Calling all Gatekeepers, past and present.

You’re probably expecting me to say something about how Shawn’s self-righteous hypocrisy. (Spoiler alert: he is terrible. Team Jordan forever!) Or about how poor Jason Thompson had to act out the heartbreaking end of his eight year relationship with an inanimate object. Or about how Nina is alive — to the shock of no one who has ever watched television before — and now being played by Michelle Stafford, which means we will literally never be rid of this effing story.

But, no. I’m afraid all of my GH-related brain cells have been much too busy screaming a non-stop chorus of NED AND ALEXIS NED AND ALEXIS NED AND ALEXIS since Friday’s episode to worry about any of that:

Ned and Alexis2

Ned and Alexis3

ALEXIS: I don’t want to talk about Tracy and Luke anymore and their love life. I want to talk about you. And yours… or lack thereof.
NED: Excuse me. I do very well for myself, thank you very much.
ALEXIS: Jax is worried that you’re not getting out enough.

OH EM GEE, YOU GUYS. I just love them and their easy teasing affection and how they know each other so well and are both obviously in touch with Jax off screen, because JAX AND NED! Best business bros ever in the 90s and I still miss their friendship so much. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make me that happiest, you know?

Also, Wally Kurth and Nancy Lee Grahn just sparkle at each other still. I love that he confided in her about the FauxLuke situation, and that she opened up about Julian and how hypocritical she feels. Basically everything about those scenes was an utter delight to me, is what I’m saying.

None of which is surprising, because I’ve always loved these two characters together (except for that weird period where he was trying to take custody of Kristina, but let’s all mutually agree to pretend that never happened). What did surprise me was how super into the Britt/Nathan scenes I found myself. And not only because Kelly Thiebaud gives great reaction face to soapy batshit revelations:

Britt's sibling


But bless his little heart, Nathan’s natural awkwardness and forced delivery actually worked in this one instance, and his sad “please love me” puppy dog eyes as she walked away were really very endearing?

I’m sorry. I have a certified weakness for sibling stories, and now I kind of just want these two to bond and be besties and take on the world together.

Cute Nate


(After all, if anyone knows how to take a new character who’s has a rough introduction and breath some real life into them, it’s Kelly Thiebaud.)


14 thoughts on “Calling all Gatekeepers, past and present.

    • I wish they’d give Shawn more of a personality than “morally judgmental hit man.” He’s this really deadly combination of boring and enraging right now and it’s a shame because he’s so pretty and yet I always find myself screaming SHUT UP, SHAWN reflexively when he comes on screen now.

  1. Britt is the best. I love that Kelly has managed to make Britt into a real person. I love her SO MUCH.

    And YAY Ned and Alexis! I want more scenes of them. I want Jax back! *sighs*

    But in other news, Sebastian Roche is all up in my Originals last week making my life grand with his villainy!

      • They are! Hence Mikeal making an appearance! I was actually blinking that this storyline is a thing AND the words ‘Mystic Falls’ were mentioned.

        • Damn. It makes me only slightly want to see what is happening on the Originals, which is only barely a lower desire than my current feelings for Vampire Diaries. Le Sigh.

  2. Good night nurse, Wally Kurth makes me positively SWOON. So does NLG for that matter… Oh the smiles, the dimples, the twinkley eyes. I will forever love me some Nexis. Forever, yo.

  3. I totes agree about Nathan. He is now a woobie in need of hugs and I want him to have them, damn it!!

  4. My mom liked Wally on Days in the 80’s but I’ve never known him on GH as anyone more than a guy who does cameos in big family scenes. Will have to google his history w Alexis. Meanwhile, I appreciate the poor actress, she’s doing her best but how Olivia can cry about Sonny…really by now she should just be like “Yep, still a horrible boyfriend. My bad.” And I appreciate that daytime has to use euphemisms but I wish ppl would stop saying Sonny and Ava “slept together”. Something about this happening up against the wall of a family crypt makes “sleep together” sound really stupid to me. You were just getting your clothes readjusted when you got busted. You didn’t sleep together. There’s a whole other word for what you two just did.

    • Word. They didn’t even lie down. It would have been better if they’d just bleeped Olivia saying f#@*ed.

    • Ned and Alexis have a ton of history. They first bonded over being the sane, responsible ones in their respective crazy families and were were together for several years, nearly marrying at one point. (She had a freak out and left him at the altar.)

      They weren’t the kind of couple that set the world on fire with their passion, but they were fun and happy and the actors have a really easy, nice chemistry. I was really glad to see that acknowledged.

  5. Thank you for acknowledging what they made JT do. It did not even make sense. Why would Patrick throw away his wife over a baby that he was ready to leave, to go to Africa with his wife and daughter for??? Please. It was just another way to try and get people to be on board with Sabrina and Patrick. She is clearly better with Carrrlos and he may even know that baby is his….only time will tell.

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