The enemy of my enemy, and all that.

Guys, I’m sorry about the lack of posts lately. Watching the show continues to be a struggle for me, mostly because I kind of hate everyone? (Well, everyone except Nate’s abs. LOOK, I’M NOT A MONSTER.)

But if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make me like a character who’s either annoying or in possession of extremely stupid hair (or in Morgan’s case, BOTH) it’s that character bagging on someone I hate even more:

Morgan hates Franco

MORGAN: I don’t get that relationship. I never will.
MICHAEL: Yeah, well, don’t look to me to defend them.
MORGAN: Yeah, but it’s not just like me and Franco, we don’t get along — like, the guy’s a freaking serial killer. How can she be with him?

Which is why I can’t believe I’m saying this, but: WORDY McWORD, MORGAN.

This entire conversation was basically gold, with Morgan practically straining something rolling his eyes while Michael weakly trotted out all the same old excuses, like even Chad Duell couldn’t believe he’d reached a point where his actual dialog amounted to: “he’s only technically responsible for my violent prison rape” and “a brain tumor did it!”

Also, there was this bit, in which Bryan Craig’s line reading was the same as you might expect from someone hearing the suggestion that he ignore an enraged and drunken hippo locked in a small closet with him:

Morgan hates Franco2

MICHAEL: Just try and tune her out.
MORGAN: What? It’s mom.

Unfortunately, the fact that they were talking about Franco means that yes, he still exists, yes, and we’re still expected to care about his relationship problems. (We’re also supposed to be invested in his weird father/daughter thing with Kiki, even though that mostly consists of him asking her for help while pointedly not sharing her mother’s impending doom. FEELING THE LOVE.)

On a related note, it’s not like Ava deserves much defending, but it’s a bit rich listening to Kiki ream her out for cheating on Morgan when he was only with Ava in the first place because Kiki married him while cheating on him with his brother, you know? Shut up, Kiki.

Which brings us around to Ava. Who is horrible, but not any more horrible than at least a dozen other people on this show. And yet for some reason we’re supposed to sympathize with all of them and want her dead.

Sonny and Ava


At least, I think? I’m not actually sure how they want us to feel about all these endless scenes of Sonny casually discussing his plans imprison a pregnant woman for several months until he can safely murder her. I assume from the also endless scenes showing how “tormented” he is by it all, we’re supposed to be… okay with it? But I’m really not.


As a friend pointed out, I really wanted Ava to mention the stress of being held hostage and constantly threatened with death was probably infinitely worse for the baby she’s carrying than a single glass of wine. I also wanted her to beat Sonny’s face in with a tire iron, but we can’t have everything.

Nina crazy eyes


And finally, speaking of unsympathetic douchebags that we’re supposed to be rooting for, Nina finally let the crazy out! THANK GOD. But I feel like we’re also supposed to be on Silas’ side, and… no. I mean, I’m not 100% on board with Nina “every woman I hate is a whore” Clay. But I’m certainly more on her side than his.

(It probably doesn’t help that my investment level in Sam and Silas’ relationship is set somewhere just above “permanent snooze.” Or that Michael Easton has barely seemed awake in any of his scenes lately.)

God, I miss John McBain.




10 thoughts on “The enemy of my enemy, and all that.

  1. I want Ava to stick it to Sonny over and over and over!

    Franco has to go, but I’m afraid there is no way that the show will get rid of RoHo. nuFranco is being written like old Todd Manning.

    The only time I liked ME in a romance was Jolie 1.0 (Natalie/McBain) and JoVan (Vangie/McBain). Otherwise, I think McBain/Silas is a pit of suckage relationship wise. However, I did like McBain when he was riding in the car with Todd#2 as they chased after Marcie, Tommy and the drag Queens!

    • NuFranco is being written like GH Todd Manning, who was nothing like RealTodd from OLTL. That’s why -as short lived as it was-online OLTL gave me back RealTodd. RealTodd with Blair.

      Nina should use Franco to make Silas jealous, then we lose the snooze that is Carly and Franco. And RoHo and MS could wake RoHo up again.

      I think ME is trying to play stressed confusion, but it’s coming out as bored depression.

  2. I would really like to see Ava pay, but I also hate Sonny, and watching him twist himself into a pretzel trying to deal with Ava without exposing his guilt in AJ’s murder is amusing. Clearly, Ava has Sonny beat, hands down, in the intelligence department. The man hasn’t figured out the only sure fire way to beat a blackmailer is to expose the truth.

    Now, I absolutely have no use for Franco, he’s a terrible character, and Roger Howarth’s act is wearing thin for me. But, yesterday’s scene where he asked Mac’s opinion of Sonny lead to this gem, which sums up Sonny to a tee: “I think he is a self glorifying, narcissistic man, who imagines himself to be something better than the two-bit thug he is.”. Perfect.

  3. what’s worst of all about the Sonny/Ava scenes is Sonny is treating it like he’s making some big sacrifice for Michael and Morgan by besmirching his reputation to make Ava live with him. oy.

    • I felt slightly reassured by the massive anvils about Michael ALWAYS supporting him yesterday that we’re going to see all of Sonny’s bullshit called out when the truth is revealed. Otherwise… ugh.

  4. I’m not sure what is going on with ME. I loved McBain but Silas not so much. I don’t hate Silas but he doesn’t seem to be worth all of the baggage. What do you think of the Sam and Patrick scenes? They are surprisingly sparkly together. I like Scrubs but if Robin is not going to be there full time, Patrick may need to move on.

    • I don’t hate Silas either; I’m mostly indifference to him. But I’m irritated by the way the narrative keeps attempting to white wash his treatment of both Nina and Ava in the past, which was fairly terrible.

      I would be okay with Sam/Patrick getting explored, but I feel like their scenes are mostly meant as a reminder that Jason’s really alive. We’ll see. It could be juicy if he fell for her while knowing her husband was still out there. But I’m not sure they’d want to go there…

  5. I just watch for Julexis b/c for me they can transcend so so writing. Plus they’ll be getting it on July and August and I’m definitely on board with that. Though I’d rather see them in a Cassadine arc than hanging with Sonny and all the keystone LE types.

  6. Alexis has to be the worst mother on this show. I can’t believe she chose a man over her child, And the sad part is Molly is right about everything she said and it’s going to be hilarious when it all comes out that once again Alexis got duped by another bad man that she thought she could change. How many is that now? Ric, Sonny, Jerry and Julian.

    Patrick is sleeping walking through his scenes, I wish Steve Burton’s Jason never left because at least with him Sam had some excitement in her life and now she’s just the friend or with Silas the man who looks like he’s about to kneel over.

  7. Everything everybody up thread said. Sonny and Ava just need to die. Nina needs to return to Y&R . RoHO is and always will be Todd. He is Todd on oltl, Todd Paul Ryan on ATWTs ,and he ruined that character for me. Now here he is again. The man makes my FF finger itch the exact same way Sonny and Carly do. when I saw Sonny and carly on screen today, I went to the gym. This is a really horrible thing to say ,but if they cancelled the show. I don’t think I would really miss it. GH is a bunch of soaps rolled together. and no one looks familiar. FrankenRon think if they keep bringing on familiar faces everyone will watch GH. Nice to see Delia she was never a fav of mine on Ryan’s Hope, but ? They had the Scorpios and lost them, they demonized AJ and Robin because they wanted out. They have more mobs than the Godfather movies. They keep killing off characters and nothing has changed since the Guza days.

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