You can’t spell UGH without GH.

Remember a few months ago when Sonny had just cheated on Dante’s mother with Morgan’s girlfriend over his guilt at killing Michael’s father, and it really seemed possible that all of Sonny’s sons would soon be united in hating him at the same time? That was a nice fantasy.

Morgan and Sonnyfight

MORGAN: This whole time, Ava knew that you shot AJ, and she was using that to protect herself for when you found out that she killed Connie.
SONNY: She played me, but I fell for it, Morgan. Do you understand?
MORGAN: You’ve been dealing with this all alone. And all I’ve done is make things harder for you.

No, you didn’t just have a stroke. Morgan really did just apologize for having the temerity to be angry when his father knocked his girlfriend up and then tried to kill her. THAT REALLY HAPPENED. At this rate, Michael will find out the truth and be planning father/son outings by the end of the week.

This is why we cant have nice things, GH. Also, this:

SHAWN: Okay, you’ve got me. I’m off to kill Ava. And then it’s onto Julian! And after that, it’s that ice cream man who keeps playing that same tune outside Sonny’s house. [laughs]
JORDAN: So you think this is funny.
SHAWN: No, I just think you’d round up any excuse to get near me. You know, so you can bat your little eyelashes, and shimmy that rear to get me to revise my policy on you.


(What, Shawn? Kill people for money? What an ridiculous idea! Actually, it is ridiculous, but only because he is the single most incompetent hit man this show has ever had — and I include Max and Milo in that list. At least I don’t remember either of them ever busting in to kill someone and then standing around, shooting the shit with him for ten minutes instead.)



Meanwhile, Jason’s been busy practicing his German accent, brushing up on his 90s pop culture references, and enjoying whatever mystical healing waters the hospital witches use to remove all scarring a week after complete facial reconstruction.

Jake's sense of humor


If this newly discovered sense of whimsy seems a wee bit out of character, let me just remind you that Jason Quartermaine was once known for wearing things like this. Enough said.

And anyway, I can’t complain when it leads to exchanges like this:

JASON: Do you think I was funny before?
ELIZABETH: I don’t know. The brain works in mysterious ways.
JASON: Well, I am glad I could make you laugh. Because you have a beautiful smile.

Liz smile


It’s awkward, because I want them to bang SO HARD, but kind of not while she’s calling him by their dead son’s name. (#amnesia problems)


5 thoughts on “You can’t spell UGH without GH.

  1. New Jason is the BEST Jason! No wonder they call him Killer Miller, this actor is working the chemistry with everyone!

    And god, I can’t wait for Monday. Franco’s “Hell no!” Was so pretty.

  2. When it opened with Jason doing his German accent I think my jaw dropped. They do seem to be going in a new direction. I was worried after his interactions with Carly and Michael. I do hope they keep a little of his edge, loyalty, and protectiveness. Just not all for Sonny, Michael, and Sonny.
    The other story lines just leave a bad taste in my mouth.
    Also, I think they could easily cut out Silas, crazy wife, wife’s mom & side kick, Ava, Kiki, etc etc etc.
    And does Spencer need that much screen time?
    Oh Olivia and Sean could go too. Maybe try Jordan and Ned together?

  3. It has been shown on other TV shows that brain injuries can and will change a person, so I’m not surprised about the German accent with nuJason.

    Sonny is a sleaze ball day in and day out. Of course it is Ava’s fault that he shot and killed an unarmed man!

    My main issues with horrible characters (there are too many on GH to list!) is that RC tends to shrug off all of the chaos and move on to his next plot point without there ever being major and long consequences for their actions. Dr. O? Pffft. Let’s make her COS of the show’s title hospital! Sonny? Pffft. Let’s have Morgan cave like a fallen souffle instead of having a backbone and continue calling out his weasel of a father.

    I, too, get queasy with the fact that “Jake” has the same flipping name of our beloved Liason’s son! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  4. Until Monday, I can at least hold out hope that Morgan regains his senses. I was actually turning team Morgan. Between that, and liking Jason, I feel like I’m in bizarro world.

    Also, I was really hoping your Jason clothes link was the purple leotard. I guess it’s a bit early for Christmas.

  5. What the hell happened to MorganWithOutPity? I wanted to scream, ok, I did actually scream at ,my television when Sonny manipulated Morgan into giving up Ava so easily. I hate Sonny with the power of a thousand suns. He has ruined this show beyond redemption. The only little bit of joy I’m holding out for is the Wrath of Michael. He needs to hate Sonny and Carly forever. Sonny needs to be locked up in the smallest cell possible and left to rot for the rest of his days.
    I want to know what the hell happened to TFGH! The only good that comes from Jakeson is that we are at least getting scenes in the actual hospital.

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