Gimme Some VD: “While You Were Sleeping”

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Katherine Pierce didn’t survive.

Elena’s wakes up from a nightmare of no one believing she’s Katherine to find herself magically sealed in her empty dorm. Because apparently every single Whitmore student leaves for spring break.

Elena wakes up

Stefan, waiting just outside the barrier, helpfully explains that Katherine’s had her body for three weeks, and now she’s a cannibal ripper. But not to worry! Caroline’s on the case for a cure.

Meanwhile, Damon languishes in the Salvatore dungeon, babysat by Cute!Matt and Jeremy, who have neither forgiven or forgotten that little adventure with Enzo a few weeks back. Personally I’m shocked the writers didn’t forget about that.

When Elena calls, Damon “hilariously” threatens to kill Jeremy again if he spills the beans about Aaron before Damon has a chance to confess… and then completely punks out as soon as he gets his chance. Typical.

Damon punks out

Elsewhere on campus, Bonnie’s still mentoring New Witch — whose name is apparently Liv and not Liz. Oops. Liv’s feeling a little cocky after successfully casting the barrier to keep Elena in the dorm, but Bonnie punctures her ego when she can’t even do a simple fire spell.

Caroline’s poking around Professor Jerkface’s lab for clues about the virus when Enzo shows up. They flirt/snark at each other for a bit before he drops the bomb that he already has the cure. It seems that after Jerkface and his Traveler jam band rescued Enzo from the farmhouse, he experimented on Enzo to develop a cure to the original version of the virus. Why he would do that is kind of a mystery, but whatever.

Sloane’s Travelers want to develop a cure for Elena’s version of the virus too, because they need her and Stefan for some spell requiring the last two doppelgangers. But first, they need to ensure they really are the last two.

Stefan brain melt

So Stefan lets them do a version of the linking spell Qetsiyah did that left his brain fried last time. Caroline watches and frets. (Apparently, the other Silas doppelganger is a medic of some kind in Atlanta.)

Back at the dorm, Elena’s not feeling great due to the werewolf venom in her version of the virus. She finds Katherine’s diary entries detailing Operation: Bone Stefan and has another couple vivid dream/hallucinations, including one about dead Aaron.

Luke, an actual human student, finally wanders in. And he just happens to be the cute little gay boy that Katherine apparently befriended so they could gossip about boy trouble! Because of course she did. Elena nearly turns him, but stops herself when she sees that marks on his neck from Katherine’s feeding.


She sends him off to get Bonnie and Liv, but spirals out so badly by the time they get there that she skewers Liv just to get her to lower the barrier.

Meanwhile, Damon, having heard Elena lose her shit over the phone, decides that warning Jeremy and Matt about it wouldn’t be as useful as grabbing Matt and using him as a human shield for the umpteenth time. He promises Jeremy that he would never hurt Elena, which I can only assume is meant to be funny? I mean, considering he’s both tried to eat her and nearly killed her brother in the space of the last two episodes alone.

But Jeremy lets him out, because: duh, it’s Matty Blue Eyes! Damon find Elena wandering the streets, convinced she killed Aaron. So he finally confesses that he did it.

Elena finds out

But Enzo wanders up with the cure before they can get into it. So… that’s it for the whole cannibal virus plot? Seriously? Whatever, show.

Back at the Traveler camp, Stefan wakes up and pretends to confuse Caroline for Rebekah and Lexi. Hah! But his good mood quickly evaporates when he finds out that she’s about to take off on her very own murder road trip with Enzo — the result of a deal she struck with Sloane to save Stefan’s brain from frying. He wants to come with, but the Travelers need him to stay and provide a link to the last doppelganger.

Stefan and Caroline’s mutual protectiveness is giving me feelings, y’all. They’re pretty much the only thing I’m enjoying at all on this show right now.

Stefan and Caroline protective

Bonnie drops a newly healed Liv off at her dorm after making plans to continue witch lessons the next day. And wouldn’t you know? Turns out little Liv was just pretending to be a magic newb. Oh, and Luke’s her brother, they know Bonnie’s the anchor to the other side, and they’re plotting something that will endanger all her friends. DUN!

Back at Chez Salvatore, Damon’s drinking and brooding while Elena yells at him for not realizing she was Katherine. When she tries to blame Katherine for Aaron being dead, though, he finally snaps:

Delena fight

DAMON: Katherine didn’t do this. I did. I thought you broke my heart, so I ripped open Aaron’s neck. That is how much control you have over me.
ELENA: And I’m still here. That’s how much control you have over me!
DAMON: Listen to us — this is toxic! We are in a toxic relationship, Elena. I just killed your friend and you find someone else to blame!

That… was the most honest thing anyone on this has ever said. I hope you enjoyed it! Because two seconds after they mutually agree to break up, they’re frantically having sex again. Ugh. I’m just so over it, you guys. They’ve successfully killed my love for this pairing, I think.

Next time: more Traveler bullshit.


4 thoughts on “Gimme Some VD: “While You Were Sleeping”

  1. You know, as long as Damon and Elena are aware of their dysfunction, I don’t actually mind it! It’s in thinking that they’re being stupid and rose colored glasses about it that it was driving me crazy.

    Also, I want Elena away from Stefan so that there can be delicious Stef-oline? Carol-fan? I don’t know what to call it, but it’s delicious and I want it to continue. I’m watching Season 2 now with someone who’s never watched it before and there’s such a solid basis with lots of years for the pairing, it really seems natural and awesome.

    I feel like this is my fault. I’ve always wanted to understand the Doppleganger thing since it’s the very reason the story exists. Talk about being careful what you wish for!

    But I still love my show. :)

    • I believe the official name is Steroline. I hate that I know that. But yes, I feel like that’s a relationship that’s been built so organically for so many years. It’s pretty much the only thing I care about right now, since apparently I will never get the Bonnie/Damon hatesex I want so much.

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