Nurses’ Ball 2014: Day Two

On the second day of the Nurses’ Ball, there were boys in their skivvies and Eddie Maine and Elizabeth Webber wearing sexy glasses. So basically, everything was wonderful.

Magic Milo and the magic wands

Not that there weren’t a few off notes. Like… what was up with that way too long intro to Ned’s number with the wolf and the spoken word and the MAKE IT STOP, SO EMBARRASSING? Or that weird as hell moment when we were treated to FauxLuke’s inner lust monologue about Alexis, Jordan, and Kiki during his wedding to Tracy?

(Also, if I never have to hear Tracy refer to Kiki as a “little slut” again, it will seriously be too soon. Not only is it just plain embarrassing that Tracy would ever believe Kiki was honestly throwing herself as a man old enough to be her grandfather, but good lord, Trace. Don’t be dumb and gross, please. It just makes it hard for me to feel bad for you for getting snowed.)

Eddie Maine

Luke and Tracy's wedding

But it’s hard to stay mad at her when she’s having little moments with Ned like this one (WARNING: EXTREME QUARTERMAINE FEELINGS AHEAD):

Ned and Tracy

NED: Mother, what did you think of my performance?
TRACY: I think that Daddy’s rolling over in his grave.
NED: I guess I should have expected that.
TRACY: Daddy might have hated Eddie Maine. I thought it was wonderful. Sweetheart, I know you and I have butted heads since you’ve been home. But… you’re my son, and I love you. And I will always love you no matter what.


Meanwhile: on fashion watch, Britt’s slinky purple number won for me, hands down. (Also, I am seriously impressed with the speed at which she was able to go from sweatpants and ice cream to full vamp make up and styled hair. Britt… may be magic?) Kiki’s silver version was a surprisingly strong runner up:

Britt's dress

Kiki's dress

Britt, by the way, continues to be a great BFF to Brad, defending him to Felix and Lucas and taking all the blame for their mutual misdeeds. BRITT & BRAD’S FRIENDSHIP MAKES ME SO HAPPY. As does Felix and Lucas becoming friends and instantly and silently agreeing to play it up to make Brad jealous.

But obviously, Elizabeth Webber’s slinky little pencil skirt and hot librarian glasses during Kiki’s number were the hottest thing in the episode. (Or possibly the planet? I don’t know. My brain sort of shorted out when she came on screen, so I can’t really be sure.)

Elizabeth in glasses

After we narrowly escaped a Starr Manning power ballad last year when Kristen Alderson was contractually forbidden from appearing on the show, I think everyone knew that there was approximately zero chance in hell we’d be so lucky this year. But the song itself was way less offensive than it could of been, and everyone dancing around on stage was having so much fun that it ended up not being nearly as painful as I feared.

(Although I kept getting distracted by wondering who was going to go around cleaning up all those balloons before the next number. I bet the GH janitorial staff is wondering pissily when they’re getting their ball, damn it.)

And the final thing I enjoyed:

Julexis kiss


I was kind of bummed that they didn’t give us more reaction shots of Julian during both of Lucas’ performances. That relationship hasn’t gotten much love or attention lately, and I am 150% more interested in seeing it developed than I am in watching Julian make pained faces while watching FauxLuke skeeve all over Jordan.

But still! Public kissing! Which was so good for me that I can’t even work up a full rant about how much I dislike whatever is happening on the front of Alexis’ dress. (Spoiler alert: I dislike  it a lot.) (Dear stylists: Nancy Lee Grahn’s magnificent bosom needs neither enhancement nor covering up. Trust me.)





11 thoughts on “Nurses’ Ball 2014: Day Two

  1. The whole point of Alexis’ dress is not how she looks in it but how she can get out of it when she needs to do so!

    I’m hoping that Julian has more development in his relationship with Lucas…and Sam. Don’t care a whit about him and drug dealing Jordan. I’d love to see him deepen his relationship with Alexis and bond with his kids and grandkid.

  2. I am 150% more interested in seeing it developed than I am in watching Julian make pained faces while watching FauxLuke skeeve all over Jordan.

    speaking to that..where has lucas been anyway…….I mean until the NB when was the last time we even saw him, brad or felix, when you think about it.

    so yes…I’d so rather see him and his son and his boyfriends more a whole lot more…then having to have seen stupid non-luke thinking about boinking every woman on the room practically…or like they said making faces at Julian…and all that stupid junk.


    I really couldn’t care less if he has a relationship with sam….so couldn’t care less about her at all…wish that she’d just go away…..

    please someone hire her..(kmo)..and real fast

    • We’ve seen Felix –he’s been in a lot of hospital scenes with Sabrina and Patrick.

      I really love the way Julian is being written with so many layers and that he’s going into all shades of grey in his scenes. And damn-he and Alexis. WHOOOO!

      • “We’re having sex not breaking the law”, says Julian to Alexis. Can’t wait to see how they navigate their way through that.

        I say bring it!

  3. I’m confused about the Blackie Parrish intro in the previews considering Stamos and Carlivati’s stupid twitter feud last year. I’m not even sure Stamos could appear since the Nurse’s Ball episodes are sponsored by Yoplait and he’s the spokesperson for Oikos. I’m wondering if they’ll give us a recast (weak) or the curtain will open to an empty stage with consequent bad-mouthing and “how could he?”ing about Blackie (weaker).

    On the other hand, I will be able to forgive anything if someone — ANYONE– would just punch Levi in the face.

  4. speaking of parents who completely ignored their kids, Ric didn’t even wave to his kid.

    I thought Liz in the glasses looked like early Liz at the NB during “Footloose”

    who here went to YT to see early NB’s?

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