Five Things About Revenge: “Homecoming”

1. I have about eight hundred different feelings about this episode and they all end and begin with Nolan’s precious faaaaaace. That hospital confrontation with Victoria? His utter lack of patience with anyone’s bullshit while Ems is still in danger?

Nolan and Victoria


While Aiden and Jack were too busy dick measuring or being mired in guilt or running off to secret rendezvous with mystery women, Nolan was the only one actually 100% laser focused on what Emily needed. Because he is the actual best.

(I’m slightly irritated at the massive contrivance required to keep him away from her bedside when basically every other character was in there at one point or another. But I did love that it was Fauxmanda’s memory who actually brought her mind back. THEIR LOVE TRANSCENDS DEATH, YOU GUYS.)

2. Seeing Emily so vulnerable and scared lent a new energy to things — although I’m glad the amnesia was done by the end of the episode. A little of that goes a long way.

Ems in the hospital

If we’re getting a Notorious homage next week with Emily trapped in a sick bed and surrounded by the enemy, lying to save her life while Nolan and the boys desperately scheme to get her out… I WILL BE VERY, VERY HAPPY.

Speaking of next week, I have my doubts about how much Victoria can realistically discover without the entire show imploding, but Charlotte’s got to put 2 + 2 together before season’s end, right? Looking forward to her discovering the truth and becoming a total wild card.

2. LYDIA KILLED THE THRONE! Do we need a moment of silence for that hideous chair? I think we do.

Lydia takes the throne


Although my favorite part might have been that tiny wince on Conrad’s face the second before Victoria launched herself at Lydia like a rabid wolverine. BASICALLY EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SCENE WAS MAGICAL.

4. In other Grayson news, Daniel whining about how many sacrifices he has made for other people was hilarious. Never stop being terrible, Daniel. I wouldn’t know what to do with you is you weren’t the worst.

Meanwhile Patrick’s loyalty to Victoria still feels like we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because he can’t just be exactly what he seems. The laws of television wouldn’t allow that. There was never even any DNA test, for God’s sake! And yet they keep playing him so completely seriously and it’s very jarring.

new girl

5. Stephanie Jacobsen! As a mysterious woman from Aiden’s past! Actually, I couldn’t care less about Aiden’s past, but if it’s something that might finally get him out of Emily’s life, then you know I’m all for it. Plus, Jesse from Sarah Connor Chronicles! I can’t argue with that.

You can stay, whatever your name is.


6 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Homecoming”

  1. I too loved Nolan’s laser focus on Emily. Guess they had to have Jack deliver the memory trigger to bring the focus back to their “love.” I’m cool with Nolan and Emily being co-schemers and neighbors until death. :)

  2. I’ve finally realized why I kind of like Aiden and don’t really feel one way or another about Nolan — I don’t like Emily very much. I still enjoy the show, but my perspective is not the same as many fans.

    • Wow, yeah… I can’t imagine watching this show if I didn’t really care for either of the main protagonists. So, what do you enjoy about it, if I may ask? (Not being snarky — I’m genuinely curious.)

      • I liked Emily when the show first began, but now I think I am just kind of hooked on the character’s interactions and how it all plays out even though I’m not invested in Emily’s perspective about it all. Earlier in the series, the motives and actions of the characters and the manner in which they were revealed were often intricate and interesting. I enjoy that in regard to telling a story. Now, I’m just mildly curious about how it continues and the next thing that will happen. I want to know how it ends. I’m remembering that I had the same reaction to the Twilight book series. I started reading the series and had to finish even though I came to actively dislike Bella somewhere in the second book.

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