The more things change…

Every now and then I wonder how this hospital can possibly still be in business — even if their primary competition is THOSE BUTCHERS AT MERCY.*

I mean, the Chief of Staff is a known super criminal who’s been arrested for murder, kidnapping, and probably terrorism at least three times in the last year alone. They usually only have one competent doctor at a time in any specialty. And apparently, nurses can just decide to spend days camping out in the room of a single patient if they feel like it.

Liz sees Jason


But then I remember that they also have doctors capable of performing brain surgery through a person’s neck. And their success rate at healing mysterious contagions, amnesia, and tumors that make you see dead people is pretty impressive.

And now it seems they have a plastic surgeon who can completely rearrange your facial structure and have you out of your bandages two days later with what looks like a few scrapes and a bad sunburn?



I guess for service like that, a person might put up with the occasional toxic ball leak.

In any case, the new Jason Morgan has a face! And it is not a bad face! Things we know about him so far: He still knows when Liz is lying about her feelings. He still enjoys her when she’s catty. He still gets adorably overprotective when someone’s disrespecting her. And he still trusts her to figure out her own life.

(Also, unlike certain other Jasons I could name, he is capable of a healthy scruff.)

Meanwhile! I just thought you should know that Britt and Brad’s friendship continues to be BEAUTIFUL and EVERYTHING TO ME.

Britt and Brad besties

BRITT: See, I knew you’d be happy to get rid of you.
BRAD: I’m not happy to get rid of you.
BRITT: You’re not?
BRAD: No! You’re my best friend. I’m gonna miss you.

OH, MY SWEET AMORAL BABIES! I really wish he’d be a good bro and tell her to stop parting her otherwise super cute haircut in the middle, though.

*That this line was said at all will never stop being the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, sorry. THOSE BUTCHERS.**
**Meanwhile, the doctors at Mercy just snicker to themselves and quietly update the “__ Days Since the Last Toxic Ball Leak/Lab Explosion/Hostage Situation” sign in their break room.


14 thoughts on “The more things change…

  1. The story with Liz and Jake is going way too fast! Jake should have been in ICU with Liz worried that her new patient was not going to make it instead of waking up three hours afte major surgery and a new face!

    • unfortunately that’s the way these writers do everything too fast and in a jerky-jerky way. I’m liking Lake (as I’ve seen them called). BM does that characterization good/bad boy so well with a side of humor something SBu rarely did. By the end of this week it will have been a month and he will have that beautiful face ready to show the rest of PC.

  2. I like lake as well…yes it should have lasted longer…but I’m glad that it didn’t….everything else is dragging beyond all get out….so I’m glad that this is one story that went fast…even if it’s not believable…


  3. No offense intended, but I’m going to log a protest against “Lake.” I detest mashup names in general, but that’s one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen.

  4. I agree, although I, too hate mash-up names nearly as much as I hate emoticons/emojis, and those things are the work of the devil.

    Back on point, however, Brad and Britt are love. Brad and Lucas are pure joy. Thank you for pointing out the happy that is Brad and Britt.

  5. I have to admit I was surprised that they decided to go with a new face. So I wonder what happens if new guy decides to leave and SB ever comes back?
    Been trying to catch it on YouTube, because Liz! With screen time! But the whole Sonny/Carly/Franco thing just grosses me out.

    • OLTL (under RC) had the same issue when Roger Howarth returned to the role he created as Todd Manning and they simply explained it that the current “Todd Manning” played by Trevor St. John was the identical twin brother with plastic surgery after a horrific beating that left him needing a new face. Yes, only on a soap opera can you have two actors that are NOT the same age and with different eye color written as previously being identical twins!

      So, if SB ever decides to return to GH, BM will probably be written as the actual twin that Susan Moore supposedly gave birth to which rings false since I was watching the show back then, turn out to be “identical twins”…Jason and Jake…

  6. They had the same problem earlier on OLTL when James Depaiva left and Nicholas Walker took over the role of Max Holden. They gave him plastic surgery and then reverse plastic surgery if I recall correctly. I’m loving the scenes between nuJason and Liz, although I agree that the idea that she could spent hours just sitting by his bedside is ridiculous. Now that Obrecht is out of jail expect that to change fast! When Ava thought she was going into premature labor, my first thought was, isn’t there another hospital in PC? Why couldn’t she and Morgan go to Mercy? And what happened to the original free clinic that Alan and Tony were running down on the waterfront? Did it disappear along with the Outback?

  7. How many free clinics does this show need? It’s like when Carly kept opening clubs on GH and abandoning them. The club she opened with Skye, the one at Kelly’s etc. The Metro Court is the longest job she’s had on this show.

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