Studies in boredom.

Maybe I’m a soulless monster, but I just can’t bring myself to be sorry that Patrick and Sabrina’s baby is dead. I know there have been way too many dead children on this show in recent years. But I also know how annoying Patrick and Sabrina are together. (Hint: really, really annoying.) So if this means they’re not tied together forever, I’m all for it.

None of that makes watching scenes of Sabrina babbling in her wedding dress or teary-eyed Jason Thompson for the umpteenth time in the last two years actually entertaining, though. Pretty much the only part I’ve enjoyed was this:

Elizabeth comforts Patrick

ELIZABETH: When I had to tell Cameron that his little brother was gone, I completely fell apart. Fortunately, I had Lucky there with me.
PATRICK: Well, I don’t have Robin.
ELIZABETH: I know you don’t. But you have me. I can help you through this.
PATRICK: I can’t ask you to do that–
ELIZABETH: I want to.

(It says something about how much I hate the idea of Elizabeth with either of her current romantic options that I would seriously consider putting her with Patrick to be a lesser evil at this point. It’s probably not going to happen, but I still love seeing their friendship remembered.)

Meanwhile, the only thing this show needs less than another dead baby right now is another baby story of any kind for Dante and Lulu. So of course, they’re about to launch into their third straight year of pregnancy drama. (I can only assume that maybe Ava will end up stealing this one somehow?)

lante misdiagnosis

Can the writers seriously not think of anything else to do with these two? Like maybe enjoying the baby they literally just got for five minutes before moving onto the next one? Especially when the explanation for Lulu’s sudden ability to carry it is so insultingly dumb. (“Oh, should we have gotten a second opinion before spending all that time and money on a complex medical procedure? Our bad.”)

The problem is everything else happening right now is just as dull or dumb. I mean, I suppose there’s a certain hilarity to watching Duke shower Sonny with praise for not telling Morgan about Ava’s crime in order to spare him pain? (Obviously, screwing and then plotting to murder her as soon as she pops out his son/grandson is the really loving father move here.) But otherwise, the entertainment pickings have been slim.

Alexis comforts Molly

I want to care about the drama with Ric, but: 1) this whole plaaaaaaan is incredibly stupid, and 2) it’s hard for me to get worked up about Molly’s grief when we’ve barely seen her and her father on screen together since he came back to town. It’s also hard to sympathize with Ric lamenting his lost five years with her when, as far as I recall, it was entirely his choice to leave and stay gone that whole time.

Maybe if his return had been presented more as wanting to build a relationship with her and less as a desperate attempt to get back into Elizabeth’s pants, I could buy it. But frankly, Molly has still seemed like an afterthought these last few months when he wasn’t using her to  score cheap shots at Alexis, so… whatever.

Creepy Nina


Elsewhere, I keep waiting and waiting for creepy Nina to reveal some dastardly secret agenda, but the longer she simpers and smiles at Silas, the more it really does seem like she woke up from that twenty year coma with no other cares in the world than playing house with the louse who was cheating on her in her last waking memory. Which… really, Nina? REALLY?

The only time she’s seemed even halfway human was her distress over seeing her baby brother grown into the man now known as this year’s “Least Likely to Wear a Shirt”  winner.

naked nate


Guys, I hate to say it, but the state of show is such that Nate may be the high point for me right now. He still can’t act, but he’s earnestly nice and often half-naked, and those two things are nothing to sneeze about when your competition is Franco and dead babies and Sonny and Ric vying for father of the year, you know?

(Also Levi. It’s hard not to win when your competition is Levi. Unless it’s a “Worst Stereotype” contest, I guess.)


22 thoughts on “Studies in boredom.

  1. While I’ve never understood the appeal of Ric and don’t see any chemistry between him and Elizabeth (no insult to those who like them, just my opinion), I think Rick Hearst has always been a good actor, and Haley Poulos has been doing really good work also, so those scenes moved me despite my general lack of interest in the storyline.

    Best scene for me this week: Brad and Britt talking in the hospital hallway, Brad telling her she can wipe the floor with Liz if she gets her Britch on — I loved that so much!! Those two are gold.

    I simply do not understand the show flailing around putting Elizabeth with seemingly anyone except Patrick. They obviously know how good they are in scenes together and write those scenes well, so, seriously, what is the problem? The angst and guilt if the two of them got together would be so soapily good, plus they are just so pretty.

    • RC talked about the Twitter hatred aimed at Liz when she was helping with Robin’s funeral arrangements and being a friend to Patrick and Emma which is why they shoved Sabrina with Patrick.

      Liz and Patrick would have made sense and that was the plan when Robin gave her approval for Electric, but Scrubs fans and Liz haters all put a kibosh on what could have been a soapy story. However, as a Liz fan, I am tired of the character ending up alone or having to bury dead babies and we all know Scrubs would have reunited with Liz being left out in the cold.

      • Yes, I agree about what would have happened prior to the Scrubs reunion, but that is no longer an issue. They could put them together now, and there would still be plenty of guilt. And I’d rather see a quadrangle between Patrick/Liz/NIcholas/Britt than anything with Ric any day.

        I don’t understand why they would change storyline solely as a result of Twitter responses. There must have been some other reason — maybe a more representative audience sample done by the network, or someone’s push for the Sabrina storyline, maybe? Who knows.

  2. Liz and Patrick were the highlight of Sabrina’s dead baby story. I enjoy Electric’s friendship.

    Liz and Ric. Liz and Nik. No. Just stop it, show! I want a new romantic partner for Liz and can we please stop having her sleep with a man (one time!) only for him to end up in jail? This is the same story with an innocent man in jail for a crime that he did not commit, so that that moron Nicholas can ride to the rescue.

    Ric and Molly. Ric should have bypassed Liz and had all of his scenes with Molly and then try to reconnect with his ex-wife only for her to NOT be interested. Why is Liz even interested in a relationship that barely lasted one year over a decade ago? It makes no sense at all. Now, I could see Liz reconnecting with Jason or Lucky, but Ric or even Nik is a non starter, IMO.

    I want Ava’s baby to turn out to be Morgan’s and Sonny changes the paternity to claim the baby as his own to keep Morgan away from Ava. This story with Sonny stealing his grandchild as his own “son or daughter” has the potential to cause drama for years to come, so of course it won’t happen.

    Thanks for the recap!

  3. I haven’t watched an episode since the Nurse’s Ball (my Comcast in tennessee DVR can only store a dinky amount of shows and it filled up and I didn’t bother to make more space) but I check into the blog to see if there’s anything worth watching.

  4. I realize that Ric in jail is supposed to make me weep copious tears at his unjust fate but all I could think about was at least when HE sat in jail he wasn’t dying of cancer like Alexis was when he tossed her in there, just because.

    Ric spends all his time with Liz and using Cameron to court Liz and suddenly he’s father of the year?

    Erasing Ric’s horrendous history with Alexis is where the show lost me. Even beyond Molly.

  5. Despite Ric’s history and lack of scenes with his daughter to layer his story. I felt more for his fake death than poor baby Blanket which I didn’t shed a tear.

    MissyLady I’m right with you besides that Liz has been in back to back triangles since 2005 why in the world does she get the same storylines? GeeZe …

    Here we go again with Brully…that’s just what Liz fans need another round (triangle #7 with Nik) then Britt bullying her like Sabrina next she’ll point fingers a mommy and/or Brad as the culprit..

    oh woe is me, how did I get myself into this why did I listen to him I saw this already…….spare me. Let her bully another character Liz has had enough especially of her. Unless they give Liz something to work with instead of standing still being name called by BigFoot. I’ll take a pass

    Brad? Huh? I thought he and Liz were actually friends so now he turns on her? What an ass…still I actually enjoyed his scenes with Lucas.

  6. I don’t believe for one minute that the show had a plan for Liz/Patrick and changed course based on any kind of online reaction. If they were that easy to sway, Franco would be long gone. Maybe the showrunners just plain like the Liz/Patrick friendship as it is. I know I do.

    • I really do prefer them as friends as well. I’d just prefer Liz with anyone other than Ric or Nik at this point. But it’s also lovely to see a truly platonic, years-long male/female friendship on this show. We don’t have many of those left, so…

      • Which is why the show should have never paired Liz with Nik. I always loved Liz and Nik’s old friendship and get really stabby at RC retconning them into some tragic love story.

  7. “Especially when the explanation for Lulu’s sudden ability to carry it is so insultingly dumb. (“Oh, should we have gotten a second opinion before spending all that time and money on a complex medical procedure? Our bad.”)”

    I knew that was gonna happen though, when they made a point of her not getting a second opinion the first time she was diagnosed. I just didn’t think it would happen THIS SOON. I think this is going to lead to a miscarriage anyway though.

    The writers are trying way too hard to get us to care that Sabrina and Patrick lost the baby. (“Look, he even has a name! Gabriel! GABRIEL! GOD’S STRENGTH!! CRY, PUPPETS, CRY!!”)

    I like to think Duke was placating Sonny. “uh, yeah man, too bad your sons don’t know how much you’re, uh, sacrificing for them. That’s the word. Sacrifice.”

    • I should add, I do think the writers can’t think of anything else to do with Lante that doesn’t involve breaking them up. They can only think of baby stories for couples who are together.

    • LOL. I’d like to think so to, because otherwise, Duke’s going to become unwatchable to me if he keeps up this wholesale Sonny apologist mode.

  8. I feel alone in liking Ric. I don’t know why, but I always gravitate towards character’s everyone hates. Or is written biasedly for another character. Ric, Britt and AJ being prime examples.

    I like LiRic. RH2 have great chemistry, imo. At this point ANYONE but Nik. I’m not a soap prude, I could care less about brother-being-with-brother’s ex, (I love EJabby Days & Wyatt/Hope BoldBeautiful) but for some reason I can’t get behind Niz. Maybe because their pairings was Guza way to trash Elizabeth beyond repair so they could fire Becky. So whenever RC talks about their “great” and tortured history, I roll my eyes.

    Also Sabrina SUCKS. Nothing can be saved with that character. I will always be annoyed by her. Maybe that’s my problem. Her first 12 months on canvas was so excruciating, I cannot get past it. She’s the first character I am actually with the majority. I feel as if the writers are trolling us with naming her son after a saint. RC must have heard about the complaints about her being perfect. So he was like: she’s so perfect her son is a SAINT. Isn’t she sweeet?

    • Oh, don’t let my personal intense, burning hatred for Ric give you the impression most people feel the same way. He’s always had a pretty significant fan base.

  9. I personally think Ric belongs in the Sonny, Ava, Nina, Carly, Franco, Julian, Alexis, and Ned crowd and not with Liz who is only suppose to be 32. Liz looked like Molly’s older sister in the scenes last week at the PCPD, so I get a little skeeved out when it comes to LiRic!

    • This is exactly what I was thinking. I was on a break from GH their first time round, and when I went to look at the clips on YT, my first response was that he was way too old for her. It’s weird, because I didn’t immidiately think that about Silas and Sam, whom I’m guessing have a similar age difference, maybe because I saw the chemistry there.

  10. I had the same problem with Julie’s Lulu as I do Sam (No matter who she’s dating/Married too.) Why Sam and ex Lulu had to be stuck so far up their boyfriends ass’ I will never understand. Luckily, “New” Lulu hasn’t been doing that at all (Thank God) and now I can actually enjoy the character. I, also think Julie as Lulu was so asexual, I did not find her love scenes to be anything other then forced. I think the writers and the actors took the love scenes up a notch so It wouldn’t be noticeable but it was indeed noticeable. I don’t need to see a raunchy sex scene for a love scene to work. I think DZ and ER are perfectly suited for each other as Lulu and Dante and honestly, I wouldn’t trade this Lulu in for Julie’s to come back ever again.

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