I feel like this is just dirty pool.

Damn it, Vampire Diaries. Why can’t you just be consistently not entertaining? Would that be so hard? I mean, I was literally thisclose to throwing in the towel last season. But then you just had to pull me back in with a halfway decent finale.

And now you’re releasing promo videos that actually make the show look fun again? NOT COOL.

I don’t want to be excited for the new season! I refuse to get my hopes up again! But OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS. I AM SO PUMPED FOR THE NEW SEASON.

(This will only end in tears. Predicting it right now.)


5 thoughts on “I feel like this is just dirty pool.

    • Nooooooo. I cannot, in good conscience, advocate that anyone sit through the last two seasons. All you need to know is:

      1. Katherine is dead. (For now.)
      2. Alaric is alive again.
      3. There’s a new vampire named Enzo, who was brought on to be Damon’s new bestie, and everyone seems to love him except me. I do not love him at all.
      4. Damon and Elena got together, broke up, gave a million speeches about how toxic they are for each other, and finally got back together again.
      5. Stefan and Caroline have developed a lot of unresolved sexual tension.
      6. Tyler is human again.
      7. Matt is still and forever the town’s butt monkey.
      8. Klaus showed up once and he and Caroline had hot tree sex. As you do.

      Oh, and there was this whole business with Silas and doppelganger curses and the UNIVERSE wanting Elena and Stefan together and this boring group of wandering witches. But really, none of that matters and you can just ping me if you need something explained. Also, Bonnie and Damon were sucked into nothingness in the season finale. So that happened.

        • This literally happened in the last few minutes of the finale, so I’m not clear on the details. But I *think* it means he’s basically been reverted to his human state before the first werewolf change. Wasn’t there some business with him having to kill someone to trigger it?

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