I think I kind of love Brad now?

Like all soap fans — oh, hush, you know it’s true — I can hold a grudge like nobody’s business. I mean, I try not to be psycho about it. But let’s be honest: one of the charms of soap operas is getting to still be pissed off about stuff that happened decades ago.

(I’m sure there’s someone out there right now, seething with resentment over something that happened on this show in 1963. And to that person, I say: whatever it is… NEVER FORGET.)

But there does come a time when I try to let go of certain issues so I can enjoy what’s happening in the now.

Robin and Sonny reunion

AJ and Robin

All of which is an extremely long-winded way of saying HOLY HELL, I AM STILL PISSED WE HAD TO WAIT THIS LONG… but I still really enjoyed the reunion scenes between Robin, Sonny, and AJ the other day. 

(I mean, I could still bitch for hours about how we were cheated out of Sonny actually finding out Robin was alive. Especially given how much screen time he’s had in the last month talking about the same boring things with the same boring people–but, no. Letting it go.)

(But seriously. They couldn’t have cut five minutes of scintillating Shawn time to show that reaction? Come on.) (Letting it go! I swear!)

I wish I could say I’m enjoying the rest of Robin’s story as much right now, but the prospect of the sitting through what feels like the 5oth paternity lie in the last two years alone is kind of making me want to gouge my own eyes out in advance?

Carlos is the best

Luckily, my new boyfriend Carlos is there to make things bearable with his sensible beard and silver foxiness and complete refusal to deal with Sabrina’s bullshit:

CARLOS: Sabrina. This is what you wanted. Okay? And you were more than willing to go along with this lie.
SABRINA: I didn’t have a choice, did I?
CARLOS: Yeah, you did. You could have told him the truth.

Right? RIGHT? Sabrina, I’m gonna need you to dial that bitchface down about ten notches when 1) YOU were the one who was insisting Patrick doesn’t have a right to know about his own child, and 2) YOU were also the one who could easily have told him the truth just then. Take some damn responsibility for your own crappy choices and stop whining.

(I don’t want to hate her, I swear. But they’re making it really hard lately.)

Fortunately, the tide may be turning for Felix? I mean, I don’t want to start counting my chickens or anything, but tell me you didn’t stand up and high five yourself during this scene:

BRAD: Concerned friend? No no, Felix. You are a pathological buttinsky. You couldn’t mind your own business to save your life!
FELIX: Okay, I may be a buttinsky, but at least I’m not a liar. That would be you.
BRAD: This may shock you, Felix, but most people have been known to lie at some point.
FELIX: So you don’t see anything wrong with conspiring with Britt?
BRAD: I think what Britt and I do is our business. Not yours. Just like Sabrina being pregnant and telling Patrick — or not telling Patrick — is her business. Not yours! And maybe the reason you’re so obsessed with policing everyone else’s life is because you’ve got no damn life of your own!

It’s like they read my mind! Please tell me this means the writers realize how annoying Felix has gotten and have a plan to fix it? Pretty please?

I know Brad is still helping keep Dante and Lulu from their child, and therefore a terrible human being. But he’s suddenly become one of the most enjoyable parts of the show for me. (I’m not sure if that says more about me or the state of the show. Probably both.)


Meanwhile, on this week’s edition of “how the hell am I supposed to react to this? No, really. I really can’t tell,” we got Franco wallowing in some truly epic (and by “epic” I mean epically hilarious and bad) manpain over his true love Carly’s rejection.

Naturally, Franco being Franco, he had a perfect solution to this problem:

Franco's manpain

FRANCO: I gotta get out of here. I’ve gotta go find Carly.
KIKI: Maybe that’s not the best idea. You know, if that’s how Carly really feels, she might just need time away. She doesn’t want to see you.
FRANCO: If she sees me — if I could just see her, if I could just talk to her, I could get her to see there’s nothing for her to be afraid of.

Because nothing make a woman feel safer than a guy who refuses to take no for an answer! And who in fact pursues her after she’s told him she’s leaving town because she’s afraid of him. MY EYES ROLL FOREVER.

(Sure, we all know that’s not actually true. But the fact that he doesn’t know that, and this is his reaction? Bodes very poorly for anyone who actually does try to end a relationship with him.)

As always with Franco, I honestly have no idea what anyone involved with making this show is thinking. Are we supposed to find it tragic because poor serial killer with his poor fragile feelings? Are we supposed to be concerned for Carly because we’ve never watched television before and actually think there’s a chance in hell she’ll actually die? Should we be skeeved beyond belief? (Hint for the writers: this is the only correct answer.)


16 thoughts on “I think I kind of love Brad now?

  1. I am a weird Franco/Sabrina apologist. But I so enjoy the actor that even though Michael’s WTF reaction to Carly dating Franco is The Most Reasonable reaction ANYONE has had to Franco…I felt bad for him reading that fake Carly letter. And Zabriiina….if my fiancé dumped me 3/4 of the way through our wedding to go back to his wife and child AND some crazy woman just last year used pregnancy to try to keep him from leaving her, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to tell him “Surprise! I am the second woman in six months to claim to be pregnant with your child when you tried to break up with her!” So I blame Felix. He allowed her to be ambushed before she knew how to handle talking to Patrick. And Patrick had just enough hint of betrayed boyfriend in his voice when he said “So you slept with Carlos on the day that was SUPPOSED to be our wedding?” when he has no right to be jealous or offended or betrayed…that’s all I need. Meanwhile I like Sonny didn’t become a mobster yesterday so he knows Morgan prolly is double crossing.

    • Patrick may not have the right be angry with her for thinking she lied to him and slept with Carlos but he does have the right to be hurt, he is only human. Just because he chose Robin doesn’t mean his feelings for Sabrina have evaporated so yes, I give him leeway to feel a little betrayed…at this moment. I’m seeing on several message boards the same people who said he was madly in love with Sabrina say he doesn’t have a right to be upset that she “slept” with Carlos. Yes, he does. He’s not made of stone AND he’s an ego maniac so I’m sure it hits his ego more than anything. He doesn’t, however, have a right to dwell on it so I hope they don’t go down that road.

    • Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s understandable that Patrick react with a moment of hurt but he has ZERO right to chastise her for it or get all jealous in Carlos’ face at this point.

      I disagree about Sabrina, though. Other than surface similarities, this situation isn’t remotely like what Britt did. For one thing, they were in an actual relationship, and she really ought to trust him a little more to not assume the worst of her. And for another, she’s not trying to trap him, so… just don’t use the pregnancy to manipulate him and act like an adult? (I mean, really? You think people might say unfair mean things about you, so you’re giving up your child? Grow a pair, Sabrina.)

      But I also have a really strong knee jerk reaction to stories like this where it’s presented like the woman has more of a right to know and love her child than the father. (Assuming, of course, it’s not something like Olivia and Sonny, where there was a legit safety concern.)

  2. I thought the R/S reunion was great too. The “oh yeah I heard you were alive” writing was pretty atrocious but I did love Robin and Sonny. The Robin and Patrick reunion is leaving a lot to be desired. If they give them more than 2 seconds of screen time maybe I wouldn’t be so upset but it’s hindering their re-connection.

    Can Sabrina be a participant in her own life? I’ve never disliked this character. I think the way she was introduced did a great disservice to her and what she could have been on this show. The whole ugly duckling transformation…really why? But I digress…everyone makes decisions for her and it is long past exasperating.

    I hope Felix does heed what Brad says because this character has a lot of potential but his buttinsky tendencies have gotten very old.

    Franco *rolls eyes*…there is no redeeming this character for me so I can’t even watch RH play him.

    • I think there’s still room to fix Sabrina, but IMO to do that, they really need to move her out of Patrick’s orbit. And I’m not sure the writers are willing to do that. I do know that she’s at least 70% more enjoyable for me with Carlos. If we have to have this pregnancy story, then the one saving grace for me is seeing them interact more and hopefully grow closer in an old fashioned slow burn…

  3. Carlos is quite possibly my favorite person on the show right now. His relationship with Sabrina isn’t all that credible considering he’s old enough to be her dad’s older brother, but if I ignore that part, it still makes me all swoony that he wants to live with her and her baby in a house by the sea.

    I’m also really liking Brad now, to my surprise. I guess I don’t care so much about him knowing the truth about Ben, only because Lulu is still on my shit list. She was so reasonable and honest when Maxie came to say goodbye, and then she went back to irrational and bug-eyed when she found out she couldn’t be a biological mom. Every time she blames Dante for losing Connie, I wish he would point out that the reason for that wasn’t that he wouldn’t lie on the stand but that she did lie on the stand.

    The thing I’ll Never Let Go Of is the way Monica treated Jason as a toddler back in 1980? 81, maybe? When Jason first came to live with the Qs after Susan died, Monica was a monster. She was forever talking about Alan’s “bastard” and in particular I remember a scene where AJ and Jason came running into the room and Monica scooped up AJ and started making googly faces at him, then when Jason reached up to her to be lifted up as well, she screamed at him to get away from her. Now when people talk about how the Qs always treated Jason as the golden child and AJ as the garbage boy, I just think, “pfft, latecomers DON’T EVEN KNOW.” Although weirdly, I don’t still think Tracy is horrible for not giving Edward his pills when he was faking his heart attack, so go figure.

    • RIGHT? I mean, he was literally ready to leave the mob to go raise another man’s child with a woman who doesn’t even really love him anymore. That immediately makes him a better than every other mobster this show has ever had, except for Duke. They should start a club together.

  4. i have not been watching the past week or so and need to go back to watch the sonny and robin reunion. highly disapointed he found out off screen. hmm may have to pay more attention to carlos. oddly he sounds like someone i used to hope they would create for liz. and her boys. i wish they would take more care with how they write in children.

  5. TPTB are not about to waste their time bringing on a new man for Liz or having her chem tested with Carlos, Nate, etc. Sigh. I hate this freaking show. I was a happy camper on the Quiz train until it was blown to hell.

  6. Oh boy, and I just wanted to slap Carlos into next week. He needs to just SHUT UP, now and forever. He’s worse than Felix for me. It’s not that he isn’t right about some things, but he is so obnoxious and overbearing and looks old enough to be Sabrina’s father.

    • Buuuuut he would be not inappropriate for Elizabeth. Half gangster half good guy? Sounds perfect for her. Though I enjoyed her w AJ until they just stopped writing it.

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