Five Things About Revenge: “Blood”

1. An entire episode of Aiden backstory and flashbacks? WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS.

So now he and Emily are back together, I guess. Even though they’ve never actually dealt with the fact that he cheated on her with Niko. Or the fact that he was willing to get Jack killed in a jealous fit of pique. Or the fact that’s he’s THE LIVING WORST.

Aiden's manpain

Ugh. I’m seriously just so tired of him existing on this show.

2. So… that’s it for Stevie, then? Seriously? Because I was finding her a lot more interesting than certain other characters who’ve way overstayed their welcome.

My hopes for this season started out so strong, but it really feels like we’re back at that treading water place they get to every year where nothing is really happening, Emily’s been sidelined to a muddled larger plot that feels like it has no direction, and new characters are added and discarded without accomplishing anything useful. What was the point of all that time spent on introducing Stevie?

Stevie drunk

(Or Niko, for that matter, since her only purpose was breaking up Emily and Aiden for a couple episodes without forcing them to confront any of their issues? Or Patrick, since his only purpose was… I don’t even know. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF PATRICK, SHOW?)

3. MASON TREADWELL! The only part of this episode that didn’t bore/enrage me! Why we had to spend 40 minutes on pointless Aiden manpain and 2 minutes on Nolan breaking Mason out of prison is truly beyond me, but at least we got to see him being his fabulous self. (Which only serves as a reminder of glory days past — hey, remember when Emily set Mason’s house on fire and Nolan was super delighted by it? Good times.)

Mason and Nolan1

Mason and Nolan2

So who does Victoria think killed Mason? Emily? Her pleased reaction was confusing once I realized she’d only been a red herring.

4. More of Margaux’s tiresome daddy issues! I’d have cheered her line to Jack about not liking jealous men, but considering her attitude with him at the party last week, I really just wanted him to roll his eyes. And I swear, if her useless brother shows up next as yet another pointless new character to distract us from how nothing is actually happening, I will… probably bitch about it some more in a blog post.

Meanwhile, the looming prospect of Daniel/Margaux is repulsive to me? And weirdly abrupt considering how their relationship’s been treated as sibling-like all season long, culminating in her cutting him out of the company without much of a qualm.

Daniel seduces Margaux

Dear writers: it would have been helpful if you’d demonstrated even a smidge of romantic or even just physical attraction between them up until this point if you wanted this to be believable at all.

5. Charlotte and Javier is just gross. Are we supposed to think they’re cute? Because he built an invasive program to stalk her and then used that to engineer a meeting. So… no, show. They’re not cute. (Also, wow, Javier. You’re living rent free in a mansion after inviting yourself and refusing to leave. It didn’t take very long for your gratitude to run out, did it?)

All I can say about this is that it had BETTER be leading up to Charlotte figuring out the truth by the end of the season. And hopefully without more stupid contrivance like Jack and  Nolan discussing secret REVENGE business on speaker phone in the middle of the bar. Because come on now.


7 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Blood”

  1. I mean… was that their attempt at character rehab on Aidan? Because no. Also, “Oh hey Mom, um, your daughter’s dead. So I’m gonna go now!” WHAT A CATCH.

    But really, everything was made okay by the MAGICAL JAPANESE FACE CREAM THAT FAKES DEATH AND CAN TELL TIME. Love it.

    • I know, right? How did he go from “I don’t want to tell her this to spare her pain” to “I’ll dump this upsetting bombshell and leave five minutes later. Best son ever!” HE’S THE WORST AND I’M SO MAD EMILY THORNE IS STILL BANGING HIM.

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