Quick, name the character you’ve missed least!

It’s not exactly a shock to finally get confirmation that Billy Miller is coming on as Jason recast. Both because, duh, of course he is. But now that it’s official, I’d like it noted for the record that there are about a million characters I’d rather see recast than the guy who literally ate the show for 20 years straight.

(Hello, Dillon? Serena? Lucky Spencer, who has now abandoned his kids, missed both his parents’ weddings, never met his new nephew, and whose sister has just been kidnapped for the third time in the last two years alone? LUCKY, STOP DICKING AROUND AFRICA, ALREADY. GOD.)

Liz and Nik fight

So, our brief, Jason-less holiday is apparently over. Now the only question is whether or not Miller will have the right chemistry with his many, many love interests — Sonny, Sam, Elizabeth, Carly, Robin — all of whom are currently otherwise occupied. (And don’t get me wrong, I would basically chew off my own arm to get Liz away from Nik and his tragic hair, but it would be kind of typical if she and Jason finally got a good love story with him as an effing recast.)

Meanwhile, I’m currently enjoying Sam more than I have since McBain sauntered out of town in a haze of laconic sarcasm, shaggy hair and unresolved sexual tension. The thought of Jason wandering back in to mess that up is kind of making me ill.

Sam and Patrick pool


Plus, when was the last time we saw Patrick happy? He has been a super sad panda going on three years now. If we can’t have Robin, then I don’t hate seeing him smiling and flirting and hanging out with a woman in his actual age bracket, you know?

In related news, my scruffy, bug-eyed boyfriend is back!

Carlos in prison


Unfortunately, he’s only here to give Sabrina Santiago, girl detective, the first clue in her super serious investigation. Which involved — I kid you not — this actual dialog:

CARLOS: If you want to live, you have to let this go. Ava hired someone to run a pregnant woman and a little girl off the road. She killed AJ, and if she didn’t? Well, she’s behind it somehow. And I know for a fact that AJ is not her first victim. If Ava is threatened or backed into a corner–
SABRINA: [incredulously] She’ll what? She’ll kill me?
CARLOS: Yes! Like, that is literally what I just said. Are you even listening to me? Because this is kind of important stuff, Sabrina. It would be good if you were at least listening. God, it’s like talking to a teenager. Which, by the way, you probably were when we started dating. I guess I’m kind of a perv, actually.

As you can see, I still have strong but confused feelings about him. (Oh, Carrrrlos.)

Finally, here is a picture of Lucas and Brad canoodling:

Lucas and Brad sex

I have no commentary other than that I love them. You’re welcome.


21 thoughts on “Quick, name the character you’ve missed least!

  1. I hear the person…..we so don’t need Jason back at this point in time…others yes..but…

    not him…

    I would love for them to put Jason and liz together finally…but I doubt that’s going to happen…

    we’re going to see the push pull with him and sam, him and robin..whatever…

    I dont’ know about anyone else…but sam bores me to tears with whoever she’s with…….


  2. It’s not just you susan, Sam has only entertained me when she had that brief “anti-Jason/Liz” period in 2006 or 2007. It was fleeting and her hair looked awful but she was hella entertaining. Sam has never worked as a tragic heroine. I refer to Sam as “SAmbien.”

    I do enjoy Jason…with Liz. I think the recast will have more chemistry with Rebecca Herbst than his other scene partners. I also think it would be wise to have Jason return with memories of being Jason Quartermaine and reconcile the two decades of being a mob hitman! That’s a story I’d like to to see. I think Jason Morgan is much more difficult to successfully recast but a fresh take on Jason Quartermaine could really work.

    But who am I kidding? The writers aren’t very good. We will probably get Jason impregnating Nina while dating Kiki and being best friend’s with Spencer because this show is argh.

  3. I know this is heresy, but I’m enjoying Patrick/Sam a whole lot more than I enjoyed the early days of Robin/Patrick. I never liked the pairing much until after the Metro Court hostage crisis. I like JT, he’s a good actor. But the Patrick/Robin pairing was mostly terribly written, and as a friend likes to point out, the best thing that ever happened to them was Robin’s ‘death.’ However, Sam and Patrick are friends, they have mutual respect, they have fun together, and he has a soapy secret he’s kept from her. I like this slow build they’re getting, I like them together, I hope that the Jason recast doesn’t derail it too badly, because Sam’s a whole lot more fun with Patrick than she was with Jason or is with Silas.

    As for Jason – haven’t missed him. Think recasting characters who’ve been played by the same actor by over a decade is stupid, especially when the character’s already been written off. Don’t care that he’s coming back, wish they weren’t doing it.

    • I think Robin and Patrick have always had better chemistry than writing. I mean, blog wars, anyone? Their early material had good moments, but terrible stories. I like them as a couple, but if she’s not around, and the choice is Sabrina or Sam for him? It’s a no brainer.

  4. I’ve not missed Lucky or Robin (except as a friend for Elizabeth) and Jason is third runner up. I also seriously dislike Elizabeth & Nic and his hair is a good place to start. Sabrina is annoying and I like carlos better than her. Patrick & Sam-I don’t care she holds no interest for me no matter who she is with–though I did like John McB with her–TPTB screwed that up.
    I loved BM on Y&R so hope this works out as long as he isn’t the ‘pod’ Jason that was a sad few years and I for one was glad to see SBu leave because he was sooooo boring from ’09 until he hit that water.

  5. I am a die hard Liason fan and recently watched the 1999 scenes of the couple when Liz is wearing her elf costume!…. on youtube. eek! Those were good times,..sigh. What I loved about Liason was the chemistry between BH and SBu, which is very hard to duplicate with a recast.

    Sabrina makes me laugh with her so not being tough attitude.

    Yes! I prefer Lucas with Brad. Felix is a wet blanket.

    Nik and Liz make me really, really, ill,,, BUT, I just can’t with another Lucky Spencer filling up the port with his tears.

    • while I don’t dislike Lucas-Brad isn’t all that– he’s friends/roommates with britch so that pretty much says it all. They do nothing for me–RC may be trying to recreate Fish from OLTL but it isn’t going to happen with these guys because so far they have no point on GH. I like Felix and he should find a better guy than either of those two.

        • I feel about her the same as I do Sam–almost. Yes when they are the bitches they both do so much better and while I don’t like either of them at least they are watchable and my FF button doesn’t get such a work-out. I do think KT is a better actress than the material she is given.

  6. I wasn’t missing Jason at all, but I heard rumors (not spoilers) of him coming back with both Jason Q and Jason M memories. Now if Jason Q, who remembers how much he actually really did love his family and wanted to be a doctor to help people and take after his parents, wakes up remembering all that and how Sonny and Carly turned him on his family and made him a killer…that sounds like high drama to me. Also, I love Billy Miller’s acting, so I’m kind of excited (of course that’s if it plays out like this)

  7. I have to say, I’m not really a fan of recasts in general. There are exceptions to that (Laura Wright is a great Carly, and in fact so was Tamara Braun before her – but even then, the three main Carlys feel like subtly different characters), and I certainly understand why they’re necessary sometimes, but it almost never feels like the same character I loved with a different actor in the role. (Lucky has been recast too many times already, frankly, and personally I never felt that the recasts measured up to Jonathan Jackson. What that character needs is better writing, not a new actor.)

    Where there hasn’t been a chance for any actor to truly make the role their own yet, that’s a different matter (a Serena recast would be no big deal), but a character like Jason who was played by the same actor for over 20 years? Whether you like him as a character or not, it’s hard to imagine Jason as anyone but Steve Burton.

  8. I’m not sure how to feel about Jason coming back. Carly and Sonny are still eating the show and pretty sure Jason will just make it worse.
    I have no knowledge of this new actor, but it will be odd. .SB is Jason. And a big part of my liason love was because of the cchemistry between the actors. I’m a little upset they may finally get their chance as a recast. And also, worried because I’m not sure I trust their story in these writer’s hands.

  9. In my opinion, a Lucky recast is less problematic precisely because the character has been on and off the show, and played by different actors (when Jonathan Jackson came back, some viewers were upset because to them, Greg Vaughan was Lucky). Moreover, Lucky’s absence has been so badly written that he’s now getting the Felicia treatment, ie, a character who would not abandon his children if written in character is now a deadbeat dad. So, yes, if they’re going to recast a core character, I think Lucky Spencer should have topped the list, not just because of his relationship with Elizabeth, but because he has multiple family members on the canvas whose various trials and tribulations would reasonably involve him.

    Jason, on the other hand, died in a way that was completely consistent with how he lived. And they should have left him dead. I have no interest in seeing Jason struggle AGAIN to reclaim any part of his past life. I have no interest in Jason, full stop. But even if I did, I wouldn’t want him back played by another actor, even though I’m no fan of Steve Burton. I would feel the same about any character played by the same actor for that length of time (Sonny, Robin, Luke, etc). It’s just a weird thing to do. I thought the same thing about the recent Ridge recast on B&B. Ronn Moss is a terrible actor; Thorsten Kaye is a better one. It doesn’t matter. RM just IS Ridge Forrester at this point. And Steve Burton is Jason. I don’t understand why they didn’t either write Billy Miller a whole new character or cast him as someone not so firmly associated with a single performer; especially since Jason’s absence has been so good for the show overall.

  10. BM could have played Dillon, one of Jimmy Lee Holt’s son looking for his share of the Quartermaine wealth, etc…. I just don’t want to see another Lucky after the last go around.

  11. I would like to see Lucky again, mainly because I don’t think the character has been properly written since JJ left the first time. We had the disastrous Jacob Young recast, combined with terrible writing; and then Greg Vaughn, who was just all wrong for the character as he’d been written and played originally. Bringing back JJ should have helped to correct a lot of wrongs – at least Lucky got his brains back – but the writing for the most part was terrible, and Lucky was just a morose presence for most of that time. But it’s annoying to me that Lucky Spencer is off somewhere ignoring his children, as well as his siblings. I would like to see both a recast and a fresh take on the character that would get Lucky back to the personality he had originally. There are plenty of relationships that they could explore for him – not just Elizabeth, there’s also Maxie and Sam. The timing is also perfect – presumably, everyone is about to find out that Luke has an evil doppleganger and is missing.

    Obviously TPTB don’t agree with me, but that’s my opinion.

  12. I would have a problem with Jason coming back, except that I don’t think we’d get a returned-to-life-A.J. back until Jason does. And now the rumors of Muhney-as-A.J. are becoming as omnipresent as Miller-as-Jason.

    Plus, my hunch is Miller’s going to be playing more of a Quartermaine-y version.

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