At least some things never change…

It is a great comfort to me that the one true constant of this show under this or any other writing regime remains true: Sonny and Carly alone or with other people may have moments of non-suckitude. But together? They feed on each other’s terribleness to form a TERRIBLENESS VORTEX.

Exhibit A: literally every single word of their conversation about his murdering AJ the other day:

Sonny is terrible

CARLY: You’re his father. You raised him, you loved him. Hell, you’d crawl on broken glass for him You’d do anything for him.
SONNY: Except keep my word.

I was going to go with “except not murder people” but that was a good effort, Sonny! (Also, if you’re going to start making self-aware burns on yourself now, it’s not going to leave me much to do. Stick to what you’re good at, kid: murdering people and then blaming them for ruining your life.)

This whole conversation was kind of amazing, right? I mean, it takes some serious skills to shovel that amount of bullshit into one small room and not get buried by it. Good thing these two are clearly old pros:

Carly is terrible

CARLY: I’m not gonna pretend to be sorry. I can’t! I mean, AJ literally wasted his life. He threw away every chance that he got!
SONNY: [nodding] He was a miserable human being.
CARLY: He was! Which was why I vowed the moment I was pregnant that he was never going to be the father to my child.

Since Barbara Jean wasn’t around to roll her eyes this time and AJ’s now too dead to offer his rebuttal, please allow me: NOPE, NOPE, NOPE.

Lemme tell you a thing, Carly Benson Cornithos Jacks. When you found out you were pregnant, you genuinely liked AJ. You were friends with him. In fact, you had fantasies where everything worked out and you stayed best friends forever. You gave a great deal of thought to what he needed to be happy (which coincidentally, was pretty much a girl like you). You told him, and I quote:

CARLY: AJ, you are a wonderful guy, okay? That is never going to change, no matter what ever happens.

The one and only reason you didn’t want AJ to know he was Michael’s father was so you could use the pregnancy to hang onto your mother’s husband. And you were wracked with guilt over the whole thing:

But no, you totally thought he was a miserable loser who wasn’t fit to be a father right from the get go. That is in no way a revisionist lie you told yourself later to feel better about the way you betrayed his trust, ruined his life, and stole his child. TOTALLY.

(Also, perhaps the person currently dating a reformed sociopath shouldn’t be questioning anyone else’s life choices? Like, when your significant other can honestly tell you he knows exactly how it feels to watch someone die, it should be filed under “things that are less comforting when said by a former serial killer.”) (Look at your life, Carly. Look at your choices.)

ANYWAY. As entertaining as it is to watch Sonny and Carly desperately rewrite history in order to convince themselves they’re not the terrible excuses for human beings that they absolutely are… I really, really, really cannot wait for Michael to find out the truth and rip both of them to pieces. IT’S GOING TO BE SO BEAUTIFUL, YOU GUYS. I CAN’T WAIT.



10 thoughts on “At least some things never change…

  1. I’m trying soooo hard not to hate RC for pursuing the hideous Carly/Franco teen romance while ignoring the glorious possibilities of AJ/Carly and then killing off AJ. I’d actually forgotten how wonderful that friendship used to be

  2. I’ll tune in to watch Michael turn his back on the two monsters who raised him. It will be a glorious day for GH. Too bad AJ won’t witness it :(

  3. I am beyond furious that the show once again killed off AJ instead of having him and Michael take over ELQ. The last time I checked, Tracy and Monica are not getting any younger and it would have made more sense for AJ/Michael to fill up the mansion with their wives and children.

  4. I enjoyed Sean as AJ so much, during the brief time he had any screentime. I also really enjoyed the interaction between him and Michael and the opportunities that provided to show that no, Carly and Sonny, lying, stealing, and killing other ppl just bc it’s convenient IS NOT OK. There had better be a huge payoff. HUGE. Like Michael holding a gun to Sonny’s head and then declaring that he’s not like Sonny, he’s not going to dishonor his REAL father by acting like a Corinthos. And letting Sonny live but changing his name and running the Q empire.

  5. I’d like to thank you for this little walk down memory lane. So much untapped potential for Carly and AJ, but no, we have to get the likes of Carly with the whiny serial killer who had her son raped. This needs to be tweeted ti Ron Carlivati.

  6. There is nothing left to say after SonavaB had sex on AJ’s cript.. We know Sonny will never pay for this, so I am now done..I have no interest in the show.Re-Ron writes this swill to see how much people will talk about it..He has no respect for the fans, the actors or even the characters. Carley is now with the thing who had her son raped in prison, and its all about AJ was evil. Who did AJ shoot in cold blood who did he use to make her dance on a pole, whose child did he steal? He was an alcoholic .He tried to stay sober, I would choose an alcoholic over a murderer anyday.

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