Five Things About Revenge: “Meteor”

1. Good lord, Revenge. I honestly have no idea where this season is going, plot-wise, or how they’re possibly going to stretch things out for 18 more episodes. Almost everyone knows every secret at this point, and the few secrets they have left rely entirely on contrivance.

(Trufax: when Jack was handed a golden opportunity to see David and just NOPED on out of the station instead, I nearly screamed.)

Emily finds the truth

See also: David’s continued failure to reach out to Nolan. Which seems even more blatantly weird in the face of Nolan’s intensely devastated reaction to the news. And kudos to both Gabriel Mann and Emily VanCamp for those scenes — Nolan’s shock was perfect, but he’s always so much more demonstrative. Whereas Ems is normally such a stoic character that showing genuine emotional distress could be tricky. But VanCamp always nails it.

(Except for when Aiden died. Then it just made me laugh, because I have no soul.) (Hey, guys. Did you know Aiden is still dead? AIDEN’S STILL DEAD.)

Ems and Nolan see David

2. ALSO, EVERYTHING ABOUT NOLAN AND EMILY’S RELATIONSHIP THIS SEASON IS GOLD. Which is good, because the rest of the plot could literally be made of garbage (which it is), but if they’re getting Nolan and Emily right, I am happy (which I am). I mean, he’s basically moved himself into her house to be her personal security system! Giving her tough love about all her terrible life choices! Calling her babe!

He’s truly her partner/emotional touchstone and even when she’s chaffing at his over-protectiveness, there’s no real question of her not putting up with it. THEY’RE THE BEST.

David's lie

3. David is really working the crazy eyes/civil war beard combo. And if nothing else, this episode demonstrated that he’s an accomplished liar under pressure, so I’m maintaining a tiny hope that he’s working some kind of long con on Victoria. Not sure why he’d sneak into Emily’s with a knife if he didn’t completely trust Victoria’s word, but when has something like that stopped this show before? (Also, am I the only one who thinks sketchy Officer Ben might be working with him?)

4. Victoria’s mothering technique in this episode was kind of amazing. Here, Daniel! Take some of this money I scammed out of your only friend in the world! Oh, Charlotte — it’s been two days since you nearly jumped off a roof and murdered your sister. WELL, MAYBE I’LL RESPECT YOU WHEN YOU DESERVE IT.

Slow clap, Queen V. You’ve outdone yourself.

Daniel's stalker

5. I can’t quite figure out Victoria’s stalker. Is she just a genuine crazy person who’s latched onto Victoria and now wants to be close to her? Or does she have some sinister other agenda? Either way, because her plan revolves around seducing Daniel, I can’t really bring myself to care.

(And unfortunately, because he’s the type of rich person who doesn’t understand the meaning of budgeting for hard times, he takes her first payment and immediately moves back into the luxury accommodations to which he has become accustomed. So basically, we could be saddled with this plot forever.)


One thought on “Five Things About Revenge: “Meteor”

  1. Emily and Nolan are made of win, win! I love the BFF relationship and can not describe the utter joy that Aiden is, dead! Dead! Dead! Yes!!!!!!!

    I agree it does not make any sense for David not to reach out to Nolan, unless he’s hell bent on making Victoria pay for her crimes and does not want him in the crosshairs.

    I like Margo, but it is time to send her out of town for good before she either ends up pregnant with Daniel’s baby, or lose her company to the Grayson’s.

    David’s reveal should have come out during November sweeps.

    Yes, Victoria’s sort of friend from the clinic is going to end up scamming Daniel.

    Charlotte is such a whiny baby.

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