Go home, logic. You’re drunk.

Robin’s back! And I have so many questions. Like who gave her that super cute haircut while she’s on house arrest? Did Victor kidnap a stylist? And I’m no doctor, but  have they tried just thawing the frozen people out at room temperature?

Because that seemed to work for Lulu. Just saying.

Robin's haircut

Other questions: were all the Cassadine family minions lost in a tragic boating accident, forcing Victor to rely on random teenage drug addicts/former angels to do his dastardly bidding?

And is the stupid bug contagious? Because otherwise I don’t know why she’s spending her time fantasizing about popsicle Jason saving the day when she could be — OH, I DON’T KNOW — warning Patrick that his life is in danger? Calling her mother, the badass international spy for help? Or how about enlisting her close friend Nikolas to deal with his crazy uncle?

The bright spot in all this is obviously these two adorable goobers:

Patrick and Sam1

Patrick and Sam2

SAM: I tried to bribe him, but he didn’t want money; he wanted sex.
PATRICK: Are you kidding me? Did you hurt him?
SAM: I did. I did. I kneed him in the groin.

(I’m not saying I’m totally into it. But I’m not not into it, you know?)

Meanwhile, speaking of the stupid bug: Alexis finally conquered hers and called Julian out on his MOUNTAIN OF LIES. And then she had super hot sex with him on the living room floor, because duh, he did straight up murder Donnie Pfaster defending her honor. She’s only human.

Julexis last time

Julexis last time3


But she also had the wherewithal to kick him to the curb after, which I appreciated. I mean, I love you, Jerome, but damn. You got the woman’s house burned down. Get it together.


Elsewhere: the bad news is we are definitely getting a Sonny and Carly redux. The good news is that will make it easier to fast forward through both of them together. Unfortunately, today I had the show on while I was cooking, and my raw meat hands forced me to sit through an entire excruciating scene in which she actually apologized to him for bringing up that time he shot her in the head while she was giving birth to his child.

I rarely find myself saying this about Carly, but girl? Have some self respect.

(Then I remember that self-respect in this instance involves sticking with Franco, the serial killer who once threatened to kidnap the daughter she’s now forcing to co-habitate with him. And I want to punch myself in the face.)


29 thoughts on “Go home, logic. You’re drunk.

  1. Where was Ava when all the Julian/Alexis stuff was going on? Isn’t she sort of a prisoner in her own house these days? Doesn’t Sonny supposedly have some of his “men” watching the building 24/7 so he can snatch her back? Have I now thought more about this than the writers have?

  2. regarding the thawing of Lulu, and I am not the first to point this out, LULU WAS NOT DEAD. Stavros could possibly be resurrected, as he died by frozen-ness, but Helena and Jason were both shot. You can’t freeze a dead person and expect to bring them back to life, they have to be frozen before they are actually dead.

  3. Helena and Jason were both shot. You can’t freeze a dead person and expect to bring them back to life, they have to be frozen before they are actually dead

    we are not supposed to find logic on GH or other American soap stories…

    you want no one to come back from the dead….then you have to watch british soaps….they don’t have frozen people…..or any kind of dead people come back…..once you’re dead, you’re dead


  4. I don’t mind that Soap Medicine bears no resemblance to Actual Medicine, necessarily. But I want internal consistency. Presuming that both Jason and Helena survived their respective gunshot wounds and were placed in stasis by Victor for REASONS (because why would he care about Jason?), that still doesn’t explain why Victor would need Robin to resuscitate Stavros; or why he’d need Robin at all, considering how many Cassadines have survived worse with Helena’s crack lab team. They could have come up with something within Robin’s actual specialty, which is creating drug protocols; and they could have, should have, created a better incentive for her to leave her family in the first place, like some kind of post-hypnotic suggestion implanted while she was imprisoned for two years. The IDEA of Robin being forced to work for Victor in order to address KMc’s limited availability isn’t a bad one. It’s the execution and the details that are problematic.

    But none of that is as thunderously, mind-bogglingly stupid as the notion that a master criminal would recruit a teenage boy to run a family off the road; seeing as Patrick and/or Emma could just as easily have been killed, what was that supposed to accomplish, precisely? And it didn’t sound as though Robin were giving Victor a particularly hard time anyway. Weak, plot-point writing.

  5. Sonny/Carly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Carly/Franco (I accidentally typed Sonny/Franco. If only! So fast forwardable together!)

  6. to be truthful I’m glad I missed all of that described above because it all sounds sucky to me. Sonny & Carly together–whatever they deserve each other and maybe she can shoot him in the head this time. Sam & Patrick friends–not in any universe–well except Ron C/Frank V’s

  7. I think Sam and Patrick work really well as friends. One of the things that I have most appreciated about the writing for Patrick is that since he fell in love with Robin, his closest friends have all been women – Epiphany, Elizabeth and Sam. I was happy with his friendships all remaining platonic, but am surprised by how engaging the scenes between Patrick and Sam have been. I like their dynamic a whole lot better than Patrick/Sabrina or Sam/Silas. Their scenes have been a much-needed bright spot in recent episodes.

    • I don’t buy the sudden instant friendship between Patrick and Sam. Patrick leaned on Liz and Epiphany after Robin died and even Lulu was there helping out while the man was on his six hour druggie storyline. Sam has basically replaced Sabrina as the only person that was there for Patrick when he needed them after Gabriel died. Liz and Patrick have been friends since the character came to town in 2005, and she lives two doors down from Scrubs and Emma. Liz offered to be there for her friend and now she’s stuck in kiddie hell with Nik and Britt.

    • Damn that was hot! Who cares about the rest of the show or whether it makes sense if I can just watch Julian and Alexis make out? She was smart. She cross examined him, gave him enough rope, watched him hang himself on it, he confesses (though leaving key parts out), she gets to have glorious sex on the PH floor and then walks out on him, using the double innuendo. Can’t wait to see what happens with them next! Just hope it’s not two months from now.

      As for the rest? I wasn’t aware anyone was on the show.

  8. I don’t agree that the Sam/Patrick friendship is sudden. Patrick hasn’t been friends with Sam for as long as with Liz and Epiphany, but ever since Patrick put aside his anger and grief to save Jason’s life on the operating table, Sam has been grateful; and there have been scenes periodically where the two greeted each other warmly and expressed sympathy for whatever the other was going through. I have a lot of issues with various insta-connections (Michael/Kiki; Franco/Carly; Franco/Nina; etc.), but this is not one of them. I think the Sam/Patrick friendship has built slowly and logically, and it made sense to me that Sam would be particularly supportive of Patrick after the death of Gabriel, which is how the current increase in closeness began.

  9. As soon as I see Robin’s face I hate the thought of Patrick with anyone else.
    I really enjoyed the Robin/Jason pairing back in the day. But I really do not want to revisit it. It feels like it was right for that time and the characters then not now.
    I’m not sure what I feel about the Jason recast or coming back. When Burton left I’d hoped that they would cut back on Carly/Sonny time too. Maybe try and let the audience reconnect with other characters. That didn’t happen and it will probably be the Carly/Jason/Sonny show again. And though I don’t want this if he is coming back I wish it was Burton. I’m almost ashamed to admit this but their is a Liz/Jason shipper that still lives inside me and I loved their chemistry. Actually I think Burton had chemistry with a lot of people.
    Caught part of Friday’s ep. Surprised Maxim was getting married. But was not interested in Aztec jewels. Or crazy wife and Franco. I like RH and still wish they would of cast him as some one else. But man Dante looked good.

    • There is no shame in being a Liz/Jason shipper on this blog. I still love them even though I kind of hate him most of the time. It’s weird, but I try to just go with it.

      • Lol, exactly how I feel. I decided to go on YouTube. Ok that is a good way to lose time. Decided to see if feel same if watch old eps. Watched the whole Christmas at the studio and ” you smell like snow.” yeah still does it for me.
        Oh and Audrey and young Emily!

  10. The scenes with Patrick and Robin were anger inducing! As I said in another post, I wanted Robin to yell at him when he said he wanted a divorce. Where is anyone sticking up for Robin in this. Does no one remember that she took him back after LISA!!

    I hated that they did not even have one happy second b.c Patrick is in angry mode because she did not come home to help him grieve a baby he was ready to abandon to go to Africa!! Then he brought up Emma, sorry but she seems more upset over Spencer missing and what looks like another divorce explanation tomorrow than her supposed baby brother ( I still think its Carrrrlos’s baby).

    I wish they would stop destroying a couple that kept GH on the air for YEARS. They were the only thing worth watching on this show for a looong time and when I watch old scenes on YT, I see that these writers are not staying true to either character.

    • these writers aren’t true to any character–not just scrubs–a couple I do like–they write in a jerky-jerky manner where there is no continuity. The fact that Patrick was there with Sam should have caused her to slap him silly, the con woman at work. This whole bringing frozen peeps back is so far beyond stupid especially the ones they want to bring back–hello bring back Jake that would be the miracle we are looking for not creepy Stavros or Helena. Jason well not sure if I care any longer though if it’s BM I might watch briefly to see what they do with him (screw it up no doubt)

      • GH has always brought back people who were dead. DAYS does it too. Y&R does it. It’s a soap staple. AMC used it as their last plot as the show was being canceled.I don’t know how many times Dixie died, yet there she was. This is not exclusive to FV and RC. Stavros has been brought back to life more than once. And it wasn’t only when these writers and showrunners were in charge.

  11. I don’t understand why people think Patrick doesn’t have a right to be angry with Robin. I thought the way they wrote her exit story was terrible; I think it’s preposterous to ask the audience to believe she’d abandon Emma voluntarily after missing two years of her life for anyone. But given that this is what they’ve written, I think Patrick has every reason to be outraged. His past misdeeds are not the point at all.

    • I agree he should be angry but not like this and not asking for a divorce.

      He was down right nasty to her. He should have been able to see that she was genuinely scared and not telling him the truth. That’s how well he knows her. I have been watching YT clips of them and this is not the Patrick I know and love.

      The writing has been as if he cant remember everything they have been through together.and the fact that he was ready to abandon this baby without a second thought and now he is willing to throw his marriage away because of it.

      The whole SL is awful. As a Scrubs fan, I am almost done with GH b.c once they are divorced, if he goes through with it, there wont be a way back.

      It was and is the same thing with Bo and Hope on Days. This last go round is pathetic. I do not see the chemistry with Hope and Aiden as much as they would like us to feel it.

      • There’s always a way back. I mean look at Sonny and Carly — they’ve been divorced 4 times and we’re STILL having to deal with them getting back together. The only thing that will honestly kill Robin and Patrick forever is KMc leaving the show for good.

        • Thanks for the sliver of hope lol :)

          Being that I have been watching soaps forever, I know what you say is true but it still does something to the couple one they’ve divorced.

          Also, Robin and Patrick have always been ‘real’ so I would rather them fight for their marriage again then divorce.

  12. So, everyone who thinks that Sam and Patrick are not close friends probably missed the scenes when Sam told Patrick that he knew who he wanted to be with when Robin came back and Patrick couldn’t decide between Sabrina and Robin. Or they missed the scenes when Patrick and Sam talked about how Patrick wanted to have another baby with Robin, or the scenes when he encouraged her to go out with Silas or the time he was in the park with her after Nina pretended to fall out of the wheelchair she doesn’t need to break up Silas’s and Sam’s date. Patrick and Sam have been friends for quite awhile. Their friendship moving on to something else very slowly is one of my favorite things on the show.

    • Not only that, but Robin has always been friendly to Sam; the only reason she was upset that he brought Sam was concern that Sam find out that Jason is alive. Which makes no sense; nothing about the way they’re writing Robin really tracks for me right now; but Patrick’s responses are totally reasonable, in my opinion.

      • Yes, that was made very clear by Victor who worried that Patrick would tell Sam that Jason had been there. Robin had no problem with Patrick traveling with Sam-according to the dialogue, she just wanted them both out of there for their safety.

  13. I actually like Patrick and Sam. Elizabeth is a little too wishy-washy in my opinion. She wants Nikolas, she doesn’t want him, then she wants him again. Watching the scenes between Patrick and Sam yesterday, you could see the connection between the two of them, and sense the moment when Patrick was thinking that it could be something more. Sam is more of his equal than Sabrina, who still acts as if woodland creatures are about to come out of the woodwork to clean her house.

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