Hard to believe it’s been almost two and a half months since we last had any meaningful Julian and Alexis interaction. And by “interaction,” I mean SUPER HOT MAKE OUTS. And by “hard to believe,” I mean IT HAS FELT LIKE FOUR YEARS.

But no matter! Because today, the drought ended. Spectacularly:

Julian and Alexis kiss3

JULIAN: I have been attracted to you from the moment I saw you at the Floating Rib when you were just this woman that looked vaguely familiar to me and I couldn’t put my finger on it. And now that I know who you are — to me, to Sam — you look me in the eye and tell me you don’t feel it.
ALEXIS: [facing the other direction] I’m gonna look over here. And I’m going say that you–you have an uncanny ability to rewrite history, because love at first sight at the roadhouse? Seriously? [turning back around] You lied to me for months.

Julian and Alexis kiss2

JULIAN: I had too-
ALEXIS: You did it to save your ass.
JULIAN: That’s not fair.
ALEXIS: Oh, was it fair when you knew I kinda liked you and you started flaunting with Carly?
ALEXIS: No, you didn’t do it, or no, it wasn’t fair?
JULIAN: Yes, I did it, and you know why — because of Sonny.
ALEXIS: Charming.
JULIAN: Don’t you understand? I’ve never been interested in Carly. The only person I’m interested in? Is you.

So many things to love here: that Julian confirmed he’s wanted her right from the beginning, that Alexis started to do her embarrassing flustered thing but then pulled on her bad ass lawyer big girl panties and let him have it, that he admitted the thing with Carly was a dick move, that she admitted they’d both known she had feelings for him before the truth came out… ugh, these two. STOP GIVING ME FEELINGS.

(Also, there was an epic mutual ass grab, and it was pretty much everything I need in life?)

But possibly the best part was the goofy smile Julian wore afterwards:

Julian and Alexis kiss5

Y’all, I have wanted a man who smiles like that because of Alexis for a long, long time.

I’d like to take all this as a sign that we’re going to see more of this side of Julian and less of the mob crap, but I think I said that two months ago, too, and we all know how that went.

Still, if it’s two more months before we get another kiss, at least we’ll always have that sweet, sweet ass grab to keep us warm at night:

Julian and Alexis kiss4


Speaking of mob crap, the speed with with both Morgan and Duke’s secrets came out yesterday was refreshing. Frankly, I’d been expecting at least another month of close calls and tiresome fake outs before we saw any movement with either of those. (And Duke! With his precious faaaaaaace! Actually acknowledging 20 years of captivity is traumatizing!) (You may have noticed this is something of a theme with me lately.)

Sonny, on the other hand, is not exactly filling me with confidence as a mob boss, since it apparently never occurred to him that quitting the mob might have repercussions:

MORGAN: That’s the only reason I lied to you, dad, I swear. After we had the talk at the hospital, I knew I shouldn’t be messing with Julian. But the guy wouldn’t just let me walk away.
SONNY: I didn’t consider that.

HE JUST DIDN’T CONSIDER THAT, GUYS. Totally reasonable! (At least we know Morgan comes by his critical thinking skills honestly?)


31 thoughts on “WELL, IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME.

  1. “What is WRONG with me?!” Ohhhhhh, Alexis…..I feel ya. But maybe sometimes if your ill advised life-long attraction to bad boys reunites you with super hot one night stand boy who fathered your child and is now a remarkably well maintained man of your age w nice abs and a lot of cash and compatible bone marrow for your grandchild…meh, maybe it’s ok to just admit that you love bad boys and just go with it. And when Shawn says “Are you KIDDING me???” just say that Julian is crime LORD instead of the underling of a crime lord and this gives him points in the success/initiative column.

  2. Yeah about time already! After waiting two months finally they’re back on screen mixing it up. Loved how he refused to refer to Sam as anything but “our daughter” and the look she shot back at him! Co-parenting an adult child should be interesting. Loved his recap of their history and his attraction even before the Floating Rib in his reference of what she was to him and Sam. It’s believable if you’ve been paying attention to their interactions since the Floating Rib scene, under the surface. Just like you could tell he wasn’t into Carly at all.

    Loved her getting flustered and tripping over the table. Loved how he tapped into her “dangerous” attraction yet let her set the boundaries. Loved how he said you’re not into men in the dark side and she keeps saying it’s him so you know it’s not his mobsterism that drives her conflict after all.

    Loved those final shots where she’s so conflicted, you can actually feel the pull she has towards him in a visceral way and her internal struggle. Loved his smile, some said it was a smirk at his satisfaction of playing her. Nah, I love his little goofy smiles like when she pushed him out of her house and after she slapped him. Some say Julian’s hard to read or unreadable. Nah, for me he’s the easiest character to figure out.

    Sublime stuff. Emotionally intense and not forced like too many other pairings. Hot, messy, angst and conflicted and yet humorous too. And they can stand on their own. They don’t need a village to prop them up, or an umbrella story, they just need more air time in my opinion. Judging by Twitter yesterday and still today, I think it’d be time very well invested.

    • Really? People thought that smile was smug? I thought it was clearly twitter-patted. Wherever the writing goes in the future, it seems pretty obvious to me that WdV has been consciously playing his interest and attraction to Alexis from the beginning. (And his interviews certainly support that.

      • That’s what I see too, tenillypo. I thought his grin was kind of a goofy, “I like her grin,” that people get, no matter how old they are when they really like someone and there has been movement on that front. And I loved that little almost grin she got when she was standing outside the door breathing hard.

        He knows he has work to do as far as winning her goes. But he also knew when she left that he got his foot in the door. She told him, “Don’t stop,” when he told her if she told him to stop, he would. As soon as she told him to stop, he did. Held up his hands and didn’t touch her again.

        I think the first scenes with Sam and both of her parents together should be fun. Sam is going to know something happened from the way they act.

        I would pay for Sam to actually walk in on her parents having sex at some point. WdV will have to be the straight man with KeMo and NLG doing their mother-daughter thing.

        • It’s kind of a sad, low bar when we have to give a man credit just for stopping when his partner says “stop.” But yes, I liked that too.

          • There are people on the interrwebs saying he sexually assaulted him. I’m like, rapists don’t usually stop when you tell them to stop.

            I think they still confuse WdV with Michael Cambias, and, IMO, if you can’t separate the actor from the role he played over a decade ago, you shouldn’t be allowed to watch TV unsupervised. :)

          • Yeah there’s a couple posters on a board who start threads about him being a sadistic sociopath and “child rapist” but a lot of people forgot how Sonny coerced underaged girls into stripping in his clubs and hooked them on drugs. Yet they think Franco’s so hot when he’s much more likely to be a sadistic sociopath (aka Bianchi/Bueno/Bundy)given his ahem, serial killing and stalking history. I guess to each his or her own but sometimes I wonder what show people are watching. But having crossed paths with two later convicted serial killers in my life. One who killed 19 women who was a regular at the eatery I worked and another who was a rapist/killer who worked concessions at a theater, on the surface you can’t see any signs so I don’t wonder about that confusion.

            Anyway, it might be sad but I think what makes it work in part is because a lot of people didn’t expect him to have that trait. But he’s been pretty consistent with it with her so I don’t know where the confusion comes from there.

      • People who can’t read subtext obviously or choose not to do so because I read it the same way you did..kind of like when she tossed him from her house. Fortunately my profession relies on my ability to do so so it’s not that tough when actors are skilled at it and make those choices. Sometimes the acting frustrates me when actors DON’T utilize it. It’s like being partly blind, you can’t read them. But with Alexis and Julian no such problem, which is important because their story’s had to rely a lot on that for character reasons as well as the show’s somewhat atrocious pacing with their story while going full force on their other pairings.

        I’m also looking forward to their scenes with Sam because she’s pretty astute. At any rate, it’s nice to take a break from the mob war where Sonny plays heroic mobster once again, wash rinse repeat. His self-righteousness yesterday (and Duke being a bit of a tool again) was the only thing that annoyed me about what was a very good episode in a week of them. In contrast to earlier in January where it seemed like the stories except the umbrella kidnapping story (so far I think Michael’s the best part of it) seemed almost in a holding pattern. Now it seems more smooth and hopefully that’ll carry into Sweeps.

        I hope it’s not another two months until they share screen time again. Alexis being MIA hasn’t served the show well in my opinion. The ratings for early January minus the Polar Vortex Effect are showing some base erosion in between the highs and lows that come with climax of arc style story telling. For more long-term ratings increase, it really comes down to balance and yes, diversity in your story telling. Given the lack of tweeting raving about ratings in the past month or so I don’t think the trend’s unnoticed. It’s definitely reversible this stage in the game.

  3. Alexis is a hypocrite. She broke up with Shawn because he works for Sonny, and now she’s all over Julian the mob boss? I hope Shawn reams Alexis out and then seduces Sam out of spite.

    • She didn’t stop being attracted to Shawn because he decided to become a killer for hire; she just stopped dating him. She’s attracted to Julian now, she has confusing feelings for him from before the truth came out, and they share a child. So she had a moment of weakness and then she stopped it and left because he’s a mobster. Not really seeing the hypocrisy.

  4. Shawn is boring and Julian is not. It’s too bad, because the actor playing Shawn is gorgeous, but there it is. It’s a soap opera. Alexis is my favorite character, NLG has hella chemistry with WdV, and I’m with tenillypo – Alexis is resisting her attraction precisely because he’s a mobster. She (hopefully! please!) will give in; then we’ll see what happens. It’s worth noting that she asked Shawn to quit and he didn’t. Maybe Julian will have a different answer, when the time comes. (I said I was hopeful.)

      • Twitter was pretty lively what with the AssGrabGate issue. That was quite funny to read as to who came up with the idea for it.

    • I’m not sure it’s the mobster reason this time around or mostly. I think it’s mostly the deception which she hit on yesterday. What I found interesting was the exchange where he said you don’t like someone on the dark side (which I took to be a criminal/mobster) and she kept saying it’s you. But he had her number earlier when he reminded her of her attraction to dangerous men. Far from making her really run away that’s what draws her to men and it’s driving her crazy, LOL. But if he’s “nice” that just makes her run from men faster, remember Ned?

      With Shawn too, I think the lying and deception he showed about working for Sonny was a nail in the coffin as well. But the bottom line was she didn’t love him, nor he enough. Plus they didn’t share a child like she and Sonny did so need to integrate Shawn into her complicated family structure.

  5. Alexis is not stupid, silly, but not stupid, and knew very well that Shawn took over Jason’s old job which meant killing and beating up people on Sonny’s orders. Yes, I consider Alexis to be a big fat hypocrite, because she dump Shawn and has no quibbles sucking face with Julian. I hope Shawn’s calls Alexis out on her crap, and this is from someone that did NOT like Shawn with Alexis in the first place! I still remember when Alexis yelled at Jason and Sonny after Kristina died in that warehouse, and the woman has been involved with a dangerous Jerry, and now she’s all over Julian.

    • Of course she has quibbles sucking face with Julian — she pulled away and left. And if you’re going to call out characters on being hypocrites, you might as well call out the entire cast. It’s a soap. People reverse themselves and allow their passions to overtake their better judgment all the time. Also, I think there’s a difference between that conflict between heart/body and mind and the really blatant, distasteful hypocrisy of someone like Sonny.

      • Totally agree on the hypocrite soap character thing. The same name may be a doctor/cop/serial-killer depending on which decade it is and which writer is at the helm. Soapland is a place where nobody stays dead and a man can fall off a yacht, be presumed dead for 5 years and reappear six inches taller with a totally different face and also 10 years younger. Children age a decade in 6 months. Sometimes you gotta just suspend disbelief.

    • Alexis apologist here.. so I’m going to explain why your complaint about her being a hypocrite is both right on and off-base. :) And it’s this: Alexis Davis is a Cassadine. If you grew up in a family of super bad guys who terrorized you and treated you like the help all of your life. Why wouldn’t you you be attracted to strong, powerful men? For a Cassadine, murder is something that happens like a tea party on a Wednesday. People are disposable. All Alexis wanted to was a normal life. But she’s DRAWN like a lodestone to dark, powerful men. She got in a car with a hot guy at a bar, thinking he was cute and she was being outgoing but… ultimately dark and powerful. How on earth could she resist him years later when he is SO HOT SHIRTLESS? Every man Alexis has slept with has projected the illusion of power and strength in some fashion, except for Ned who was not dark but was very similar to her, being the Gatekeeper to the family. Ned was probably the one guy she ever dated that didn’t sing to that Cassadine-y place in her. Same with Mac… he’s not DARK. He’s too awesome and good for Natasha.

      So.. this IS a thing, she keeps wanting to separate herself from the bad guys but the bad guys are all she KNOWS.

      Natasha needs to learn from Eva how to run the boys club and co-rule.

  6. All soap characters by definition are people who do ridiculous, terrible things. That’s why chemistry and acting ability play such huge roles in how audiences tend to respond. There’s also a kind of cumulative weariness that can set in, if a charismatic, compelling character gets on a story treadmill – which I think is what has happened to Sonny, though I can still find him interesting, depending on story circumstances.

    What I love about Alexis has a lot to do with NLG and also a lot to do with the fact that she’s a smart woman who makes terrible choices and knows it. She tries to do better. Sometimes she succeeds, more often she fails, because she’s a soap opera character, and healthy, stable people are few and on the back burner.

    Julian and Alexis have chemistry, and Julian is also a far more complex and interesting character than Shawn, in my opinion. I didn’t give a damn about Shawn and Alexis – I mean, I was glad to see Alexis get some screen time, and it was great to see an older woman paired with an exceedingly good-looking younger man, especially on a show that has sidelined women over 35 in the past. But I couldn’t begin to take them seriously as a pairing, and liked the way the writers ended their affair.

    On the other hand, Julian and Alexis have enormous potential. My concern is that the show doesn’t seem all that invested and I’m afraid we may not see them together again until spring.

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