episode was great but what a terrible plan Emily had. A terrible plan badly executed by Aiden and Emily.

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