I think I’m in love.

Consider this your official Jordan Ashford appreciation post, guys. Because everything about her is giving me joy right now. Undercover DEA agent! Making plans with Anna! Bad ass ladies being awesome together! IT’S LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE.

Jordan and TJ


I’ve been on Jordan’s side since she showed up in town. But to be fair, I’d have been reflexively on the side of just about anyone getting judged on their moral failings by the local killer for hire. (Seriously, though — if both he and TJ don’t end up groveling at her feet with apologies once the truth comes out? I will… not be surprised at all because working with the cops is actually worse than being a drug dealer according to Saint Shawn’s moral code. UGH, HE IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST.)

But now that we finally know what she’s really been up to and it’s all I hoped? Team Jordan forever! All we need is for Julian to team up with her and Anna and my wishlist really will be complete. Speaking of which:

JULIAN: She made me take stock of my life, rethink my priorities. Suddenly it all made sense.
JORDAN: What did?
JULIAN: That I need to get out from this underworld, before I get arrested or killed.
JORDAN: You make it sounds so easy.
JULIAN: Yeah, well it wasn’t. But I made a choice and I’m committed to doing it for my family, the people I love.

You guys. You guys. A man actually tried to leave the mob for Alexis. This is not a drill. It was not a mass hallucination. THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

Julexis comfort

Sure, he did it in the stupidest possible way. And sure, it’s backfired almost immediately, and now it looks like he’s going to continue being even stupider for the foreseeable future. (Really, Julian? How about a failsafe that will automatically reveal FauxLuke’s identity if anything happens to you and yours? Is that so hard?)

But it’s the thought that counts. And this particular thought is one that Jason was never able to make for any of his women, one that Sonny hasn’t been capable of since about 1997, and one that I’m certain has woken Bob Guza up in a cold sweat of fear and horror at the mere thought of Alexis being more desirable than crime or power.



30 thoughts on “I think I’m in love.

  1. as long as she stays away from Julian…I’m ok with her…

    I kind of like her…

    and one, I think that shawn is TJ’s dad….that she slept whim him and shawn at the same time…….gee, when hasn’t that happened…lol…

    and maybe that’s the reason that shawn killed Tom Sr……or maybe he’s not even dead at all….


    • To me, she’s too much like a Reese retread which means….yuck. But if they put Alexis AGAIN in a situation where she loses a man to a younger woman a trope I’ll never understand b/c Alexis is that hot, I’ll walk away from the show and never come back.

      Which means I’ll at least have the summer to enjoy. Sigh, and I was SO loving Julian and Alexis too.

      Because at the end of the day, I’m still always going to be Team Alexis even if that means not watching anymore if the current regime winds up treating her like the last one did which is set her up in a good romance, crash it so she can fight for a man with a younger woman.

      • I don’t think Jordan is ANYTHING like Reese. First of all, this woman can act. Secondly, she appears to be a competent law enforcement officer. Thirdly, so far at least, there’s no sign she’s going to fall under Sonny’s spell. As for being a rival for Alexis, the flirtation between Julian and Jordan was awfully brief and I haven’t seen a flicker since their first meeting. What I most want to see doesn’t appear to be the plan – I share Tenillypo’s desire to see Julian and Anna as reluctant allies, working with Jordan to take down FauxLuke. But thus far, Jordan’s interactions with Julian haven’t been very suggestive of anything other than Jordan’s hidden (til now) agenda.

    • And Jordan and Julian end up together. Alexis should stop being involved and sleeping with mob men/corrupt men, when she’s against their life. Go find a man who’s not a mobster.

          • On second thought this triangle hater would love to see a Julian/Alexis/Jerry story line probably more than an actual triangle. Two alpha males all about Alexis might be fun to watch. Alexis is just too awesome to ever have to fight for a man with some female pretender, that’s my opinion and mine alone. NLG has her best chem with WDV and SR so that’d work on that level as well.

    • Oh god, no. No more triangles. Julian loves Alexis. They have more than enough to contend with without throwing Jordan into it. It’s pretty obvious that Jordan is still drawn to Shawn.

  2. I have not watched in weeks but love this. Alexis and Liz are two of my favorites and usually(maybe always) gets the shot end of the stick. It is nice to see someone put one of them first. Though would love more than just love stories for both even if it is a great start. Love to see Alexis and Julian build up there blended family. Would finally like to see Liz’s parents.

  3. The only triangles involving adults should be those in college trig class as it’s very lazy writing. Here’s something absolutely revolutionary. Why not have a couple who love each other struggle together to overcome obstacles in their path working together, throw in internalized angst (they both got plenty!) and tell a great story about THEM. That’s what they should do and that’s what they will do if they’re smart. Julexis is certainly popular enough to deserve a story of its own. They’ve had enough interruption and done enough to prop or promote other characters or couplings (i.e. Cranco) struggling to build fan bases or even just get fans. They built a huge fan base with zero marketing when others that got more marketing faltered.

    Julian and Alexis are the best thing to happen to GH in years. Since their story really got started in February after losses in January, the overall audience size has grown by nearly 250,000 and growth in the Key Demo groups has been nothing short of amazing. The only time this trend faltered a little bit was in April when Julexis was missing in action. But when they returned full force in May, the numbers responded again and the show delivered monstrous key demo ratings in its last published set of ratings numbers. The other three shows are showing growth in the wrong direction but not GH.

    Does the network finally understand this? I would guess YES! How could we know that? The proof is right there in the fact that after nine months of zero marketing by ABC, suddenly the PR wagon started rolling full force by the end of April. Magazine covers. Promos on FB and the ABC site. I would guess that ABC’s sudden decision to do a marketing blitz on Julexis after months of nothing even after they had gotten together had to have everything to do with realization that Julexis wasn’t only popular, they are a cross/demo couple. If this weren’t the truth, they likely would still not receive any marketing or promotion like in the past. The status quo there would have remained.

    More signs is that Alexis finally got a bedroom after a decade and a nicely decorated one that shows some investment in that side of Alexis. Also after underwriting Julexis in two love scenes, the show went balls out to make sure they got an awesome one and two episodes of afterglow. I guess that was Frank Valentini’s followup to comments he made to NLG (according to Twitter) that the initial love scenes should have been longer. If so, then that’s pretty cool.

    It’s beyond awesome to see Alexis as first in the eyes of a man not sloppy seconds and see two characters who are each other’s intellectual, emotional and romantic match. The chemistry is amazing but chemistry isn’t enough to successfully sell a couple. You have to have underpinnings, connections built in between the characters and to story.

    Assuming ABC is smart, I’m sure I’ll have a lot to look forward to watching. I’d rather watch Alexis and Julian struggle to overcome obstacles that strengthens their emotional connections. God knows, they are certainly the most sizzling couple on the show. They are most definitely where it’s at and despite their differences and the challenges they face, they’re definitely it for each other.

    Jordan? Oh yeah she’s another new character. The one between Levi and Nina, I think.

    My favorite line of the article was this one:

    >>>>I’m certain has woken Bob Guza up in a cold sweat of fear and horror at the mere thought of Alexis being more desirable than crime or power.<<<<

    I hope so. I see that remnants of his fan base remain however who think Alexis should always "lose" in romance preferably to a younger woman. That's Guza's way and that way led to GH nearly getting pink slipped in 2011. I would hope the current regime has learned from the mistakes of the old. I guess how they handle this amazing couple and their story will determine whether that's the case or not.

  4. I am a longstanding fan of Nancy Lee Grahn and have loved her work on Santa Barbara and General Hospital. Like a lot of viewers who care about the character of Alexis, I feel as though I’ve waited a very long time for her to get a genuinely complex, compelling story. So I’m loving the Julian/Alexis story, even if I have quibbles along the way with choices the writers make.

    None of that, however, has anything to do with Jordan. I think she’s the best new character to come along in quite a while; the actress is good and also gorgeous; and she’s a DEA agent who’s now working with Anna! I understand the nervousness – the show detoured Julian into an unnecessary and irritating flirtation with Carly, and he and Jordan did seem to spark a little in their first scene. But NOTHING between them since has even hinted at anything, so I am not going to worry about it unless it, you know, actually happens. In the meantime, I’m enjoying Jordan immensely; and her primary concerns appear to be her job and her son, which is one more reason to like her.

  5. I didn’t mention Jordan in my post hardly at all. In fact I don’t think of her much at all. Like I said, she’s the new character between Levi and Nina. So many new characters coming on, I feel like I’m going to have to assign numbers to them soon. But that’s just me.

    I’d rather concentrate on what I like than what I’m indifferent to, which is characters like Julian, Alexis, the Davis Girls (too few scenes with them!), Lucas and when she’s not being written as silly, Tracy.

    • New doesn’t necessarily equate bad though. Julian, imo, is a fairly new character as well (recast of character who was on for 2 years 25 years ago), and he’s still an interesting character

      • Julian’s an older character and he’s most interesting because so far at least they’ve kept true to his original canon: the push and pull from wanting the mob life to wanting to change the mob/leave the mob and his single minded loyalty and devotion to a single woman.

    • Not being interested in Jordan is fine, but comparing her to either Levi or Nina seems a bit unfair. The former is a literal joke of a character that we are obviously not supposed to like or take seriously except as a temporary blocker for Nate/Maxie; the latter has had literally 5 seconds of actual screen time so far. Jordan is someone we’ve been hearing about for 2 years now, she’s got existing connections on the canvas, and a plot that’s connecting her to even more characters.

      • We all have different opinions on characters. To me, there are too many at once to get to know any of them before they add more of them! So they all blur together after a while That’s my opinion on it. NIna is building those ties that Jordan supposedly is, just a lot faster.

        Though I’m starting to like Nathan actually. But the others one honestly I can take them or leave them whether they have manufactured ties or not.

  6. Julian and Alexis are breathing more life into General Hospital. They are mesmerizing and well-matched. And, there is enough storyline there already to last 5 years. I am anticipating great things. @MaeDenver

  7. I love Jordan so much, I hope she goes after Sonny when she’s done taking down Fluke. She and TJ have such a believeable relationship but I need him to grovel when he finds out what his Mom does. Also I hope she punches Shawn in the face, repeatedly.

    • Seriously though why should TJ grovel? He’s a teenager whose felt abandoned by his mother for two years, then finds out she’s a drug dealer. Has she denied it to him? No, whatever her reasons, she let him go on believing it even knowing it could emotionally destroy him. So far, I don’t see this great devotion to TJ. I see her picking her career over him, whatever the reasons might be. That’s it in a nutshell. So I think TJ shouldn’t have any reason to grovel for believing his mother’s lies. How does that even make sense? In the short term finding out that she lied to him whatever the reasons’s going to impact him more than her reasons for doing so. Remember he’s a teenager not an adult and I’m Team TJ on this one all the way with both “parents”.

      • I agree – I think TJ has every reason to be angry at Jordan. However, since TJ does know that Shawn is Sonny’s enforcer, his outrage over Jordan’s supposed drug dealing rings a little hollow. I have no problem with him holding his mother to a higher standard; but it would be nice if he had a moment with Molly reflecting on how all the adult caregivers in his life are on the wrong side of the law. (So far as he knows.)

  8. I think Jason left the mob for Robin once upon a time, though it obviously didn’t take. Although, thinking back, maybe it was more for Baby Michael, the most Sooper-Speshul Snowflake That Ever Was. I don’t recall. And why am I defending Jason? I loathed him. In short, Julian leaving the mob for Alexis = Awesome.

    • Oh, you’re right. Good call. He did temporarily leave the mob once for Robin/Michael. I’d completely forgotten that. Man, 90s Sonny and Jason were like completely different people, I swear…

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