Shh… just let me enjoy this.

Friends, I am a simple woman, with simple needs. And one of those needs is ladies making fabulous bitchfaces at each other and slap fighting with the campiness turned up to eleven. So sue me: I loved the long-overdue Elizabeth/Britt throw down.

Elizabeth bitchface

It doesn’t hurt that the hotness level of Rebecca Herbst straddling Kelly Thiebaud with that cute hair and that cute little coat is OFF THE CHARTS. Thank you for that Valentine’s Day present, show.

It also doesn’t hurt that I still really enjoy Britt, even though I want all of her deceptions uncovered. (Of course, the full truth about Ben probably won’t come out until  so many months have passed that we no longer even care. But, you know… baby steps!)

In other news, Carly’s still alive! I know you’re all as shocked as I am. Hard to believe she’s only been kidnapped for a month! Because it has felt like five.

Michael and Morgan

But fortunately, several good things came out of this mess, and I don’t just mean Luke in a Heather wig, mumbling about the left handed boy, although that was pretty great.

But Morgan’s finally graduated from dumb and insufferable to dumb and kind of not a complete dick to his family! Which is exciting! I mean, I’m not quite ready to start composing sonnets in his honor, but the cockles of my heart were more than a little warmed by him hugging Michael and taking his side against Franco the other day.

Or possibly it’s just that anyone who hates Kiki instantly gains about +1000 points in my book.

Kiki is terrible2


(I think I’ve figured out what makes Kiki so enraging — it’s not just her utter lack of anything resembling a personality, or her failure to display recognizable human emotions like curiosity about her new found family or her mother’s reasons for lying about it all these years.

No, it’s that look she gets — that shocked and offended self-righteous expression when anyone dares criticize her. I see that look and I just… hate. Everything. So much.)

But by far, the best thing to come out of this whole Carly ordeal has been the gift of Lucas. He’s like a unicorn of awesomeness! Single-handedly humanizing Brad and making Julian interesting again. Is there nothing he can’t do?

Lucas and Brad hug


A+ for the writers for resisting the urge to have Julian instantly get over all of his issues, by the way. But being sincere in his apology and honest with Lucas about how he wants to get over them? Acknowledging that he should always listen to Alexis about everything? (Well, duh.) Pitch perfect response.

Let’s all just bask in these warm and fuzzy feelings for a bit before the stupidity of Robin’s exit makes us crazy, shall we?


17 thoughts on “Shh… just let me enjoy this.

  1. Michael and Morgan’s hug was cute.

    I can’t decide if I actually liked Liz’s coat or not, but I enjoyed the dramatic effect it added to those scenes, heh.

    No comments on Roger Howarth’s performance when Heather shot Franco? I was looking forward to some snark! :)

  2. I loved when Brit and Elizabeth got into that cat fight! When Brit threw (whatever that was) at Elizabeth, I was wondering if it was intended to hit the door instead of actually hitting Elizabeth! Also, I recently discovered that in “real life” the actress who plays Brit and the actor who plays Morgan are dating (this may be old news to you!) but I was so surprised.

  3. I loved the catfight, especially Elizabeth’s face when Brit let her mean girl out and called her ALL THE NAMES. I generally like Elizabeth but she’s been insufferably possessive about Nikolas since his return. I read that Rick Hearst is coming back and I think I’d like to see Ric and LIz together again; they always had a nice chemistry, at least until he went psycho and started keeping people in their panic room.

    And so great when Scott whipped out his phone to take a picture of Luke in the wig. I think those two need to go off on an adventure together. Maybe they can go find Laura, whose checkup in Paris seems to be taking a super long time.

    • So much ‘word’ there! I love it when Lizzie (Borden) Webber comes out and starts throwing down. It reminds me of the gold old days when she first came on the show and gave everyone hell. And I loved that shoe getting through the door at the end!

      Now I’ve gotta go rewatch that smackdown! :)

      And yes, Scott and be-wigged Luke was awesome!

      It’s like..the good gets SO GOOD but the bad is SO BAD. *sigh*

      But I still like GH more now than I have in years so.. *shrugs*

    • What? Nik woke up in the hospital wanting Liz and she shut him down, but he spent months manipulating her and AJ to the point where she told him to back off. Liz even pointed out that she avoided him over the Christmas holiday’s because she doe snot like Britt. Liz’s dislike of Britt started long before Nik came back to town.

      As for Liz and Ric, no, just no. Once a man tries to kill you TWICE, let it go and move on!

  4. Best scenes for me since I’m not really into two chicks beating on each other unless they’re in a ring, were the Julian and Alexis scenes discussing Lucas and Julian apologizing to Lucas for his earlier comments. Awesome!

      • These suggestions work for me!
        I absolutely loved that Alexis went to look for Julian to check on him. I loved that Ava told her that she had been trying for years to get Julian to see his views of homosexuality were stupid. Meanwhile, one little talk with Alexis and he is ready to try to change his ways:)

        God, I love Julexis so much. They are the only reason I am still watching this show!

        If the writers are smart, if TPTB are smart, they will invest in Julexis.

        • Alexis knew enough not to tackle the homophobic part of it but to focus on his need and want to connect with his son. By doing so over time, it might just change his views on it. That’s a powerful way to learn. Me? I just love those little smiles on his face when he sees her. Mobster crushing is so fun to watch.

          But yeah the best thing on the show for sure. Hope TPTB realize that and move them forward in great story.

    • Now that’s what I am talking about too Neka! Julexis is the best thing happening on this show right now. Hopefully TPTB see that and put them front and center where they belong!

  5. I think Nikolas and Elizabeth are equally guilty of inappropriate possessiveness.And I’m fine with that – it’s good soap. I don’t want to see them actually get together, and I’m very sorry the show seems to have dropped the AJ/Liz relationship; but I like Nik and Liz as perpetual complications in each other’s lives.

  6. I just really love how smitten Alexis and Julian are becoming with one another. Even though she has at times acted like a silly teenager, I have loved the last few conversations are mature adults who have acknowledged their attraction to each other and their growing feelings for each other.
    I just need Alexis to stop being Sonny’s attorney. Kristina isn’t even in town, and she doesn’t even really like her father anyway. Kristina would be Team Jerome like I am, I just know it.

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