Five Things About Revenge: “Disclosure”

1. I’m sorry to report that the Nolan Hair Situation continues unabated. WHEN WILL OUR LONG NATIONAL NIGHTMARE END? Not soon enough, my friends. Not nearly soon enough.

Nolan blue suit

He did make up for it — slightly — by wearing this outfit while planting whale shaped bugs all over the place. If he wears a different, amazingly patterned bright blue suit in every episode this season, I might forgive the hair. (That is a lie. NO FORGIVENESS.)

2. David kidnapped Victoria and spirited her back to his batcave! So he could ask her nicely if she’d betrayed him. Because he’s had two decades to unravel the same conspiracy it took Emily three years to figure out and destroy, but he STILL hasn’t figured out that Queen V is the devil incarnate.

(He’s also got no idea that Emily is Amanda, because living in the batcave has apparently removed his ability to remember both Nolan’s phone number and his own daughter’s facial structure.)

David and Victoria

I sure hope he’s pulling a long con, because right now I’m already rooting for Vicky to stab him in the back. Again. Some more.

3. So, Charlotte’s just a cold-blooded killer now? Well, okay then. I’m pretty sure the reaction the writers were going for with that last scene was more shock and less eye-rolling, but what I mostly felt was annoyance that they have apparently given up on ever making her character anything other than a walking, talking plot point.

At least the apple sure does not fall far from the tree. Charlotte is the perfect combination of her bio father’s naive stupidity, her adopted father’s rage issues, and her mother’s penchant for over-the-top, impulse revenge murder.

Charlotte takes out Emily

4. Daniel and Margaux revenge team up! I’d be more entertained by that if I cared about any of the people involved, but it’s always nice to see a good take down come together. Although if that was really all it took to get rid of Gideon for good, that’s a big waste of a really long build up. And also, seriously? Other than his penchant for casual murder, how much of a threat could he have been if he fell for a set up that obvious?

Anyway, so long, Gideon. May you and your nasty hair and complete failure to even attempt a French accent stay in prison forever.

Jack's partner

5. Jack’s new partner sure is awfully curious about Emily. I’m sure that’s just because he thinks she’s hot and not at all because he has some secret agenda!


3 thoughts on “Five Things About Revenge: “Disclosure”

  1. Dolphins.. Those were dolphin shaped bugs he was planting. Nolan despite the hair is still the best character by miles on this show.

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