Five Things About Revenge: “Allegiance”

1. Has there ever been an episode without a single Emily/Nolan interaction before? I DON’T LIKE IT AND I DON’T WISH TO REPEAT IT. (Especially if the alternative is watching him play babysitter to both Aiden and Javier. Because WHY and also NO.)

boring plot business

2. I have to be honest: I was really struggling to follow the plot on this one. Blah blah Aiden’s daddy issues, blah blah dude from White Collar is evil? Also Pascal is a stone cold killer, I guess. So that happened.

But the red pen came back! And Victoria said the name of the show! Progress?

3. And I was right. The show thinks we’re supposed to like Javier — to see him as a baby Nolan, in fact.



4. Emily and Jack bonding over what “the Graysons” did to his mother is nice and all. But wasn’t Emily the one who really sent her over the edge by letting her think she was partly responsible for Mason Treadwell’s death? Does he not know that? Are we just not supposed to care?

I hate it when I can’t tell whether or not a plot point is actually a looming secret I should be waiting to come out or just something the writers have forgotten about.

5. Speaking of Jack, the dumbing down of Margaux continues apace. I liked her so much better when she was mercilessly selling Daniel out without a qualm. Having her fall for his smarminess is just the least interesting thing I can imagine for her.



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