Maybe he’s lost?

Guys, I think Lucas is confused. Doesn’t he know that when you find out your mother’s been keeping a big secret from you, you’re supposed to throw a screaming fit about betrayal and then storm away in a huff?

LUCAS: I appreciate the warning. I probably won’t want anything to do with him. Or maybe I will. either way, it’s my choice to make.

I mean, really. What was that? Who does he think he is, being all reasonable and respectful? It’s like he doesn’t even know he’s on a soap opera!

Lucas and Brad2

Lucas and Brad


Never mind. I see he’s gotten the hang of it after all.

(Okay, seriously now. Putting aside my excitement at an honest-to-god gay love triangle on this show — WHICH IS A LOT OF EXCITEMENT, Y’ALL — can I just say how much I adore Lucas being a mature adult all over town? Understanding Sam and Bobbie’s fears, but wanting to make up his own mind about Julian, letting Brad know he was still interested without being creepy or possessive? TEAM LUCAS FOREVER.)


18 thoughts on “Maybe he’s lost?

  1. I want to draw cartoon hearts around Lucas. He’s just so sweet and solid and understanding and NORMAL, and it’s just such a breath of fresh air to me. I’m am super-excited to see his sibling relationship with Sam develop, and to see him be involved in Spencer family storylines, and to see if the show can build a really good love story for him.

    The only problem with that last item is that at the moment, I don’t like Brad or Felix NEARLY as much as I like Lucas. I’m definitely excited to see actual gay representation on the show, but I’m worried that “Lucas could do better than BOTH of these losers” won’t really make for a highly compelling love triangle, you know?

    • Yeah, I know. On the other hand, as Anne says below, they’ve done a great job of turning Brad from a one dimensional creep to a real person already. If they can keep making strides in that direction, I can be into it.

      Of course, the big blocker looming on the horizon for Lucas and Brad should be the truth about Britt’s baby coming out, considering that’s Lucas’ cousin’s child. I guess it will depend on how well they can build the relationship, a la Nik/Britt, before that happens…

  2. I never thought I’d say this because I initially loathed Brad, but better writing, and a good actor and I kind of love him a little bit now. He began as a shallow, plot point character who we’ve seen learn from his mistakes and grow on screen. How often does that happen? It’s not like Silas, who just went from being a rude, unfeeling douchenozzle to McBain 2.0 within a few episodes. So, I’m rooting for Lucas and Brad, and for Felix to…learn from his mistakes and grow on screen into a more likable character – which he was, initially, after all.

  3. i thought that he knew…..who his father was…..he just thought that he was dead…as did bobby his entire life….


    I agree, I’m really liking brad, in this story right now…..

    I want to like silas…..but, with you know who by his side…I just can’t stomach him….

    it’s not him…it’s her…….

    i’ll always love Michael Easton in every role that he plays…but the co-stars that they put him with, for me, just leave it to be desired…

      • yeah but that’s only been for a few’s not like it’s been years…

        and really she just found out herself, too…


        I know, I so wasn’t expecting that part…that brad’s bio dad was the son of the leader of the Asian quarter…..who kidnapped robin, and all that….

        • It was still an important omission of information she knew he’d want to have. But my point isn’t that he should have disowned her for it; just that most soap characters would have thrown a much bigger fit.

  4. LUCAS: I appreciate the warning. I probably won’t want anything to do with him. Or maybe I will. either way, it’s my choice to make.

    I mean, really. What was that? Who does he think he is, being all reasonable and respectful? It’s like he don’t even know he’s on a soap opera!

    that part is a breath of fresh air..

    I’m tired of the boy/girl coming back…and wanting to throw something at their parent… did me wrong song…

    that’s to entirely old as all get out…..


    • Susan, I hesitate to say this and really hope you won’t be offended or that I’m breaking a site rule, but when you post tenillypo’s remarks in your own post, it would be whole lot less confusing if you set them off with quotation marks. Because those posts are hers, not yours. Just a suggestion.

  5. Lucas is SO HOT. GOD he is so delicious. *sighs* I want him kissing everyone, he looks so GOOD at it! /jealous

    And y’all.. did we KNOW Brad’s bio dad was the Triad leader from the Asian Quarter? Because that made me gasp and clap my hands like a seal. CONTINUITY!

    • That was a new revelation. I don’t think we’ve heard anything about Brad’s family before now. But yes, that was a nice tie in!

      • The Asian Quarter was before my time, but see Susan’s explanation below. It was a plot arc in the 80s involving gangsters and Anna, Robert, Frisco, etc. Some enterprising soul has put a lot of clips on YouTube if you’re really curious.

  6. wow, watch everyday and see same story then miss a day or two and new info revealed. i have to give it to them i absolutely thought that when they brought on lucas it would be ‘brad who?’ so happy for that little twist.

  7. from accidental fan “missed something. I don’t even know what the Asian Quarter is. So is Brad’s dad a gangster”

    there’s a clip, it should be on youtube.. it’s about a little robin running into anna’s waiting arms…

    brad’s grandfather kidnapped robin…..there were these pearls….I still am not quite certain why they were so important…but they were…anna hid them, in robin’s doll…..they were the doll’s eyes…….and brad’s grandfather wanted them for some reason……and that was the story, about him trying to get that doll…and robin…

    yes, his grandfather, there was no father at the time……mr wu was a notorious Chinese gangster, I think that lucy lau was involved in the story somehow too…….but, don’t quote me on that


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