Well, that was just as irritating as I’d feared.

As soon as the date of Kimberly McCullough’s departure was announced, we all knew it was going to be a bit messy. But I was honestly prepared to let a lot slide because it’s a hard spot for the writers to be in, as long as Jason Thompson is staying.

Robin's choice1

If they’d just said that Robin was off helping other researchers perfect the cure she developed for polonium poisoning and had Emma visiting with her off screen — a la Jax and Jocelyn — I would have accepted that. But of course, that would have meant Patrick wasn’t free to go back to Sabrina without looking like an asshole. And we can’t have that.

So now we’re left with a severe case of SCSS (Soap Character Stupidity Syndrome)*. Which is the thing that always happens whenever a soap character has to leave his or her brain at the door in order to further a plot that would otherwise make no sense.

ROBIN: There’s just something about our relationship that doesn’t feel like it used to.
PATRICK: That just doesn’t make sense!

For the record, I can absolutely buy that Robin would give up a lot to help Jason. Not just because of their past together or because Danny needs his father, but because the thought of anyone suffering and imprisoned like she was for so long would hit Robin extra hard. Of course, she could never leave him like that.

Jason mugshot

(Also for the record: the fact that the props department chose this terrible mugshot as the photo she’d be mooning over for days has caused me never ending hilarity.)

What I don’t buy is that she wouldn’t just tell Anna and Patrick — and Nikolas! — what’s going on. I mean, seriously? She’s going to not only torpedo her marriage and abandon her already traumatized child, but also set Stavros and Helena loose on the world again without a qualm? And all because Victor said not to tell anyone? (Well, gee, Robin. Did he make you pinky swear? Because otherwise I think you could just LIE TO HIM.)

But then, the idea that if she tells a single soul, all-seeing Victor will somehow not only know, but also give up on the enterprise entirely is almost as ludicrous as the Cassadines needing Robin in the first place.

Victor Cassadine


And I am insulted on Anna Devane’s behalf that Robin wouldn’t believe her kick ass parents — especially with Nikolas and the Quartermaines (or Sonny, for that matter) providing some financial backing — couldn’t set up a sting operation to find the Jason-sicle and whisk him away without all of this unnecessarily complicated bullshit.

But again, we can’t acknowledge any of those options, because then Patrick couldn’t waltz on back to fairy tale land with Sabrina as soon as Robin’s back is turned. (Remember those two minutes where it seemed like the writers might actually be letting Sabrina move on to a story with Carlos? Those were fun.)

I guess it’s just Robin’s turn? I mean, Patrick was the one written wildly out of character all December.

Robin's choice2

So now he’s the one getting to be rational and understanding while Robin acts like pod person, breaks her husband’s heart, and leaves Emma after already missing so much of her life. Neither of which I believe she’d actually do if there was even the slightest hope of another way.

The silver lining as usual is that Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough are killing it the way they always do, no matter how nonsensical the material is. Plus: Cassadine hijinks! The return of Victor! I am super on board with both those things!

Did we have to make Robin such a moron to get them, though?

(*See also Elizabeth’s infuriating waffling over telling Dante he has a freaking child, just because, what — Lulu might have a sad? I CAN’T EVEN WITH THIS CRAP.)


54 thoughts on “Well, that was just as irritating as I’d feared.

  1. I turn my back for 4 days and Robin’s just all “Peace out, husband and child!” No sense. Makes no sense. I’m glad that her parents got to unbury her but this plot just is POO. POO I say!!! In other news, I enjoyed Liz bitch-facing all over town. That was cool.

  2. Thank you for this post!! I agree on every count!

    KMc must have really been having a hard time with these scripts…first they made her say “You truly love Sabrina” and yesterday “Maybe I dont want to be family”. She almost chocked on both lines and so did I!! I wanted to cry (looking at JT’s reaction) and throw up at the same time. Its amazing what the two of them can do with bad writing every time…as bad as these scenes were, they were awesome.

    and why couldn’t we have gotten one happy night with them before she told him? he was sooo cute when he came in the door….. poor JT, he is going to be sad and back to pod Patrick after she leaves….I cant watch him with Sabrina,

    This is the dismantling of Scrubs bit by bit all in the name of Jason…who would not want her to do this and Sabrina-who he clearly doesn’t care about (‘that baby’ said it all, lol!). I really hope there is something better before she leaves but I am not holding out hope….

    • I agree….

      they so should have got a proper reunion scene…but they didn’t….

      and it’s just been downhill from there..

      I liked that someone said, they had promise in her and carlos…….but nooooooooo, they had to go and make it, with Patrick again….

      and all that….


  3. Okay, I get that KMc is leaving…I really do! But for TIIC to write her out in this way, to make her tell the love of her life that she doesn’t feel like a family, and hasn’t since she got back…that is just the biggest bunch of BULLSHIT I have ever heard. I’m surprised KMc didn’t look at those lines, laugh out loud, and say: “Are you f***ing kidding? Like Robin and Patrick’s fans are going to believe this load of bullshit Robin’s supposed to dish out?” I know she doesn’t want Victor to hurt her family, but this…is…STUPID!

    The only plus side to this is Jason and Kimberly and Brooklyn killing their scenes and ripping our hearts out again!

      • To be fair, I think that was also because Robin was supposed to be choking on those words; we’re not meant to think she actually means them, after all.

    • I know, this has to be the lamest story of all get out…she couldnt’ wait to get back to Patrick, and emma….and now we get this…

      hello, left hand, go and read what right hand said a few months ago…


  4. The thing is, I could see where both Robin and Patrick might feel differently about each other after such a long and traumatic separation. Knowing that Kimberly McCullough was only going to be there for a few months, I wish they had written a story centered around their marriage and how they couldn’t adjust to being back together; then when Robin leaves, it at least makes sense. But this storyline, no matter how much I like having more Cassadines in the mix (and how much I would watch a spinoff that’s only about the courtship of Victor and Liesl), is a big pile of ass.

    • I agree. I kept thinking that if they played this as Robin’s reaction to being traumatized and that her life felt like it didn’t fit anymore and then Victor gave her an excuse to run away, I think it would have made more sense. Alas, we get this garbage instead.

      • Agree x2. I know there were some that didn’t like the PPD storyline but I actually did and I thought KMc was great. So I think she would have played “trying to fit back into her life and it not working” very well. I just don’t think TPTB really cared enough to flesh this story out or to give it the time that it would have taken. To them end game is Patrick and Sabrina…zzzzz

      • Yeah, I’ve been wanting them to deal more with the consequences of the trauma Robin experienced. On the other hand, knowing now how short her contract ended up being, I’m also not sure I’d have wanted them to rush through such a sensitive topic, you know? Ugh. Such a mess.

  5. I have to say that was the only entertaining part of yesterday….Victor and Dr. O. TP is awesome and the woman playing Dr. O is cool too. Kinda hope Victor wins her heart…

    I agree with your idea of an exit, it would fit in line with everything Scrubs has been about this whole time. This was the first real conversation that they had and I fear it is only going to get worse as it gets closer to her final day. I just know its going to be awful when it did not have to be.

  6. Ugh to infinity. I hate this story so much.

    I can see a million ways that they could have made it better. So much potential, so much choking on the execution. I would much rather go back to two years ago when the awesomeness of the possibility of this story was still in my mind and not this crap.

  7. They could have her become ill from complications w/her hiv due to her captivity and has to go to a specialist, Patrick and emma could be out of town visiting her, then robin decides she doesn’t want to be a burden and sends patrick divorce papers. but for her to abandon her young child to save the life of a deadbeat murderer and other murderers is stupid and RC is on twitter saying he couldn’t think of another way. So the only way to get rid of a long time vet is by her being a deadbeat mom.

    and i have to come to my girl Liz defense, looloo said she wouldn’t be able to handle dante’s kid not being hers. Liz has been around the spencers for yrs and saw how luke never accepted Nik and never acted as a granpa to her children b/c they weren’t blood spencers. and how selfish all the spencers are. lucky never adopted Cam and didn’t give a crap about him while he was doing drugs, he only went to rehab when he thought he would have a blood kid, and eventually lucky dumped the kids and now is a deadbeat. Liz was abandoned as a teenager and her parents have never been there for her for anything in her life, so i can see her not wanting to put another child through that, esp since right now it seems that ben is in a situation where he has 2 people that love him.

    • they did that story two years ago….she was supposed to have died of those complications…but rc, didn’t want her to die…so he wrote that instead….

      but that’s how they always get rid of people..no it’s not right that they’re all dead beat parents…but, usually that’s the case…


    • I think Lucky, even if he is currently in the deepest heart of Africa with Jeff Weber rather than staring at stones in Ireland, loved Cam like his own. He just didn’t care about anyone or anything other than the drugs while he a full blown addict. And I think that not only do the Spencers see Liz as one of their own, she considers them family as well, regardless of the legalities. So, no, I don’t think that Liz would keep Lulu’s baby from her.

      I don’t hate Liz. But she, like many soap characters, does tend to make some bad choices. Without bad choices, soaps would be really boring. She does tend to get involved in paternity drama on a semi-regular basis, and she did go through a phase of accidentally almost killing people. So I’m okay with her having a moment’s pause, but I won’t be happy if she keeps it from Lulu without a better reason.

      All that said, I do think that there are better ways for Robin to exit, and for the paternity secret to stay a secret for a while longer than what we’re seeing.

  8. Luke never accepted Nikolas as his son because he met him when Nik was nearly an adult, and because Nikolas isn’t his son; and for years, Nik was plenty antagonistic towards Luke, he was raised to hate him, after all. Luke and Nikolas have accepted each other in recent years, and the writing for them in regard to each other has improved a lot. But no matter how you view it, Luke’s attitude towards Nikolas has absolutely nothing to do with Lulu’s struggles regarding the idea of a child via egg donor.

    As for Lucky, whether or not he ever formally adopted Cameron has never been made clear, but Lucky has always considered himself to be Cameron’s father whenever the character has been onscreen. I don’t like that they’ve written Lucky to abandon his kids – I really wish they’d give him the same treatment they’re giving Jax, and just reference offscreen visitation. But it’s completely inaccurate to say that Lucky never gave a damn about Cameron; the fact that Elizabeth’s pregnancy with Jake was a motivator to get sober doesn’t mean that he didn’t care about anyone in his life up until then. Lucky had plenty of scenes in which he made it quite clear that he considers himself to be Cam’s father.

    If Elizabeth chooses not to tell Dante that he has a biological child – especially when she knows that this may be his only biological child, ever – then she is saying that Lulu’s difficulty with that scenario is more important than Dante’s rights as a father. Considering her history with paternity deceptions, Elizabeth of all people should know better; and she should also know that there’s a big difference between Lulu thinking that she’d have difficulty parenting a child who was biologically Dante’s but not hers, and Lulu not wanting Dante to even know he has a son. It was stupid, contrived writing, and I didn’t buy it for a minute.

  9. I really empathized when Dante when he said, “Wait, wait, I STILL don’t understand what’s going on? WHAT IS GOING ON?” today.

    “but also set Stavros and Helena loose on the world again without a qualm?”

    this is the part that drives me crazy. On tv people are always willing to let maniacs get away because the good person might be hurt too. And it’s even more annoying here because Jason is essentially brain dead, and on top of that he’s not particularly good anyway. So it would have been satisfying to see Robin make a hard choice and say, “I’m sorry, as much as I would love Jason back I can’t loose Helena and Stefan on the world again.” And THEN have Victor blackmail or force her or something.

    They could have easily broken up in a normal way too – Robin has PSTD after all, and she needs to find herself, or she can’t get over that Patrick moved on so soon, and send her off to recover. Not choosing Jason over her child.

    Kudos to JT and Kim McC who are giving it their all though.

  10. Well after watching today I can give two points for at least letting them have this argument.

    There is one other point that no one else has brought up. Robin needs Patrick to help Jason. No one else is going to know how his brain is going to react to being frozen, on top of all the other trauma his brain has been through.

    Still this s/l stinks b.c she is choosing Jason over her family and I still say he would not want her to do this.

  11. I so don’t want Stavros and Helena around again…I really don’t….

    I have never, but never found the bad people on a soap fun….

    not heather…..Stavros or Helena…on this one…

    and so many on other soaps…..to me, they are so boring…as all get out….I don’t find them funny or endearling…….just yuck….as all get out


    • nope, not me, couldn’t stand recasted Emily……so..

      but the rest, i’ll agree on…

      and I’m with you missy, I never believed that Jason was dead anyway…so..

      dead….for sure

      steve hardy
      Jessie brewer

      the rest are all up for grabs…


  12. I think the scene was actually fantastic. And if anything, this is typical Scorpio behavior. Every Scorpio child has been abandoned by a parent for one reason or another out of delusions of ‘greater good’. I actually don’t think this is out of character.

      • Yes it was b/c they allowed Robin and Patrick to talk!! Whenever JT and KMc are given scenes where there is actually dialogue longer than two minutes, they rock it, even if it stinks!!

        I hear about the Scorpio behavior but Robin is different b/c of everything she has been thru to get where she is. So it makes some sense but not totally. I also dont buy that this was all they could agree on as her exit storyline.

    • It’d be more believable if reviving Jason really was an act of “greater good” seeing as how he’s a stone cold killer. That and having to revive two other psychotic killers in Helena and Stavros first..that makes it a bit harder for this viewer to buy into the Scorpio Legacy.

      • Felicia left jut to follow Frisco, she didn’t even leave with a mission. I look forward to Robin and Emma using the same script as Maxie and Felicia.

  13. I just don’t believe that Robin would leave Emma at this point. KMc and JT are doing splendid work. And the dialogue in their most recent scenes was not bad. But that doesn’t change the fact that the actual story is terrible. They could still fix it; they could reveal that Obrecht planted a post-hypnotic something-or-other in Robin and that she gave that information to Victor as part of the deal she made with him for her freedom. Though why precisely Victor is so fixated on Robin is an open question – reviving mortally wounded people in some kind of suspended state was never her specialty, as far as I can recall.

    As for Lucky, I maintain that whenever the character was on screen, he always acted as a loving and engaged father to all three of Elizabeth’s sons. It’s out of character for him to be disengaged now, and bad writing. And I don’t think Luke is any more or less fixated on biological connections than most soap characters. I think Luke simply loves who he loves, and doesn’t care much about those he doesn’t; and I don’t think that he is interested in small children in general. I can see him being the crazy grandfather getting his adolescent grandsons into all kinds of trouble; same way he lured Dillon into his capers a few years ago.

  14. Rivaling the Robin running off story for WTF-ery is this Liz/Nicholas nonsense. I concur, Nick. “What did you just say to me??”

    • I’m sitting here nodding my head. Liz is IN love with Nik? WTF? No. Just say No to such revisionist history between Liz and Nik. I’ve seen Liz in love with Lucky, Jason, and even Ric, but Nicholas Cassadine? Hell no!

      • I do believe that she’s in love with nick…..

        to me her and lucky were just puppy love….but, her and nick were the real deal..

        I saw it with him, when she was pregnant for real the first time, and he sent her away…..

        I knew then how he felt…..

        I don’t believe that she was in love with ric, though…that’s my nay-say…


  15. I thought the way they handled it was poor but not feeling the Nikolas and Britt story either as it’ll come crashing down soon enough, But Friday’s episode and Monday’s promo on my favorite characters made me forget all this other stuff. I’m easy.

    • I wish that now they’d find someone else for liz I really do..

      they could have a Jason recast down the line…wonder how that would go..

      or I thought that she could be exciting with that new cop…but looks like lulu and a returning maxie will be fighting for him instead….

      I think that brit ant nick will make their way back to one another…somehow….

      they to me really missed the boat on nick and her…….to keep on coming back, and back, and back to them….to me is a waste of time…

      they should really let them both move on


      • Elizabeth was SO “oh hell no!” when Nick came back. She seemed repelled by him. And her story with AJ seemed organic and believable. For her to have this totally unforeseen convo in Robin’s living room (which is the location of all the crazy-train discussions now I guess) about AJ was just my need for a redemption story and I’ve loved Nicholas all along? When she said “Yes, I’m in love with Nicholas” I thought she was being sarcastic and I sat there waiting for the punch line. I hope AJ is proven innocent soon and gets a hot girlfriend. AJ and Britt? I could sorta see AJ not being real shocked by a stolen embryo. Or Britt and Michael? His mom is devious, he’d probably see stealing an embryo to keep a man as just that crazy shizz like mom used to make. But no, Dante is his brother, stolen baby is his nephew. Back to AJ. Nick is so into Britt and so relieved to finally have a girlfriend who knows what it’s like to be descended from super villains and so happy to finally not be the bad guy in the relationship that I really don’t think he’d care about the stolen baby if his baren sister wasn’t the mom. But he’ll throw a symbolic fit and I hope Britt runs into AJ at the Floating Rib and they work their way to redemption together, driving Elizabeth and Nick positively mad in the process.

        • In order to make Liz and Nik look good after that awful affair years ago, RC threw AJ under the bus and he rewrote history to make Liz and Nik in love. You’re supposed to forget everything that happened last spring. I hope Sean Kanan gets a storyline with a lead actress.

          • Guza ended Niz for a reason in early 2010 and there was NO reason at all for RC to revive that poop. Liz and AJ and were really cute and then RC just had to toss in the ONS with Carly and had Nik stalking Liz all over town!

          • I know, I just don’t get why they need to be revived….

            her and aj were doing great….


            and to me that’s just what nick did…that’s so why I couldn’t get into him when he first came back, because for me he was stalking her……

        • now t would be some pairing, aj and britt…I could really see it..i could…

          but don’t think that they’re going to do that, sadly…

          instead we’re going to get her with someone else…..who I so don’t care about….no matter what….

          I too thought that liz was being sarcastic, but I knew that she wasn’t…

          yes, her and aj were making a good pair…too bad that you and I are the only ones who think so.

          no one, (or hardly anyone) was willing to give them the chance…I guess including stupid RC…who had to pick up guza’s pace, in making him the farce screw up of the show, while Jason remained the golden boy…

          I’m so sick of Jason, and he’s not even on the show anymore…

          and this story that robin has to go and save him, just tops the cake…….and so not in a good way


  16. Totally agree but today was all kinds of awesome!! These two can spin gold out of anything! I would listen to them read the phone book. I truly was near tears the whole show and hope this not the end of Scrubs. Give them both Emmys now…actually make that 3 b.c Emma needs one too!!

          • I do bc Spencer is comical. He seems like he was raised on islands with butlers. If he’s still acting so spoiled when he is soras’d in a few years then I’ll loathe him like I loathe Morgan.

          • I watched this documentary about the casting and such of munsters….

            and not the kid who played eddie……but, they wanted someone before butch Patrick….and the kid who they were considering, acted just like spencer……so much…it’s almost like they are related in real life…lol….


  17. Jeez, I still haven’t gone back to watching regularly and now here I am catching myself up with your posts and this is what I find? Kim M is leaving/left again? Disappointing. I’m already cringing with what might happen on the Patrick front. That mugshot-looking photo that you say Robin was gazing at is hilarious. It’s not even blue steel style, it’s just robotic and disturbing (but certainly representative of Jason Morgan’s nature). I’m not sure I’m liking the direction this show is taking again…
    Anyway, hope you’re doing well :)

    • Natasha! Yeah, Robin’s gone now. Patrick knows where she is, but they kind of broke up over the phone? It was bad.

      But Alexis is having lots of hot sex right now! So that’s something!

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