Please tell me we’re hitting rock bottom soon.

So many things about this show are baffling me right now. I can only assume the process that came up with the latest “shocking” “twist” went something like this:

WRITER ONE: Well, I’m fresh out of ideas.
WRITER TWO: Don’t look at me, I came up with the serial killer counselling sick kids.
WRITER THREE: How about another  BJ’s heart rip-off? That never gets old.
WRITER ONE: We can’t kill another baby. People get all weird about it for some reason.
WRITER TWO: Easy! We’ll just use two characters they really love.
WRITER ONE: Oh! I’ve got it. Are you ready for this? Alice. And Rafe.
WRITER TWO: Wow. You’re a genius.
WRITER THREE: Nailed it.

I mean, at a certain point, we were bound to hit a point of diminishing returns with the BJ’s heart knock-offs. I just didn’t expect to hit it quite this soon, you know?

(I’ve been trying to imagine a pair of characters with whom I’m less invested than Alice and Rafe. Maybe a Giambetti brother double feature? Shawn and Kiki? Levi and Morgan’s hair? Except nope, I’d actually be excited to see any of them die.)

Sad Kiki

But Rafe? Even the characters can’t make me believe they care. Kristen Alderson’s attempts to contort her face into an expression of realistic sadness for the cousin she’s shared all of one scene with have been particularly hilarious.

On the plus side, maybe it’s just the crushing boredom talking, but I think I’m kind of into this?

Patrick and Sam

I have needs, people. And one of those needs is one plot — any plot — that is at all interesting. The search continues.


18 thoughts on “Please tell me we’re hitting rock bottom soon.

  1. Rafe and Alice? Ugh. I watched OLTL and no for a fact that RC wrote a better heart transplant story with people that I actually cared about like Clint, Matthew, Nora, Bo, etc…so this story with Rafe and Alice is just plain bad. Tracy, Mac, Felicia, etc… all could have needed a new heart…or maybe even Alexis ….

  2. I mean, at a certain point, we were bound to hit a point of diminishing returns with the BJ’s heart knock-offs. I just didn’t expect to hit it quite this soon, you know?

    um bj was like 20 years ago…how is that soon…

    unless like you said, you did watch one life…….which was 10 and they did it twice, in a matter of years…

    but nope…bj was 20 years ago…

    and while we love alice…no one really cares about rafe…so…

    missy you’re wrong….alice is actually a popular character……so no one’s complaining….about it being her….

    you also forgot to mention that an unpopular character on amc got a heart…the second laura what was that all about..i’m still not sure…..but she got Gillian’s heart……a very popular character…so..

    and they already had alexis go through cancer….so… way on that…


    • BJ knockoffs have happened since on this show, however, like Jake’s heart transplant into the Corn Child.

      Rafe was also the character who was stressed in that excerpt as someone viewers would care about.

  3. oh yes, another reason why it’s alice is because tracy doesn’t want anyone knowing the truth…so…

    and I dont’ know if people would sympathise, with the others…..because well they’re not even around all that much…so….just like alice……


  4. I like Sam and Patrick only for their connection to Jason and Robin. So if this leads to an J&R reunion, I’m all for it.

  5. So from that picture are they testing Sam and Patrick together? Do you think that is where they are going? I tuned in a couple times but it ended up being Maxie’s sit in and crazy wife. So didn’t pay much attention. I did see Ned and Alexis though, so yay!

    • They’ve been spending a lot of time together lately and she’s about to take his side against Silas. But I’m not sure if it’s actually hinting at anything or just set up for the Robin/Jason secret. I don’t hate their vibe, either way, though.

  6. I would have been for a Patrick and Sam pairing back in the beginning but not now. The friendship will go up in smoke once she finds out Patrick knew about Jason.

    As far as this being rock bottom, I don’t think we are there yet. Sabrina will be back soon and Robin will probably be thrown under the bus further.

    All I want Robin or Anna to say to Patrick is three magic words: DR LISA NILES!!! he has no right to divorce her for a baby he was ready to leave behind after she took him back when he slept with Lisa and caused mayhem. ( and I still want Dr. Matt to be freed.!)

  7. I really wanted a scene where Robin kept finding all of the fairy and princess crap and ask Patrick if he went overboard with Emma while she was gone, only for Emma to speak up that the items belonged to Sabrina!

    • LOL that would be great scenes! Besides she had to still have stuff there.

      It still bothers me that he slept with Sabrina in his marriage bed and then with Robin…and she never asked about it…there should have much more dialogue b/w Robin and Patrick. That was what made them believable was that they always spoke to each other.

      • Yes, Patrick having sex with Sabrina in the bedroom/bed that he shared with Robin was all kinds of nasty. Robin should have insisted that the entire bedroom be replaced from top to bottom.

  8. Oh hon, I don’t think I can ever get on board with Patrick and Sam being a thing. Maybe I’ve been away from the show for too long, but (nigel lithgoe voice) *it’s a no from me*

    • LOL. I vote, no way in heck would Patrick ever be with Sam or Carly. Patrick and Sam are plot point and NOT character driven because of the Nina drivel and Jason supposedly returning next month with Robin.

  9. aw, Morgan’s hair has actually been good this week.

    But yeah, I thought Joss/Jake was a horrendous retread on BJ/Maxie . . . now it’s looking like a master class of writing compared to Alice and Rafe

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