Here he comes to save the day! Mighty Jason on his way!

So, Crichton-Clark is no more and the final score is: two Cassadines down, one not actually a Cassadine after all, and the most fabulous Cassadine — along with her fabulous gams — back among the living.

Helena returns


Although considering Stavros has now “died” a BAZILLION times, if I were Dante, I would have spent a little less time hugging my wife and a little more time giving him a triple tap to the head followed by a bullet in every major organ, burning the body, and scattering the ashes to the four corners. But if soap characters ever stopped to really make sure the bodies of super-villains were dead dead, 99.9% of the plot would never happen.

Anyway, things that were super good for me in the last few days, in no particular order:

1) AVENGE ME! Kudos, Peter Harrell, Sr. That was an amazing exit for a character no one remembers or cares about. (And kudos to the casting director for finding an actor who looks so much like an older version of the OG Peter Harrell that I literally didn’t realize they weren’t the same person until IMDBing them just now.)

Maxie and Nathan shooting lesson

2) Maxie and Nathan kissing and having a sexy firearm lesson on top of a pile of corpses. Will. Never. Stop. Cracking. Me up. But at least one of those corpses was Levi, and she got to stab him for herself. I might have stood up and clapped.

3) The longest self-destruct sequence in the world! Hope there weren’t any any legitimate patients languishing in comas at Crichton-Clark, because now they’re toast. (Do all Cassadine lairs come standard with a self-destruct mechanism? What am I saying, of course they do. Spoon Island is probably actually a volcano in disguise.)

4) Kathleen Gati’s luminous hair, because Mutti Dearest has really been working it the past few days. I guess you sort of have to look amazing while murdering old lovers and dropping vague paternity hints? (DAMN IT, I WANTED NATHAN TO BE A CASSADINE.)

Sam and Patrick KISSING

5) Patrick and Sam’s super hot make out. I’m glad we got in at least one good grope before you-know-who shows up to probably wreck everything. And I love Patrick running home to gossip about it with his BFF, Liz.

6) Helena’s sigh of put upon annoyance after Jason killed her minions. I know, Hels. It is so hard to get decent henchmen these days.

On a related note, things that are puzzling me: the bizarre decision to reunite Jason and Robin — both awake and alive for the first time in two years — while he’s a mute and headless body double.

Robin and Jason reunited


I realize it’s tricky because they don’t actually have Burton and they’re clearly going to somehow acknowledge the face change when Miller comes on. But I mean… seriously? Both of them thought the other one was dead, and for the reveal we’re only playing half the scene? Lame.


14 thoughts on “Here he comes to save the day! Mighty Jason on his way!

  1. I happy that someone like that make-out scene b.c I did not. As a Scrubs fan I find it crazy that Patrick has not figured out that his wife is in danger and that she lied to him. He is too busy trying to get some from someone he barely has a friendship with.

    There is guy on twitter (I only read them) who thinks they have been friends this whole time and that Patrick confided in Sam while Robin was pregnant…maybe he meant Sabrina b.c they never had scenes all those years! He was only in the room with her when he was busy saving Jason. This was especially the case when she asked him to save Jason again after Robin ‘died’ and he was furious with her.

    Patrick did explain things well to Liz but where is anyone defending Robin??? When is someone going to ask him to truly fight for his marriage….a marriage that almost ended after he cheated!!! This is just not the Patrick we know and love….. its almost like he is going back to his horn-dog routine with line he gave Sam b4 they kissed. I am so disappointed in the writing…

    I do want to say that I do like Sam to a point-the obsession with Jason gets too much sometimes-buts it probably b.c they gave her a brother with FXS, which is what my son has…..would love to know who has a connection to FXS in the GH family.

    Did like seeing Helena but I am done with the Robin being held hostage s/l. They can find another way to have her off and on screen.

    • I thought Sam’s conversation with Alexis was a pretty good summary of how her friendship with Patrick developed. She acknowledged the way they were at odds over Jason for a long time, and how they began supporting each other after each of their spouses “died” and through Danny’s health issues.

      They certainly have not been friends for the majority of each character’s time on the show, but over the course of the last year and a half or so, that relationship has developed at a slow enough, organic pace that I find its sudden turn into something more to be completely believable. It certainly makes more sense to me than his relationship with Sabrina (or Sam’s with Silas, for that matter) ever did.

      In terms of Robin, I’m not sure how Liz could defend her, while not knowing the truth about where she is and why. She’s encouraging Patrick to fight for his marriage, but she can’t really defend Robin’s apparent abandonment of her family.

      • As a viewer, I also think that it is unfair to ask Patrick to fight of his marriage. From what he knows, she has been hanging out an hour away from home and hasn’t come to see his daughter, who is crying out for her mommy on a regular basis. I love my husband, but that if that was me with my child, I would also be royally pissed at my spouse and not want to lift a damn finger to reunite with someone who isn’t showing any sign of wanting to come home to family.

        • I hear what both of you are saying and agree to a point. I just feel that parts of this s/l dont ring true to Robin and Patrick and who they have been this whole time. He should have known she was lying and now for sure that she is in danger, he did think it was Victor that caused the accident until Sabrina said otherwise…

          Again, its the writing that’s bothering me.

  2. Loved that the first thing that Maxie and Nathan did after she stabbed Levi in the back was have a hot and heavy make-out session. I guess killing Levi got Maxie all hot and bothered and she forgot all those reasons she had given Nathan before about doubting her feelings for him. And yes, I was really hoping that Nathan was a Cassadine. Seriously if his father isn’t Victor or Faison, who could possibly be worse than those two? And what a waste to have all those Jason and Robin scenes with a body double? What was the point if it wasn’t going to be Billy Miller? Loved the Helena reveal though. She certainly looked fabulous!

  3. The only parts of those scenes that made me smile was Helena (naturally) and Dr. O those two are almost worth the mostly wasted hour. The other stuff not so much. Nathan is to damned dumb to be a Cassadine, though Nic is close. I have no problem with Patrick & Sam if there is full disclosure -Elizabeth should be able to tell him the things Sam has done in the past (while also telling her own ‘moment of weakness’) and has apparently been forgotten because she is suddenly the new saint of PC–lol. Patrick should also own up to Robin/Jason’s ‘it’s alive’ status. if they forgive each other then I say go for it. It’s all a useless setup for when BM arrives and discovers he has a family and he is married to the other side of the mob, a partner who killed his brother and a BFF who is with Franco and knows Sonny killed Michael’s father. Should be some fun times-I’m still hoping he isn’t ‘pod’ Jason but a new improved JQ/JM combo.
    As for the other stuff in the clinic it was in a word–stupid. I did FF through that part. Of course it is MHO

    • The show has completely whitewashed Sam to the point where her sleeping with Ric was barely a blip during her conversation with Silas, and the writers know very well they can not mention their leading heroine terrorizing baby Jake at gunpoint, ever!

      I enjoyed seeing Patrick finally talking to his “best person” since Liz helped him for months after Robin died and the two have been friends since 2005!

      Nothing says love in the afternoon like swapping spit over two men bleeding out at your feet!

      I enjoyed seeing Helena, Victor and Stavros. However, where are the younger Cassadine villains?!

    • “Nathan is to damned dumb to be a Cassadine” THIS! The various members of this family are many things but they are NOT as dumb as a box of hair. I cannot understand how the fabulous Dr. O managed to give birth to such a boring, dim-witted child. The idea that he could possibly have been her child with Victor? No.

  4. I only have a problem with Sam/Patrick when Robin pops in. I just have such affection for Robin I automatically root for her.
    I have never watched Billy Miller and so do not know his style. For those who are familiar with him do you think his acting will have an effect on Jason or can you see him doing Stone Cold?
    Agree with the Robin scenes. When they have KM I’m not sure why they insist on keeping her so separate and under used.

    • I have watched and loved BM for years on Y&R and he played the role of Billy Abbott as a lovable screw-up with a mostly good heart. He was wonderful in the scenes where his daughter Delia dies. He does romance very well and I think he and becky will meld because she is a very open actress and thinks of her fellow actors not herself only in scenes. I think he will do well as Jason as long as he’s written well–it’s RC so can’t count on that. I’m hoping he keeps the amnesia I keep hearing about for a long time I want to see another side to Jason not that same old crap that the action hero SBu played. I’d like for him not to revert to killing everyone in sight. BM will do that kind of character with no problem but I’ve never seen him in anything other than Y&R so not sure if he can do Stonecold but I’d be happy if he didn’t. he didn’t pull off the part where Adam ‘dies’ because Billy had him at gun point and didn’t really try to save him–IMHO. MM was great in those scenes also. BM’s a good actor so I’m giving him a chance.

      • Thank you for great answer.
        I’m curious but nervous. I really do not want the show to become the Carly/Sonny/Jason show pt. 2. Though imo it is still the Carly/Sonny show. Back in the day when I loved to watch those three the show was balanced with Qs, Jones, Spencers and etc.

  5. I thought the clinic stuff was fabulous – old school GH. RP is terrible, but everyone else was balls-to-the-wall committed to the camp. I think the show has done a great job building Patrick and Sam, and I’m sad that a recast Jason and KMc’s drop-in status are probably going to derail them. I wish she’d either leave the show or come back to the show, because the writers don’t seem to know how to manage her intermittent status well, and it’s just going to keep stalling any story Patrick gets. And personally, I think his current STORY is the best he’s gotten. The writing for Robin and Patrick was mostly awful; the writing for Sam and Patrick has been much better. If they’re going to write Robin as placing Jason’s well-being above her daughter’s, then I wish they’d write her an exit story taking both Robin and Jason off into the sunset for good.

  6. I’m shallow so I would have totally shipped Sam and Patrick based on prettiness alone but they also happen to have chemistry! And some actual decent build up writing-wise! I’m kind of angry at myself now for liking them so much together because I know it’s probably not going to end well.

  7. I like Nathan and Maxie. I thought the clinic scenes were over the top but to be expected when dealing with Cassadines. I agree that Helena’s hair and makeup looked pretty great considering she had been in stasis. I also liked how she had an immaculate designer wardrobe waiting for her. lol!

    As for Sam and Patrick, I like their growing friendship and attraction. It makes sense given they have been through similar things over the past 1-2 years and have been spending more time together. It also makes sense given that they don’t know what the audience knows. I hope that the writers are not going to rush the romance and focus more on the friendship for now.

    I never bought Patrick and Sabrina. Sabrina was a horrible story for Patrick and Sam/Silas have been awful since the focus shifted to Nina.

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