Five Things About Revenge: “Disgrace”

1. Finally, an episode with no Aiden! And things are immediately so much more fun. Like Nolan and Jack going capering together!

Jack and Nolan CAPER

After Jack finally found out the truth, I was really hoping that this season would have less Aiden/Patrick/mental illnesses that makes no sense, and waaaaaaay more Nolan and Jack committing heists together. So this was really perfect for my needs.

Also among my needs: Nolan continuing to play Emily’s conscious. MORE OF THAT PLEASE, SHOW.

2. Finally, an episode without Patrick! And everything Grayson is suddenly a million times more awesome. Starting with Emily’s glorious confrontation with Victoria and Daniel over the photos of her and Aiden, right on through to the big fake set up. I didn’t quite follow what that accomplished for her, but it’s just so nice to see one of Emily’s plans actually working like she wanted it to again.

And without the distraction of her uncomfortably incestuous son around, Victoria’s brain kicked in about Emily’s true motives. Finally! I was really beginning to wonder about her.

Emily confronts Victoria and Daniel

3. I like Stevie! She’s refreshingly direct, for this show. Assuming, that is, that she’s telling the truth about wanting to prove Daniel Clarke’s innocence. Seeking Emily out to lay everything on the table wasn’t what I expected. Nor was Emily respecting Jack’s wishes and trying to keep her out of things.

(I’m still a little boggled that Jack didn’t appear to ask for any proof that she’s his mother. But that’s pretty par for the course after Victoria’s similar trust with Patrick. I think I need to stop expecting the lack of a DNA test to mean anything. But damn, soapy instincts are hard to break, y’all.)

4. Not sure how I feel about Margaux’s dad yet. For one thing, he looks… really young to be her dad? Is that just me? I guess after a season of build up about how intimidating and powerful he is, I was expecting something a little different. But anyway, blah blah, mysterious and possibly sexy past with Victoria, blah blah dick measuring with Conrad. Jury’s still out.


5. Nolan has a prison buddy! Javier has the potential to be a fun minion for Nolan, although as a fellow person who enjoys living alone, I shuddered in sympathy when he realized he was stuck with yet another unwanted roommate.

But the scene where Nolan off-sourced Jack’s panicked tech support request to him was kind of gold, so… you can stay, Javier. For now.


6 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Disgrace”

  1. Thanks for the recap.

    I dislike Aiden and hope that the character dies during May sweep. Yes, my comment is harsh, but I never took to Aiden as Emily’s true love.

  2. Why do they keep tricking us into thinking Aiden might really be gone? It’s a dirty trick, that’s what it is.

    Also, Margaux is seriously dull as dirt. Why do they think she has a place in this story?

    • I think there must be some sort of blood sacrifice we have to make to get him gone for real. I’ll let you know when I figure out what it entails.

      Margaux’s daddy issues do not compel me at all, really.

      • Maybe Margaux can go to that internship abroad or whatever it was and BOTH Jack and Emily can find people to date who have personalities instead of just accents?

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