Five Things About Revenge: “Payback”

1. First things first: Emily didn’t sleep with Conrad in a brain damage black out! THANK YOU, WRITERS. And we got bonus uber-protective Nolan, even while split-personality Ems was attacking him. (In contrast to Aiden’s basically blowing off her distress. Shut up, Aiden.)

Nolan comforts Ems

I’m not in love with how stupid this story seems to be making both of them, though. I mean, how about planting a tracker and a bug on yourself, Emily, if you know you’re losing time and need to be aware of what happened?

2. Everything to do with the whole Niko/Aiden thing was so super dupes unsatisfying, I almost can’t talk about it. I mean, seriously? WTF, show. Why is Niko the villain here? Are there really that many people who like Aiden? WILL WE NEVER BE RID OF HIM? (Actually, yes, it’s looking like we might. FINGERS CROSSED.)

I think we’re supposed to find him sparing Niko to be all noble? And to buy into his whole “your father died by his code so you shouldn’t avenge him” schtick. Except her father’s “code” was officially “Never Forgive, Never Forget and Kill Them All,” so I don’t think that flies, Aiden.

Emily vs Niko

(And even if it did, how about letting Niko avenge herself for the way you cheated on her, using her to help the woman you’d been cheating on her with, and sent her off to kill some random dude who had nothing to do with any of this?)  (Ugh, I hate him so much! WHY? Why can’t we just have Niko and Emily, deadly revenge twins ruling the world?)

3. I will never get tired of Daniel and Emily’s open loathing for each other. Hate away, my beautiful butterflies! Daniel is so much fun for me as a character now.

That said, although I’m liking his and Charlotte’s US AGAINST THE WORLD alliance, why the hell would she think it completely normal that Emily might be conspiring with Conrad? Does Charlotte just hate Emily again for no reason? Her characterization this season is basically a ping pong ball.

The first Mrs Grayson

4. The first Mrs. Grayson seems cool? But this whole Jack’s mom business makes me wary. Not only do Jack plots tend to suck, but we’re still in the middle of the last long lost son story we had on this show, and that hasn’t exactly been the most scintillating thing ever, you know?

5. Speaking of which: Patrick has now killed people without meaning to on two separate occasions! Which is kind of impressive when you realize he’s only been on the show for a few months. I keep waiting for him to reveal he’s smarter or more interesting than he seems, but the longer he’s presented as this boring, guileless naif, the more I begin to wonder if we’re actually just supposed to be taking him at face value.

Thank God for Queen Victoria, who single-handedly saved this entire story with her line reading of “Relax, honey” at the end there. (It does not escape my notice that in an episode called “Payback,” Victoria was the only character to actually achieve hers. Niko, Emily… Victoria is better at this than you.)


3 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Payback”

  1. Also, look at Nolan’s shirt! Oh I missed Nolan.

    Aiden needs to turn out to be a figment of everyone’s imagination immediately.

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