An ode to Mutti dearest.

Crazy dysfunctional families are kind of my fictional jam, so it should shock no one that everything about Liesl Obrecht kidnapping a baby because she wants to finally be a good mother and then nearly CRYING in PUBLIC at the thought of not seeing her daughter again was all pretty magical for me.


Kathleen Gati is a gift, you guys. Is there anything she can’t do? Bust out an appropriate absolutely bananas phrase for every occasion? Check. Look amazing in fierce hats? Check. Sing a mean torch song? Check. Rock both the crazy eyes and the tearful sincerity with equal panache? Check, check, check!

She’s so good, in fact, that she actually made me the tiniest bit interested in Nate for the first time ever. (The man and his abs have been on the show in various states of undress for four month now, and this is literally the first time I’ve typed his name. That is a really sad sign of how little I’ve been able to care about him until this point.)

I don’t know if it’s just relief that this interminable Nina story has finally (PLEASE GOD, PLEASE) come to an end, but the revelation that Nate and Donna Mills are related to my darling Liesl is at least not making my finger instinctively inch toward the fast forward button at the mere sight of their faces. Which is more than I can say for any other scenes involving either of them.

Britt and Nate


Unfortunately, Nate being Liesl’s son doesn’t really change the fact that he’s played by an actor who brings new meaning to the phrase  “cardboard delivery.” But I’m not crazy, right — he was a tiny smidge less stiff than usual in the bar with Britt?

Or maybe I’m distracted by how much I love his secret sister now. I LOVE HER A LOT, GUYS. Like, I’m glad Dante and Lulu finally got their baby back and all, but let’s be honest: Britt saying goodbye to Ben was easily the most moving scene that day. I love her weird but sincere friendship with Brad. I love all her ginormous mommy issues. I love her pettily bitching about Elizabeth and then still acknowledging she’d been right all along.

And — because I am nothing if not predictable — I really love her tenderly stroking Liz’s hair while saving her life:

Britt and Liz2


But since my dream that Elizabeth Webber will have hot, hot lesbian hate-sex with at least one of her many lady enemies is pretty much doomed to disappoint me forever, it’s a good thing Julian is still manhandling Alexis all over the damn place:

Julexis post sex2

This remains super good for me on such an intense level that I’m running out of ways to describe it and will soon have to resort to just typing KEYBOARD SMASH every time they make out.

(Psst… writers: I am totally okay with that. Please feel free to keep have him tossing her around in every possible set. Kelly’s! The hospital elevator! Wyndemere stables! Dangerous docks!  Sonny’s living room floor! I’m not picky!)


7 thoughts on “An ode to Mutti dearest.

  1. I freaking love Britt too! Kelly T has won me over the past few weeks. When she first came on I liked her better than Sabrina but that wasn’t much. She became much more interesting when they gave her Dr. O and Faison as parents. I just love her dynamic with Kathleen Gati. I was okay with her and Nikolas as couple, I thought they had more chemistry at the beginning of their relationship, but now I don’t want them to get back together.

    Ever since the baby Ben reveal I just like her character so much more. I know I’m not suppose to feel sorry for her but I do. Her scenes with Brad were sweet and her goodbye scenes with Ben were moving.

    Britt also finally made Nate interesting too. I’m kind of disappointed that their siblings because they really had some nice chemistry.

    I agree with the Nina stufff, so glad that it looks like its over for now. Silas and Sam are my couple, but this storyline was dragging them down.

  2. I love that Britt and Nate are siblings and I am so creeped out that they’re probably going to kiss before they find out. I know Erica Kane and Mark Dalton dated for a while before they found out they were sister and brother, but that was back in the dark ages when people were like, “oh, Eleanor and FDR were cousins? That’s cool.”

    I’m not so sure the Nina stuff is over. I would bet that the baby Madeline was trying to kill survived Nina’s coma and that soon we’ll be meeting Kiki’s half-sibling. Hope it’s not a brother. Hope she doesn’t have sex with him.

  3. Love Britt! The new female star of the show. “Siam” is my jam, but glad (and hopeful) the Nina story has chugged on by, although I fear, if the Stafford rumors are true, we may be in for more Nina, Nina, Nina. Maybe if we have a face to go with the name it will hold more interest…

  4. God, that Stafford thing isn’t still floating around is it? I am thisclose to checking out completely and that just might be the thing to make me do it.

  5. Nina who’s Nina? Who cares? The story is a snooze b/c they keep adding new faces we’re supposed to care about and I don’t give a hoot for Nina. All I’m thinking is they tabled Julian and Alexis for a month for this story? Oh well we can imagine Julian “manhandling” Alexis all around town off screen, sigh until their next story arc is written and begins to play out at the end of April.

  6. Does Nicholas just walk around town asking women to move into castle? And why is Maxie paired with another caricature? I’d rather watch Nathan be cardboard than watch this over-the-top caricature of International Hippie Boy that Maxie brought home. I know I’m in the minority but I want Sabrina away from Patrick bc Sabrina is a perfectly decent girl who should be w somebody who appreciates her, not somebody who sees her as a distant second to Robin. What I totally enjoy…Liz and Britt doing dueling bitchfaces.

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