Finally, things are looking up!

I spent most of the last week enjoying the slightly warmer temperatures and totally delicious wines of the opposite coast, so please forgive me if this is slightly incoherent. But the show’s gotten a lot more interesting in the last few days, right? That’s not just my jet-lag talking?

First of all, Anna Devane, y’all:

Anna and Obrecht

ANNA: Faison? He deserves to be dead. No–he deserves worse. And perhaps that’s what Robert and I gave him.
OBRECHT: What are you saying?
ANNA: Maybe we let him live, so he could suffer for what he did to us — for letting us believe our daughter was dead. For taking Robin from us for two years! For those sadistic games that he played, taunting us with hints that Robin was alive when he had her! All along! For letting us live in doubt, never knowing the truth, torturing us with uncertainty. Well, you let me know if any of this sounds familiar to you. Because isn’t this what you’re going through right now? How does it feel not knowing the truth from a lie? You feel really vulnerable, don’t you? You feel ignorant at everything that’s going on. You’re at the mercy of someone who despises you. How does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot?

Is it wrong that her listing all the ways she might have killed Faison turned me a on a little? Because it if is, then I don’t really want to be right.

Meanwhile, Robin herself took off to parts unknown, aka Elsewhere In New York. Say what you will about the way this story has gone down — and I have — but that was a great goodbye. Montage! Threats! Tears! Off-screen frozen popsicle hit man!

Scrubs goodbye5

The implied link between the Jason stuff and the Silas stuff is the first time I’ve actually been the slightest bit interested in Nina as either a character or a story. Although it does highlight the weirdness of neither Patrick nor Robin even considering letting Sam know her husband might still be alive. I can completely understand not wanting to give her false hope on such flimsy evidence. But you’d think Patrick — of all people — might have some insight into how it feels to be left out of the loop when there’s even the slightest chance a dead spouse might be alive.

And speaking of Jason’s other half, it’s so nice to see Sonny doing his own dirty work again. And so incompetently, too! I mean, if we have to have mob stories, I vastly prefer one where it’s at least clear we’re supposed to find both sides equally questionable, right? How else to interpret Shawn spouting off about Julian’s lack of “honor” one day and then casually offering to go kill AJ in his hospital bed the next?

(Judging by his past track record of failures as an assassin, I look forward to the hijinks of Shawn sneaking around in stolen scrubs, accidentally smothering the wrong patient.)

Sonny and Shawn

Michael and Morgan hug

But Sonny in a frothing, incoherent rage, not only shooting a man in cold blood (again) but betraying a son in the process (again, some more)? It’s like a present gift-wrapped especially for me. Anticipating the look on Michael’s face when he realizes his father shot his father is keeping me warm at night, seriously.

I’m also warmed by all the family solidarity from Tracy and Morgan, and by getting Elizabeth and AJ on screen together again — even if one of them is unconscious. They’re clearly never getting back together, but it’s nice to hear Liz admitting she still cares about him.

Especially since I hate the other man circling her with a passion possibly only rivaled by Carly:

CARLY: How does Ric have the nerve to show his face around here?
ELIZABETH: Some might say the same about you. Or me, for that matter.
CARLY: Except we never locked up a pregnant woman in a panic room, planning to steal her baby and gift if to his wife.
ELIZABETH: I know, look — your issues with Ric are…
ELIZABETH: …your issues with Ric. I see him differently.
CARLY: You see him the way he wants you to see him.
ELIZABETH: Kind of like you and Franco?
CARLY: Okay, yeah you’re right. I’m living in a glass house and I shouldn’t throw stones. I just–I care what happens to you.

Things I love: that both Alexis and Carly are being protective of Elizabeth when it comes to Ric, that Carly is still allowed to hate him UNTIL THE END OF TIME for the panic room, and that her gratitude over Josslyn’s life hasn’t been forgotten. Frenemies forever!

Liz and Ric

As far as Ric’s concerned, as little interest as I have in his continuing sad and pointless vendetta against Sonny, I’m kind of tickled by the idea of him representing Julian while secretly in possession of his only alibi and unable to use it without outing their partnership. Think of all the opportunities for awkward, pregnant pauses and meaningful, ironic stares?

Mostly, though, I’m just holding my breath to see him cross paths with Ava. He always did work best with a good femme fatale at his side.


17 thoughts on “Finally, things are looking up!

  1. this is a comment that I just put elsewhere…

    I won’t say why…because it’s a spoiler…

    but looking at them today the spoilers…I just might be giving up the show..


    I know that I’m supposed to say something positive…but I just can’t…

    first up the show’s being taken over by a Russian…..and because of what’s going on in the real world…I can’t stand the thought of that..

    ava won’t be caught and of course sonny gets off again…he so needs to be caught…

    then there’s doc O who I also can’t stand……..

    and then there’s nina, who I couldn’t care less about is you know silas’s ex…….and maybe sam’s nemesis………who I too couldn’t care less about….

    well, there you have it…

    not one character that I like at the moment is in control of the show…

    so, after nearly 32 years..i might as well, be like a lot of others, and give it up

    i’ll keep in contact with the spoilers and all that…but……this could be curtains for me..

    it’s been a great run for GH basically for me, there’s been good and bad…but a lot of harmony in the show…

    and I can’t believe that I’m saying this…but I really wish that Guza was in control again…..

    because clearly RC doesn’t know a good mix of good and bad anymore…

      • What Russian is taking over the show. Victor Cassadine is Greek and a little Russian and hardly taking over the show. Sonny is Latino and Ric is not Russian. The Jeromes are not Russian. Carlos is not Russian. Sam and Silas-not Russian. And the best part about RC is that no one ever takes over the show.

        Soap characters who freeze people and then bring them back should not be compared to real politicians. It’s a soap.

        I am loving all the twists and turns.

  2. I stay away from spoilers, so I appreciate your discretion. But I decided a long time ago that I’m not going to get too worked up about things that haven’t played out yet, it’s just not worth it. Do I enjoy everything all the time? No. But Anna/Olbrecht was fabulous. And I must admit, I didn’t see Sonny being the shooter coming, so I was not exactly pleasantly surprised, but pleased that I was surprised. Also, his aim seems to have gotten better, even if his logical thought processes are still sorely lacking. (What, you mean if he lives it doesn’t matter if I have an alibi?)

    As for Ric, I’m holding out the smallest sliver of hope that it’s so super obvious that he’s the one fronting Julian that he’s actually not. Will I get that hope dashed in 24 hours? Probably, but like I said in regards to the post on his return, he is delightfully evil.

    Going back to Guza? No thank you. He wouldn’t know soap friendships or frenemies or balance or shades of gray if they held a rally in his living room.

    And like Tenillypo pointed out, the thought of Sonny trying to explain to Michael how he shot AJ is giving me great joy. I lost my mind for a bit. Really? Crimea river, Sonny.

  3. I enjoyed the hug between Morgan and Michael, they should have established their relationship like this before they rushed into the Kiki triangle.

    • Morgan is 110% more likeable now that he’s not being a dick to his family for no reason anymore. I love him supporting Michael.

  4. You know what would make me happy? Really happy? When Michael learns that not only did Sonny broke his promise but he also shot an unarmed innocent man, I hope Michael will change his name to “Quartermaine”. Suck it Sonny.

    I’ll happily take another round of LiRic with the talented Rick Hearst over coma inducing niz.

    Bye bye Robin! While you defrost Borg, if you accidentally overcook him, we won’t be mad at you.

  5. Anna Devane gives me life, y’all! She’s so amazing. I just want to giver her hugs and french pastries and hang out with her and let her tell me about her adventures. *fangirl sigh*

    • True facts, yo: if I could, with the power of my mind, make any one character on this show real and also hang out with them, it would be Anna Devane.

  6. Ohhhh, Ric and Ava — why didn’t that occur to me before? That would be reminiscent of Ric and Faith, which was one of the hottest, albeit most disgusting, couples on this show.

  7. Yeah, even Carly will have a hard time defending Sonny to Michael. I hope this comes out sooner rather than later.

  8. Anna rocked her scenes but then she usually does. I just wish they didn’t dumb her as police commissioner.

    Glad to see Alexis and even Carly have LIz’s back with Ric. Nice to see women bond and have each other’s backs instead of always competing for the same deranged sociopath.

    Loved watching Alexis keep her eye on the prize in getting Julian out of jail (and believing him but still giving him a hard time) and kind of rolling her eyes at Ric and his snark. My advice on Molly is to pack up her things, send her over to Ric (since Helena’s Boarding School for Young Ice Princesses isn’t an option unless Robin is successful) and at least Alexis will have the house to herself.

    I guess since Britt and Nikolas are getting hitched that there’s a Ball in the future as is customary for Cassadines? Plenty of opportunity for drama there.

    • Nik talked about the customary fancy ball. At which point I shouted “Seriously? Those things always end in death and destruction, how have you not figured that out by now?”

  9. LOL about the ball!

    Anna is always great. She and Dr. O were on fire that day, even more so b.c of Robin leaving and Anna not knowing all the facts.

    The Scrubs goodbye was awesome and heartbreaking all at the same time. JT and KMc rocked the whole thing. The montage was great but there were so many other great moments with them….guess it was hard to choose. just shows how much better they are then this whole Patrina mess.

    I hope they really re-think this whole thing and make the baby Carrrrlos’s and Robin should back pregant :)

  10. PS. It was ridiculous to have Robin go to NYC to do this unfreezing. If that were the case, why couldnt she see Patrick and Emma. Patrick knows anyway and they could just do day trips and not go near her work place. Its a little stupid.

    And I still say that she needs Patrick with Jason b.c there is no way to know how he will react when unfrozen and no one knows Jason’s brain better than Patrick??!!

  11. Good lord, Patrick is grumpy/possibly on drugs? and unshaven again. And the only sensible thing KiKi has said EVER “Africa? She just back, she was gone 2 years!” When KiKi makes more sense than Robin does?? And she’s not even in Africa unfreezing Jason, she’s in like Manhattan or something that is a brief day trip away? I have to let it go but it’s hard. I’d pay attention to Luke’s behavior except I keep trying to figure out what about his face has changed. Botox? Eyelift? Mostly I need AJ to wake up and be pretty and reveal Sonny and say something snarky about Elizabeth dating Ric.

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