Have a very merry Scorpio-Drake Day.

You guys, I want to be snarky about how nothing says Christmas like a mob war, or about how anyone thought giving Morgan a gun would be a good idea, or how cute it is that poor TJ actually thought Shawn didn’t want to be a murderer. I really do.

But my belly’s stuffed with cookies and nog, my fingers are tired from wrapping, and the show finally stopped pretending there was a chance in hell Patrick might want anything other than being with Robin:

Patrick chooses Robin1

Patrick chooses Robin2

PATRICK: When I saw you in that church, I  let out a breath that… that I thought I was going to hold for the rest of my life. I am your husband. This is our family. This is our life, and I want it back. I want you back — if you’ll have me.
ROBIN: Of course I will.

Frankly, between Patrick coming to his senses and Robin crying happy tears and KISSES and didgeridoo lessons and the sight of Anna, Duke, and Robert celebrating Christmas together…  this is about as close to good will toward men as I’m likely to get.

Anna Emma and Duke

Robert Santa

(Also, Patrick admitted he was an idiot, which… yes. Yes, you are, Patrick. THANK YOU FOR NOTICING.)

Can’t ask for more than that. Happy holidays, everyone!


24 thoughts on “Have a very merry Scorpio-Drake Day.

  1. At least they didn’t drag it out way too long. It was good to see that wrapped up. And Morgan, Morgan, Morgan…he fails at everything. He fails at college, he fails at gambling, he fails at tricking women into marriage and now finally he fails at crime. Robin’s happy and Morgan fails at everything…merry Christmas!

  2. Neka — LOL!

    Loved Sonny’s Christmas gift — a savvy, tough law enforcement officer who takes none of his BS for one second. Happy Christmas, Anna Devane!

  3. Morgan is his parents spawn so of course he’s going to mess things up. It’s a good thing that Jason is “dead” or he would still be wiping the noses of Sonny, Carly, and their spawns.

  4. All I can say is thank G-d its over!!! Not sure why it had to be dragged out all episode and he said some stuff to Sabrina that I did not agree with but its OVER!! YAY!!

    Patrick can go back to being the guy we know and love! Not this shell of a person he has been!

    Another small issue: I see they are ‘reuniting’ in that bed!! I wanted it burned with the DVD asap! These scenes better be more then two minutes and before Emma comes in….

    As far as Morgan…..sad just sad and weird considering Jax raised b4 he was shipped off.

  5. i’ve love scrubs for eternity but no more.I just wanna see patrick and sabrina now have a relationship a chance the two both deserve.but i know this depending on robin and her status i am not sure if kim mc staying she is into her directing.either way i know story with triangle coming on merry eggnog to all and a happy happy new year 2014

  6. It’s about time! Anybody who watched Patrick mourn Robin never believed he needed time. Yes, I understand that he didn’t want to hurt Sabrina but come on…this is Robin. He loves her! He never stopped!

    I know a love triangle is a soap arc favorite but I can’t for the life of me believe they would do this with Robin, Patrick, and Sabrina. I kept waiting for this epic love to have manifested on my screen but it just didn’t happen. I always felt like the writers were trying to talk me into believing Patrick and Sabrina as a couple. Just because they said it, it must be so never mind what my eyes were seeing. I truly think they did Sabrina a disservice by putting her with Patrick (especially the ugly duckling becomes a swan and gets her prince storyline) because she is a decent character and should have had a story of her own develop; one outside of a major character with a strong fan base tie to one of their beloved vets.

  7. RC writes way too many instant love stories for my test. I prefer to see an organic story where the potential couple slowly falls for each other instead of meeting on Tuesday and in love on Sunday.

    • I think it depends on the chemistry. To me, in the case of Patrick and Sabrina, the chemistry wasn’t there so the writers had to move quickly in order to move the story along and convince everyone they were truly falling in love. I think if they had developed it more it could have been a great love story, I mean come on JT and KMc have great chemistry so Robin’s a hard act to follow for anyone. Instead of being his daughter’s friend she should have started off being his friend and let the relationship develop organically. I never liked how she was the one with the crush on Dr. Drake and everyone convinced her to “make a move” that didn’t work and then everyone convinced him to “give it a try” that, again, didn’t work but it all changed at the Nurses Ball because she turned into this vision of loveliness. Stevie Wonder could see that she wasn’t ugly so that NEVER worked for me. Sabrina having a crush on the great Dr. Drake (*rolls eyes*) and him having to be convinced that he liked Sabrina just didn’t feel real.

  8. I agree with Shada.
    Sabrina could have worked if she was attached to a character like Michael. Patrick was still mourning his wife when she came on the show and never stopped as far as I can tell. The writers didn’t help by starting her off like she was a lovestruck teen and then halfway through decided to make her a 27 year old woman that had lots of sex before and then making her ex a mobster. Like anyone would believe that the Sabrina that had fell in love with Patrick on first sight could have had a ten year relationship with Carlos. By that time, I couldn’t take this couple serious, they were a forced joke. They didn’t have romantic chemistry and too many people had to guide them through the steps of a relationship. It was more like neither one of them wanted to be alone so they were getting married.

    • The Michael angle could have been something very interesting especially if the rumors are true about Lily being alive (*rolls eyes very hard*) and Sabrina possibly being Sonny’s daughter (please don’t do this). Patrick and Robin were together for a long time (centuries in Soap Land time) and it was going to be hard to pair Patrick with anybody so I guess I can give them an A- for effort. But you know the writers love to beat a dead horse so this Patrick/Robin/Sabrina s\l will probably go on and on and on…

  9. Exactly!! It has been forced throughout and I agree that neither or at least Patrick did not want to be alone and his daughter like this woman.

    I actually liked Sabrina when she had the crush on him but it was never slowly built up. It was shoved down our throat and it insulted the Scrubs fan base imo.

    Also, Patrick should have slept with Sabrina somewhere else, not in his bed that he shared with Robin. It cheapened this relationship and his with Robin. I am loving their scenes but it bothers me that they are in that bed! lol!

    Also they have not spoken about everything that happened to her yet or what Patrick went thru without her… I would like Patrick to know about Dr. Ewan and connect all the dots together.

  10. Take this with a huge boulder of salt, but there are rumors that “Ugly Sabrina” was network demanded, so we can blame them for all of the pushing the character down our throats.

  11. Scrubs fans, congratulations on the little bundle of joy! Welcome to RC’s hell. You didn’t really think you’d get a “happily ever after” did you?

  12. I don’t have a problem (and I dislike Sabrina) if she ends up having Patrick’s kid, because it is a soap opera. Robin obviously can’t have a ONS, so that means Patrick is having to do all of the sexxing it up with other women. KMc CHOSE to leave the show, and that means Patrick should move on, just not with the tween Disney chick.

  13. No female vomits on tv unless she’s pregnant so somebody tell me if Sabrina had sex w Carrrrlos and I’m gonna be subjected to another who’s-the-daddy story.

  14. I do have a problem with him having a child with Sabrina. Most fans do not like her character and if they tolerate her, they enjoy her more with Carrrlos and Felix then Patrick.

    Aside from the timing being off, assuming they were together when they got engaged, that was over a month ago-end of Oct. and why would she not have been on the pill, given she didnt want a family!! This whole thing is sooo wrong. Too many holes.

    Carrrrlos said they did not have s-e-x but who knows b.c both were very drunk and Carrrlos may have forgotten. I can only hope…..

  15. I didn’t expect Sabrina to go away overnight but this baby thing is predictable and lazy writing. Patrick was just in a baby story and there have already been a few baby storylines this year (one that isn’t even resolved). Is this only idea the writers have?

  16. Yay, I rejoined the party right before Christmas – just in time to see this awesomeness! I hope you guys are well. I have so much to catch up on – can’t wait for your annual yearly recap <3

    • Natasha! Welcome back. :)

      Every year I swear I’ll have the yearly recap up by Jan 1st and every year that turns out to be a terrible, terrible lie. But it’s coming, I promise!

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