A little bit of that old black magic.

Probably every soap fan has that one couple they love beyond all logic or reason. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed or how much the characters have changed. They’re in your heart until you die.

(Embarrassing true fact: even on my deathbed I will probably be able to give an impromptu soliloquy about Sonny and Brenda and the alley kiss. THEY HAD A BEAUTIFUL LOVE. LET ME EXPLAIN WHY.)

Elizabeth and Jason

Mummy Jason

So I guess it’s not shocking that even a new face isn’t enough to kill my love for these two. I’m just such a sucker for amnesiac Jason, people. (Third time’s the charm?) This time around, he’s less angry rebel and more sad puppy with tragic eyes, and I think I speak for both myself and Elizabeth when I say: we can live with that.

Things that were good for me, in no particular order: All that long, lingering eye contact. Jason remembering Liz when he couldn’t even remember his own name. That desperate hand grab when she tried to walk away. The fact that even when they don’t know each other, she’s still saving his life and he’s still listening to her without judgment.

ELIZABETH: I’m sorry.
JASON: For what?
ELIZABETH: It’s not very professional of me to be sharing personal stories with a patient, or to be breaking down like this.
JASON: I’m glad I could listen.
ME: [quietly dies]


It’s probably foolish to get my hopes up, because this show’s track record of giving me what I want has been truly terrible lately. (See also: Julian, and all his choices.) But oh em gee, you guys. If we get a slow burn re-connection between Liz and Jason while Sam is off adventuring and having hot, playful dream sex with Patrick, I could forgive a lot.

Samtrick kiss1


Speaking of which, Sam getting to use her expertise and take good guys out of their comfort zones is apparently my kryptonite? It was true with Lucky and it’s true with Patrick. I love that she gets to be the more adventurous one with him. She’s not his sidekick — she’s the Han Solo to his Luke Skywalker, damn it!

(Adorable conversation or most adorable conversation?) (Thank you, Disney synergy!)

I will seriously scream if they mess this up just to throw her and Jason back together again.


14 thoughts on “A little bit of that old black magic.

  1. hate, hate, hate that they’ve given him amnesia……he just has to rewrite guza’s story…


    but I hope that they keep them together this time….

  2. I wish they hadn’t brought the character back at all; but since they have, amnesia’s as good a way to bring him back and adjust to the recast as any. I much prefer that to the other soap trope, which is the character willfully hiding his or her identity from loved ones while lurking. I will say that Billy Miller is already more expressive in the role while covered in bandages than Steve Burton ever was.

  3. ohhh…dangit..This is gonna pull me back in. I thought I had escaped the GH sinkhole but I am a diehard Jason and Liz fan as well. I gotta watch, especially if they do a slow burn. I admit I thought I was a Steve Burton fan (read…stalker) all this time, but I have yet to watch one episode of Y&R with him being added and I’m really kinda hype about JASON returning to Port Charles. I did like Mr. Miller as Billy Abbott soooo I am feeling hopeful…is that a good or bad thing when it comes to GH?

  4. I like that he has flashes of Elizabeth memories, but doesn’t know his own name-because the second he does, my dream of Patrick and Sam starts dying.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly. I was already a Billy Miller fan, a Rebecca Herbst fan, and a Jason/Elizabeth fan, so I had high hopes. The scenes certainly delivered, with great dialogue, memory flashes, and wild chemistry. I’m hooked. I hope the show goes the distance this time.

  6. I’m too busy with the feels that FINALLY Natasha was able to vent her wrath at a man who didn’t punish her for doing so! Julian took it like a man in ways Sonny, Ric and Ned couldn’t handle. The ball’s in his court. Waiting to see what he’ll do next. That’s what has my attention right now.

    Who’s Jason again?

  7. O…M…G I want to marry this post. I could not agree more. Billy Miller, even all bandaged up, is making me swoon. Liason 2.0 pleeeease. GH’s track record with giving Liz any kind of proper love story..SUCKS. I’ve been burned so many times before. But my hopes are up. They’re up in the clouds for this paring. Please don’t burn me again GH.

  8. Having not seen Billy Miller before, and not needing the character back, plus having to give up my recent dream of MimeJason!, so far I think he’s doing a good job, although I admit I haven’t seen enough to make a firm opinion. However the flashbacks are another thing. Because bitch doesn’t age. And that just isn’t fair.

    • Hahaha. Yes Rebecca Herbst hasn’t aged in twenty years. Its maddening. I didn’t want Jason back until I found out if was Billy Miller playing him. I’ve loved him since AMC. His such a good actor it irks me that he’s not on primetime. In my book Billy Miller can do no wrong. GH better not f that up.

  9. Yes! Liz and Jason are one of those couples for me, too —the one I just can’t get out of my head or stop loving, no matter how badly they are thrown under the bus, stomped on and torn apart by tiny, spunky brunettes. :)

    I am way too excited to see their chemistry when NuJason is able to actually stand up.

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