Five Things About Revenge: “Revolution”

1. HOLY CATS, y’all! Well, I wanted something to actually happen. I guess this qualifies? But first things first, because I have priorities. By which I mean: NOLAN’S SUIT.

Nolan at Javier's party


(I’m actually not sure how I feel about his sabotaging Javier’s software. I mean, yes to public embarrassment for him and Daniel, sure. But that was kind of a shitty thing to do to both Emily’s sister and that random lady from the audience, who had literally done nothing to deserve it.)

2. But okay, moving onto OMG HELICOPTER WHAT?! As soon as Pascal turned his back to the blade, I knew it was going to happen, but that was still amazing. I much prefer this full on descent into craziness to the boredom of the last few episodes, even if that is literally one of the dumbest ways for someone of Conrad’s means and public stature to kill someone. (Really? Your business rival and ex-wife’s new fiance just walked into a helicopter blade? Oh, okay then. I guess this investigation is done!)

Victoria screams

I can’t decide if my favorite reaction was Victoria’s scenery-chewing scream or the pilot just standing there nonchalantly afterward, all “oh, I should call the police?” like this whole situation of a man being turned to Swiss cheese on his helicopter blade was just boring him to pieces. But I would be 100% down with Conrad ludicrously murdering anyone who gets in his way from now on. (I can’t wait for episode where he pushes Aiden into an industrial meat grinder: “I don’t know what happened, officer. We were about to make some delicious sausages and then he just slipped! You know how the British are, so clumsy.”)

Anyway, it’s not that I care about Pascal, because… lol, no. But he showed up, got engaged to Victoria, and was hilariously murdered in the space four episodes. This show is absolutely bleeding secondary characters this season and it’s gotten to the point where I have absolutely no investment in anyone new who shows up because I know they’ll probably be gone within a few episodes.

3. Speaking of which, we’ve got a new character in The Weird Guy Stalking Charlotte! He’s got David Clarke’s ring — so I’m assuming another Secret Sibling. I could be into that, but given the speed at which previous secret family members have appeared and been discarded lately, I’m not really holding my breath for anything interesting to come of it.

Daniel creeping

4. In other news, Margaux and Daniel continue to gross me out. That is all.

5. Lastly, Ems pretending to be a Homeland security agent: HOT or HOTTEST THING EVER? Seriously, she needs to whip that one out at least once an episode from now on. It was super good for me on every level.

Agent Thorne

(It also reminded me of how annoying it is that the actual Homeland Security isn’t all over the Graysons following whatever happened off screen between seasons 2 and 3 to take down the Initiative. I mean, I know we glossed over all that because everyone hated that stupid plot line, but it still happened, and their fingerprints were still all over it.)


3 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Revolution”

  1. I knew it was coming but when Conrad got splashed with blood, all I could say was “HOLY $HIT!!!”

    I don’t like how they’re dumbing down Margaux. I prefer strong Margaux who sold out Daniel in a second to keep her magazine.

    What is the point of Charlotte?

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