Stop trying to make Kiki happen, show. She’s not going to happen.

Hey, remember that time two people who looked exactly like Franco and Kiki played a beloved father and daughter for years, and he was always getting into trouble and she was always reluctantly helping him out and they bickered but also loved each other a lot? Those were good times, huh?

Let’s relive them, but with people we don’t care about who have no shared history to justify it!

Kiki is terrible

I can’t say that I hate Kiki. Hate implies caring, and she’s too much of a non-entity to inspire that level of hostility. What I am is resentful.

I resent being expected to care about such a paper thin character. I resent the wink, wink/nudge, nudge laziness of throwing Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson together in a scene and expecting years of characterization on another show make up for the COMPLETE lack of personality she’s been given on this one.

(And I resent that her name is still Kiki. I swear, every time I have to type it, a piece of my soul dies.)


Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s move onto happier topics. Like the fact that after months of name dropping, Lucas Jones is finally back on the canvas! And he’s grown up quite nicely, too.

Bobbie and Lucas


Here’s what I like about Lucas so far: he acts like a real person. His sister’s been kidnapped? Of course he’s concerned enough to fly across the country at the drop of a hat. He finds out he has another grown sister he’s never met? Of course he wants to get to know her, even though he finds it kind of weird and awkward.

And when he’s ambushed by the mobster father he never knew showing up alive, kind of acting like a creep and skeeving said sister out? Well, he just NOPES on out of there.

I appreciate you, Lucas Jones. You’re both cute and also seem to experience genuine human emotions. Now go find Brad. Felix doesn’t deserve you yet. P.S. SHUT UP FELIX. OH MY GOD.

Elizabeth resting bitchface


(Poor Elizabeth. You just know she makes the same New Year’s resolution every year: for the love of God, Webber, don’t get involved with any paternity lies. And yet here she is, not even through January yet and already breaking it again. Girlfriend just can’t catch a break. Even when it’s not her uterus.)

Meanwhile, my fierce darling Liesl is back, because Ron Carlivati never met an insane villain that he didn’t want to take past mere implausibility straight into WHAT and WHY and STOP PLEASE territory. (See exhibit A: everything about Heather Webber right now.) You all know I love me some Liesl Obrecht, but even I am a little concerned we’re about to get too much of a good thing here.

Luckily, I don’t have to touch on the utter ridiculousness of everything involved with her getting released at all, much less somehow ensconced as Chief of Staff at the hospital, since all of the characters have been kind enough to react for me.

Robin incredulous


I’m trying to refrain from full judgement on the Obrecht shenanigans until we get the full story behind her release. But if I can appreciate one thing about the last few days — other than her piercing blue eyes — it’s that at least it’s given Robin and Patrick an excuse to actually acknowledge she’s experienced a great trauma:

ROBIN: It was surreal. I really–I thought I was losing my mind.
ANNA: God, I can’t even imagine.
ROBIN: They say that’s what happens to people with PTSD. Not that I have it. I just–I might have looked up the symptoms.
PATRICK: You didn’t tell me that–
ROBIN: Because I didn’t want you to worry!

Gee, Patrick. Maybe that’s not the sort of thing your wife who was kidnapped and held against her will for two years should have to tell you. MAYBE THAT’S THE STUFF YOU SHOULD BE ASKING ABOUT. You know, instead of acting like everything’s hunky dory normal and hey, maybe we should have a baby right now, because there’s no way Robin might have some stuff to work through first.

(I’m sure I’ll stop being angry about that some day. Today is not that day.)


Lastly, can we talk about how adorable Britt was when she thought the board chose her? Also: can we laugh about the fact that Britt still has a job and a medical license at all, much less that she’s consideration for a promotion right now? BECAUSE THAT IS SOME TRULY RIDONK BUSINESS RIGHT THERE.

But no matter. Because, again — adorbs:

Britt is adorable

Remember when Kelly Thiebaud only seemed to have two modes: sneering and aggressively sexual? She’s so much more entertaining now that she’s allowed to let Britt’s dork flag fly.


25 thoughts on “Stop trying to make Kiki happen, show. She’s not going to happen.

  1. I agree, Patrick should know, what she’s feeling, but you can’t be a mind reader….

    but instead of having Patrick helping robin…nooooooo we’re going to have him obsessing over another yet to be born baby…that’s oh gee, not robin’s.

    sorry couldn’t care less about doc O>….why is she chief, they said that monica couldn’t be chief, because of AJ, that’s by association…

    yet here’s this stupid woman, who’s chief…what’s that idiot, sorry RC, but that’s what you’ve become to me, by first, giving us the mob again….after you swore up and down that you wouldn’t….

    making sam prevalent yet again, sorry just can’t stand her, and related to everyone and their brother now…yes, I mean lucas…..awwwww

    and oh yeah….what’s this the fourth baby story in the year that he’s been on, or is it fifth, well, I’ve lost track…

    I know, I’m complaining…but, still….

    there are some things I like, I do like that lucas is back…….but, can’t stand the rest of his family……

    why didnt’ they oh gee, I don’t know go and do the story that Julian was really working for the WSB, after all…

    how stupid..

    and don’t get me started on that word, I mean, has anyone gee, I don’t know bothered to check to see if stupid heather’s still running loose…..

    nope…they just assume that it’s her useless as all get out son franco…..and get on with it…

    has the mental hospital bothered to report that stupid heather, yes, I say she’s stupid, because I can’t stand her……

    she and obriet, please kill one another, and disappear from my screen forever….never could stand characters like them, and never will.

    oh yes, have to agree with her comments about kiki….I really don’t care about her at all.

    and um, hello but isnt’ silas supposed to be her father…..why, isn’t she having scenes with him, at least I could have the chance to watch him, then…

    but instead I have to get stuck with him and that oh so boring as all get out girlfriend of his..

    please, someone, bring his wife out of a coma, and real fast, instead of the boring as all get out couple that we’re getting with him and you know who.

    for years I couldnt’ watch him on one life, because they had him with that other boring you know who, and now on GH…

    I still can’t watch him.

    sorry for her fans……but..

    done ranting, well at least for now


  2. yes im happy so far with lucas. im looking looking forward to see how he developes. when rc first had oltl characters come on i was ok with it. i was a fan so they had meaning for me, but now not so much. hmmm dont want to just find fault but the way the shows divided up between certain characters and stories just seems off to me.

  3. Kiki has been on the show for eight months and all we know is she banged Morgan and now Michael. Kiki was looking for a job at the hospital and now she’s helping Franco instead of getting to know Silas.

    • Exactly. Kiki’s not a person. She’s a plot point. They given her connections all over town but hardly used any of them. She’s got no interests, hobbies, dreams, or ambitions. (And apparently no one she keeps in touch with or misses from her old school/life, since she doesn’t seem to be in contact.) She’s flat and boring and KA doesn’t have it in her to save writing this bad, unfortunately.

  4. Given the right material Robin Mattson can be really good. What they’re doing now is not the right material.I grew tired of Heather’s antics weeks ago. I’ve been wondering if anyone has explained to Carlivati there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Now I’m afraid he’s going to do the same with Obrecht.

    I also agree with you on Kelly Thiebaud. She’s shown great versatility since they stopped writing her over the top bitchy. She works well with Tyler too.

  5. I totally agree with your post. Scrubs was the ‘typical, normal’ couple that discussed stuff together! instead we are getting them for five minutes every other day…how could Patrick know what Robin went thru if she NEVER told him!!! and now Kmc is leaving again and she says we are going to hate the exit….if they are going to have Patrick go back to Sabrina with this baby I wont watch it!! It will be back to YouTube clips for me!!

    There are not many fans of this couple, why are they being shoved down our throat??? Poor JT has not looked happier then these past few weeks….hope he submits the reunion clip and finally wins, b.c that may be it for a while…….

  6. i didnt know kmc was leaving already. i dont know why they would restart her story to end it so soon and,it sounds like, in a way to prop sabrina. to me character is just as important as story and i love robin. i hope they did not bring her back just to up ratings and change minds about her

    • They didn’t change their minds; this was always the amount of time in her contract, due to KMc’s directing projects. She’s indicated she will likely be back again.

      • the thing is if she’s going to be coming and going like luke does…..

        then I kind of don’t think that’s fair to the others…..I really don’t…

        yes, I want her and Patrick together….but, they could go off canvas for a bit…but I do understand that Jason wants to stay, so..

        and I really don’t like the spoilers that I’m seeing….with the whole baby thing either


  7. I think that it’s her choice…..she wants to direct……

    yes, Sabrina and Patrick were cutting it for me, until robin came back…

    and I actually think that she has chemistry with carlos…and they’re not even giving them a chance to develop..

    lol…this is the wrong time for the actress to be pregs in real life…that’s the only reason I think that they had to write it in…

    and yeah like we really need another baby story…….

    and all that…

    and I too thought that john, starr, and even what’s his face, todd had purpose on gh…but, these other three….

    so not…

    and I’d enjoy silas a whole lot more if oh gee, they tried him with someone else….

    to me that’s just what they’re doing with him and you know who, ramming them down our throats..


  8. Sometimes I don’t know what show I’m watching and why I keep punishing myself. While I do like RC’s pacing and balance better, Guza’s writing was way better. Maybe they should team up. On second thought I don’t know if we could handle the egos.

    Kiki…she’s just too much and I can’t bring myself to care when she’s on screen.

    It would be nice if Liz got a story of her own. RH is a really great actress and it would be nice to see her with her own story instead of in this dry “I’m denying Patrick’s the baby daddy” story. How boring and predictable.

    Patrick: “I didn’t know you were researching PTSD. I mean I know you were kidnapped and held captive for two years. We thought you were dead and you weren’t able to see your baby. You were abused mentally and physically but you never mentioned possibly suffering from PTSD.”
    Robin: “Oh never mind that that is actually an interesting storyline that doesn’t involve Sabrina and would take longer than the 30 seconds we get every three days.”

    The Scrubs reunion has been beyond frustrating. They are writing this like they didn’t know the limitations to KMc’s time.

  9. The Scrubs reunion has been beyond frustrating. They are writing this like they didn’t know the limitations to KMc’s time.

    I so agree with that part


  10. As I said above…I ditto both you. This could and should have been better! JT and KMc deserved better and now we are going to be slapped in the face….I am so annoyed with this…

  11. RC/FV should have honored Kim’s request to kill off Robin and be done with it. No Robin. No Scrubs. Nada. Patrick could have been paired up with several women on the show but the (network/ABC/D) wanted Sabrina as his love interest. Whatever. I just can’t stand actors that run back and forth between their soap opera and other interests. In order for RobinFF or Scrubs to be happy that means KMc would have to ditch her aspirations of becoming a director or JT/BS would have to leave the show. It was nice seeing Robin back on screen, but to be honest I would have rather seen that airtime and money go to AJ, Liz, Monica, Tracy, Leslie, Scotty, Mac, Felicia and Lucy. Kim still could have requested that the show kill off Robin, because this was her last short term visit and she wanted them to make sure that there was no doubt that Robin was dead and gone. Now we’ll see Robin/Scrubs fans ticked off that their not going to get the HEA for their favorite character or pairing. This whole mess is a lose lose all the way around!

    • but to be honest I would have rather seen that airtime and money go to AJ, Liz, Monica, Tracy, Leslie, Scotty, Mac, Felicia and Lucy.

      I agree with that comment…but that’s so never going to happen…..robin or no robin..

      instead we get sonny and company………day and day out


    • I’m trying to reserve judgment on Robin’s exit story until it’s played out. I’m sure Scrubs fans will be pissed no matter what, but I still can’t bring myself to wish Robin was dead. I’ve enjoyed a lot about the story of her faked death — at least up until the last month or so. And I’d rather have her in short visits than gone forever.

  12. Well, it looks like Lucas found Brad. Holy hell, that was awesome.

    I love Obrecht too, and unlike Franco, I think she can be more or less redeemed, but, yes, this storyline is stretching things. Does she even have a medical license anymore? I thought she lost it for conducting experiments on humans or some such thing. Sam’s question about how a known criminal could be Chief of Staff is not to be asked though, when you consider Scott Baldwin as DA, Alexis Davis as DA, Rick Lansing as DA, not to mention Luke Spencer as Mayor. If criminals couldn’t get jobs in Port Charles, the whole town would be out of work.

    • Yeah, I mean, I’d be more up and arms about it if it wasn’t clear that she’s either blackmailing the hospital president or the WSB is strong-arming him — or both. It’s not jsut that they’ve decided to ignore the fact that she’s a criminal.

  13. Yeah, I’m hard on Kristen Alderson, but to be fair to her she’s been given *nothing* to work with. One day she was in love with Michael. She knew Franco for two seconds and she’s hiding him from the cops. Zero motive for either.

    I liked Britt/Nik okay but I can’t get past her keeping the baby from Lulu and Dante.

  14. Kiki’s a nonentity because she’s written that way and she’s on so much when some of that air time could be used elsewhere and on other characters who languish for weeks or months.

    Lucas has worked out nicely but it’s kind of sad to see how Robin turned out to be a prop in her own rescue/reunion story. Well actually not hers,,,it’s how the thought to be dead wife mucked up Patrick and Sabrina’s love story/wedding.

    Britt’s almost pathologically sick the way she’s parading Ben in front of Lulu/Dante and all in their lives because she’ll play marital counselor and baby maker for them but she won’t come clean b/c then Nikolas will dump her arse.

    One highlight is that at least next week they’ll spare a few minutes for Julian and Alexis who’d been on a holding pattern for a while. That and hopefully Victor will actually be a Cassadine and not the latest “super villain” trope.

  15. Oh, come ON, show!!! Robin’s leaving again already? That coming and going works for Luke bc abandoning his relationships is part of the character. Where does Robin REALLY need to go that is away from her husband and child?? And Patrick clawed his way through total devestation at her death, found some measure of happiness w Sabrina, broke Sabrina’s heart to reunite his family with Robin and what now? It’s one big “gotcha! We were just effin’ with your life for sweeps!”? Maybe they’ll write it well but otherwise I wish they’d spent the last few months writing Liz and AJ instead of scrapping that whole story to make room for Robin’s short lived reunion. I’m glad she didn’t burn up in the lab but this return/departure feels disruptive instead of moving stories forward.

  16. kiki should be with her bio father more…shouldn’t she know that now she has a couple of cousins, so to speak…with Nathan and britt….and everything else…

    she has just as much history with silas as she does with franco…zilch….and I’d so rather see her and silas in a great scene, I think that they have great chemistry together…and she did act next to micheal Easton for what 8 years….rather then the 8 that roger was away from the show….yes, they were father and daughter when she was a child, but not when she was a teenager…that was with trever st john……

    and please, don’t throw lame sam into the mix…..silas deserves to get to know his daughter without that shadow hanging around his neck….

    as soon as silas gets into a good scene, there she comes….

    that is the pairing that I can’t stand the most…….I love micheal Easton…..but….


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