Five Things About Revenge: “Hatred”

1. Was the title of this episode supposed to also represent the audience reaction? Because wow. Not my favorite of the season. Let’s start with Nolan! I am 100% in favor of his new habit of greeting Ems with both a hug and a kiss on the cheek. And it goes without saying I’m in favor of him kicking Aiden and Niko out of his house.

Nolan and Ems hug

But are we really supposed to believe that he’d be so nonchalant about Aiden shacking up with Niko literally a day after he and Emily broke up? Or with helping cover up Takeda’s murder?

Not to mention the whole thing with Patrick — how exactly was providing that info about his rapist father supposed to reflect poorly on Victoria? Did Nolan just not do his homework there or what? Because it just kind of made him seem cruel and/or stupid, and those are two things that Nolan normally is not. (Like… she was 15, dude. Basic math would tell you something not good happened with that conception.)

2. Speaking of rape: hahaha there sure was a lot of rapey stuff happening in this episode! I’m not sure what the writers were going for by placing that ending in the same episode with Daniel’s physical altercation with Emily. Not to mention all the Victoria stuff.

Victoria's story

Did they think they were doing some sort of parallel, showing another thing the two Mrs. Graysons now have in common? (Sexual assault! The great unifier!) Or worse — did they not even realize the connection? Either way, it was too much for my taste. I have no idea where Emily’s missing time is going, story-wise, but the idea of her having slept with Conrad while either drugged or in sort of fugue state related to her head injury is less “exciting twist!” and more disturbing nightmare fuel.

3. It’s so satisfying to see Daniel’s grossness acknowledged by pretty much everyone — even his own father, who, as we all know, is pretty much grossness incarnate. But in a somehow more palatable way? Maybe because I get the sense that Conrad really owns his personal grossness. Whereas Daniel still seems to be under the illusion that he craps nothing but roses and puppies.

In any case: Sarah leaving him was super satisfying, although I’m sad that she lowered herself to being gross along with him before she left. And Margaux turning on him without a second thought was hilarious.

Daniel gets fired

4. I’m confused by what they’re doing with Niko. Halfway through the episode, I wrote: “Niko totally knows it was Aiden, right?” Because it seemed SO OBVIOUS that she was playing him and leaving just enough rope for him to hang himself. But then she seemed surprised to find the sword — and… seriously? I’m supposed to believe that either Nolan or Aiden was dumb enough to leave that in her freaking bedroom?

(Unless Nolan was deliberately trying to set Aiden up, in which case several of my issues with this episode will become moot. But somehow I don’t think that’s the case. And I’m worried that she’s about to get the villain edit.)

5. On a related note, I’m losing faith that we will every be rid of Aiden. Even though Niko’s desire for vengeance is not only completely understandable, but — in the context of this show’s constructed morality — an absolute necessity. And even though in this very episode, we got him pushing Emily in anger while she’s still too injured to defend herself.

Aiden and Niko

What is the point of this character? I mean, really. What does he bring to the show at this point? If they wanted to make him a full blown antagonist for Emily, that would be one thing. But I get the feeling he’s actually there because Daniel’s no longer an even slightly viable romantic rival for Jack, and the writers are still super wed to the idea of Emily needing a love triangle.

(Obviously Nolan wouldn’t work either. Let’s be real: if he ever found himself a serious love triangle with Jack and Emily, he would solve that problem faster than you can say “threesome.”)


8 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Hatred”

  1. Aiden is the worst forever and ever.

    I’m really enjoying Daniel. I mean from his perspective, he’s married to and being blackmailed by an evil sociopath with no way out. I much prefer him being a right bastard about it instead of standing around with that innocent dopey face.

    • Oh, I love to hate Daniel. I’m enjoying him so much more as a character now that the show is embracing him being a bastard rather than trying to pretend he’s a misunderstood victim.

  2. I love the parallel between Emily/Daniel/Sarah and Conrad/Victoria/undead chick. I liked that Sarah finally left Daniel on her own after realizing that she was not a homewrecker by nature.

    Daniel started out as the innocent dupe, but that all changed in season two.

    I heart Nolan and Emily’s BFF status!

    Margaux is so going to get a broken heart by the time Revenge goes off the air. Jack (IMO) is in love with Emily.

    Aiden needed to die last year!

  3. It felt like the episode was directed by David Lynch with the weird blackouts. I liked it.

    Daniel was a dumb rich kid, he was collateral damage in Emily’s revenge plan. Now he has moved to the top of the revenge list. When he said “Sterilizing you is my gift to the universe”, that was so vile and cruel. He has moved to villain status.

    • Daniel crosses the line for me the minute he found out the truth about his parents’ involvement in the David Clarke thing and still continued to have anything to do with them. So it’s been a long time coming for me to see him be treated like a full on villain.

      • LOL, Revenge would be over if Daniel turned against his parents and outed what they did to David Clarke.

        Daniel has slowly morphed into his father over the last two years and Emily is now Victoria.

  4. Just caught up with the show. I really loved the past 2 episodes, but this one I too found BLERG.

    They had Nolan a bit all over the place. First, he straight up tells Em’s the only reason he let Aiden stay/helped him is because SHE asked. So why in heaven’s name is Nolan helping Aiden some more when he wants to kick him to the curb? Also even though Nolan doesn’t want Aiden with Ems (of course not!), I expected to see some BFF-ly outrage at Aiden shacking up (in Nolan’s own house) with another girl moments after Ems dumped Aiden.

    I forgive the sword under the bed convenience if only because it moves Niko quickly into position to off Aiden. But why oh why do I think that won’t happen? UGH.

    I actually don’t even remember why Aiden killed Takeda because I delete all knowledge of Aiden ASAP. Does Ems know he killed him? Does Nolan know? I’m not sure.

    Ems blackouts, OF COURSE the only one who notices is Aiden. GOD! Nolan’s casual she is totally fine comment was dumb, too. And Conrad at the end? That was horrible. I’m betting (hoping) nothing happened and he is playing her.

    Victoria’s story is just so tragic and terrible, I feel like they are going off the deepend. Please let Patrick burn himself up in that fire, too!

    And, yes, High Fives to Margaux for dropping Daniel without a second thought.

    • Emily and Nolan definitely know Aiden was the one who killed Takeda. I confess I’m a bit fuzzy myself on why he did it and why she no longer cares. But that’s pretty par for the course with things pertaining to Aiden for me…

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