Gimme Some VD: “Gone Girl”

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Everyone finally stopped being stupid. Sort of.

Nadia’s not looking so great, but never fear, mother’s here! And she’s brought her mad scientist friend to figure out an antidote for werewolf poisoning that doesn’t involve relying on Klaus’ tender mercies.

Nadia dying

Meanwhile, Caroline and Stefan waste no time filling the rest of the gang in on the whole Katherine body-snatching deal. (And Stefan, bless his heart, wastes no time pointing out that Damon’s whole murder spree hissie fit was even more pointless and petty than it initially seemed.)

They make a plan to lure Katherine to some event that “Elena” couldn’t say no to. But Katherine, because she is still smarter than everyone, outfoxes them with Elena-approved excuses and figures out their desperation to see her means they know the truth.

Nadia’s feverish and flashing back to various times in her long search for her mother. In the present, Katherine promises that as soon as they get her well, they’ll finally leave Mystic.

Damon bites Tyler

Damon — still locked up in the dungeon — plays mind games with Tyler, who’s been left to babysit him. And of course, Tyler falls for it hook, line and sinker, because Caroline is still his weak spot. For some reason, Damon’s able to just chomp on him a little instead of draining him completely with his unquenchable cannibal hunger, which seems like a bullshit cop out, but whatever.

After escaping, he takes off for some fun torture time with Professor Jerkface. (Apparently he called Enzo for the lab location, so Enzo really is just wandering around free again? I’m sure that little plot point will pop up to bite us again.)

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Jeremy find New Witch Liz from the other night and have her scry for Katherine. The spell is successful, although New Witch is a little too flirty with Little J for Bonnie’s taste. Yes! Take Jeremy, New Witch! Free Bonnie for something less boring! I am begging you here!


Katherine leaves Nadia to go check on Jerkface’s progress with the antidote — only to find his dead body, courtesy of Damon. RIP, Jerkface. You were… an extremely uncompelling big bad, and I will not miss you.

While she’s gone, Stefan finds Nadia and whisks her back to Chez Salvatore as bait. Instead of running like usual, Katherine actually puts her daughter first for once and shows up to comfort her as she dies. Damn it, show. No fair hitting me right in the mom feels!

Katherine does that mind meld thing that I guess all vampires do all the time now, and makes her see a perfect day they should have had  together when Nadia was a child. It’s actually very sweet. Then Nadia dies and passes through Bonnie to the other side.

dead Nadia

Katherine's goodbye

The gang’s all gathered, so Katherine goes around the room giving a properly snarky Katherine goodbye to each of them. Ending with Stefan, who stabs her with the magic Traveler knife as she’s kissing him. I guess it’s nice to see her going out in top form, rather than weakly fading away on her sick bed.

Speaking of which, it seems that when she was in Jerkface’s lab earlier, she took the time to inject Elena’s body with an even more potent version of the cannibal vampire virus, as a parting gift. Damn, girl! Her spirit tells Bonnie all this before heading off to the other side. Only when she tries to pass through, she can’t. Bonnie doesn’t control it — someone or something else does. And that something rips Katherine’s spirit violently out of the church and into the night.

Um, okay? We had better see her again at some point, because if — out of all the murdering bastards who have died on this show — only Katherine gets condemned to weird vampire hell? I’ll be pissed. RIP, Kathy! You were a magnificent bastard and the very best big bad up until the very end. I will miss you forever.

Katherine taken

Back at the house, Tyler and Caroline have another heart to heart. When he alludes to Klaus yet again, she points out that he just straight up murdered someone and yet she’s getting shit over sleeping with someone. Well, to be fair, Nadia was trying to kill you when he bit her, Caroline. But I’ll take the larger point that all of you are living in some pretty fragile moral glass houses. She says she’s done feeling guilty for not being perfect, basically.

Inside, the Salvatore bros. wait for Elena to wake up. Damon plans to tell Elena everything about his recent douchiness because he refuses to run from his problems like Katherine did. Considering I doubt anyone else would be willing to lie for him about it, that’s kind of an empty gesture, but whatever. Stefan is a little concerned about the continuing ripper issue, but before they can really get into it, Elena wakes up… and finds the virus syringe still in her pocket. Oops!

Next time: Elena’s going full ripper! Which means mostly dancing on tables and being a huge drama llama with Damon? IDEK, y’all. I MISS KATHERINE SO MUCH ALREADY.


6 thoughts on “Gimme Some VD: “Gone Girl”

  1. I miss Katherine already, too. She was and still is my favorite. And to her credit, if any character DID belong in a messed up afterlife, it’s Katherine. And yes, I know it’s crazy considering the other bad guys but those other bad guys did not do 500 years of unrelenting fucked-up-ness like our girl Kathy did! The only one who comes close is Klaus, imo.

    • My thing with Katherine is she did horrible things, yes. But horrible things were done to her first. So I always kind of look at her as an abuse victim, first and foremost.

      But seriously, if stupid, effing Kol didn’t go to vampire hell and Katherine did? Calling bullshit.

      • I have two minds on this: 1.) Kol spent a ton of time in Time Out thanks to the dagger and 2.) Kol died before we saw the afterlife and I don’t think we’ve seen him hovering around sense. How do we know he’s not in the ‘special hell’? :)

        • I guess he could be, but he came out with the other ghosts when Bonnie dropped the veil and it was implied that he’d been on the regular other side before that… In my head, at least, he’s in the special hell. ;)

  2. Katherine is easily the best character in TVD. I found her pretty annoying while she was in Elena’s body but on her own, I think I’m in love with her. :’P
    I hate Professor Jerkface, but I love the name :3
    So glad he’s gone!

    Also, I really don’t think they’re done with Katherine. The can’t simply get her to fly away into a storm and never talk about her. Also, every single thing that’s ever happened on TVD is because of Katherine. Literally. So, I’m pretty sure she’s gonna be back :D

    • I’m guessing you’re right. It’s not like death has ever stopped characters from coming back before. And in Katherine’s case, they don’t even have to worry about the actor availability!

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