Five Things About Revenge: “Addiction”

1. Clearly the most important thing that happened in this episode was the appearance of Nolan’s fabulous floral poker jacket. Let’s all take a moment to bask in its majestic  wonder:

Nolan's poker jacket

(Emily’s boobalicious red dress was not too hard on the eyes either. Emily VanCamp should be forbidden from wearing anything but that shade of red.)

Other episode highlights include: Nolan and Emily sharing a delighted smirk after she picked Pascal’s pocket, Nolan and Emily enjoying getting their revenge on in general, and Nolan introducing her to Pascal as his actual bestie. Which: duh. But her smile in response was still a thing of beauty.

Nolan and his actual bestie

2. Oh, good. Aiden’s back. And he’s been sulking in Bermuda, apparently. WILL WE NEVER BE RID OF HIM?

3. I’m trying to care about Margaux’s daddy issues, but it’s really hard when they’re so obvious, and when she’s being so incredibly stupid about everything. Like, they literally had her tell Daniel that he was trying to manipulate her… right before she completely fell for his manipulations. STOP BEING BORING, MARGAUX.

Conrad’s masterful manipulation of Stevie, on the other hand, was quite fun to witness:

Conrad and Stevie

As always with Conrad, I’m not quite sure if he was actually sincere about anything he said, or just pulling an approximation of genuine human emotion out of his ass. But he remains the supreme magnificent bastard.

4. Also fun: Emily and Victoria’s literal poker game on top of their figurative bluffing over Pascal. This show really needs to get back into the habit of having at least one ridiculous theme party an episode.

The only thing I didn’t love about the Monte Carlo night scenes was — predictably — Charlotte’s meet cute with Javier. Let’s be real, kids: Nothing good has every come of a Charlotte’s plot.

Victoria and Daniel1

Victoria and Daniel2

5. I am really enjoying Daniel and Victoria being on speaking terms again. Evil team ups for the win! The scene where he seemed genuinely interested in hearing her story about Pascal was — dare I say it — sweet? I vastly prefer this dynamic over him constantly pretending to be morally superior, or her making schmoopy doe eyes at Patrick.


2 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Addiction”

    • I’ve long since made peace with the fact that at least 85% of my enjoyment of this show has to do with Nolan’s wardrobe.

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