Five Things About Revenge: “Endurance”

1. Finally, my Nolan/Emily reunion! Which didn’t disappoint, because as usual, they were the cutest. (Face caress! That smile when she saw it was him! I DIE.) Also: Nolan in a designer candy striper uniform. ‘Nuff said.

Nolan candy striper

Cuteness aside, I really enjoyed seeing the original Team Revenge back on the offensive again. And with nifty spy stuff like hidden walkie-talkies (in a stuffed Sammy!) and false document fake outs! (How long do we think Nolan’s had fake infinity box documents mocked up and ready to go? Because that was impressive turn around time if he did them on the spot.)

2. I continue to struggle with Patrick as a character, and I honestly can’t tell if it’s the writing or Justin Hartley’s um, let’s just say limitations — as an actor. He’s clearly a capable con man, whether or not he’s actually Victoria’s son or sincere about his feelings about her. But Hartley plays everything Patrick does as completely earnest, even when there should be an air of menace to him. While at the same time the writing has him both acting like someone who’s out of his depth and casually sabotaging cars and braining people to commit grand larceny. He’s just a giant mess and I’m finding it hard to invest in him at all.

Also: Nolan faking drunk was adorable, and it amused me greatly that even he can see how incestuous Patrick and Victoria are:

PATRICK: She even slapped me.
NOLAN: You didn’t enjoy that?



3. Niko is Takeda’s daughter! And Aiden has been cheating on Emily with her for years! This is like Christmas for me. Please let this be a sign that both Emily and the show are finally going to start treating him like a villain instead of a romantic hero?

The Takeda connection makes me really happy, because it means Niko has a purpose as a character other than creating a tepid love triangle. And it’s always bothered me that Aiden didn’t really face any serious repercussions from killing her father. Watching her play both him — and, to an extent — Emily like a fiddle in this episode was a pleasure. And I greatly look forward to her exacting her own revenge. DON’T LET ME DOWN ON THIS ONE, SHOW.

4. Jack punched Daniel! And it was super good for me!

5. It’s so nice to see Emily enjoying her work again. And surprisingly refreshing to have everyone’s cards (sort of) on the table by the end. I have waited a long time to see her openly give both Victoria and Daniel that beautiful fuck you smile.

happy emily

Daniel knows the truth

(I really hope she actually did go and get a second opinion about the whole not being able to have children thing, though. And not just because that is the most easily reversed medical condition on soap operas — with paralysis and blindness not far behind.)


2 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Endurance”

  1. Emily got shot in the stomach and the doctors took out her uterus? Did Victoria pay the doctors to take it out or is she lying?
    Niko will kill Aiden. She knows what he did, I’m sure of it.
    No more Aiden, Emily can’t have a baby… Emily will end up with Jack and Carl.
    Nolan is love. Pure unconditional love.

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