It’s happening! It’s all finally happening!

You know, usually when Michael starts making his self-righteous murder face, my hand starts itching to slap him. It’s kind of Pavlovian? Self-righteous Michael is just usually one of the least-flattering flavors of Michael.

But oh, my friends. THIS WAS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES.

Angry Michael

Carly faces the music

It’s been eight months to the day since Sonny shot AJ in cold blood and I’m feeling a lot of feelings, y’all. Feelings that can best be conveyed in visual form:

CARLY: AJ loved you so much!
MICHAEL: I don’t need you to tell me what AJ felt for me! He came to Port Charles for me. He sacrificed everything for me. He faced down you and Sonny for me. But he told me over and over again how proud he was of me, how much he loved me, how much he respected me. Too bad I can’t say the same about you and Sonny.

McGonagall happy

FRANCO: You don’t care about Michael. You and Sonny only care about yourselves.
MICHAEL: He’s right. My whole life, you served Sonny when you weren’t serving yourself.


MICHAEL: Can I understand what you did? You heard my father’s dying words, found out Sonny shot him and left him on Ava’s floor to die like some piece of garbage. Then you helped Sonny cover it up. And then you helped me bury AJ.
CARLY: It wasn’t calculated, Michael. It wasn’t that–
MICHAEL: That–that what? That savage, that monstrous? That completely lacking in humanity and decency? In mercy? No, you’re right. I don’t understand.

batman reaction

MICHAEL: You lied to me over and over, and you made me believe that you and Sonny love me.
CARLY: We do love you. We’re your parents. We love you so much–
MICHAEL: Oh no. No no no no. You’re not my parents. My only parent is dead.

Sebastian Stan shock face

I just… that was really good for me. On a spiritual level.

Now, I’m not saying that Franco has finally justified his existence, because the fact that he still exists is a daily plague on my soap-viewing life. And we all know it’s not going to last, because this is still General Hospital and it will still be a cold day in hell before Sonny Corinthos faces any long term consequences for anything.

So, I’m just going to bask in the glow of this glorious temporary hatred for as long as I can:

CARLY: You don’t mean that.
MICHAEL: God forgive me, it took AJ dying for me to finally see you and Sonny for what you are. You’re dead to me.

troy crying

Oh, yeah. That’s the stuff.


15 thoughts on “It’s happening! It’s all finally happening!

  1. Oh. My. GOD…Did he really say “you’re dead to me!!” HOW awesomely poetic of them to have him say one Sonny’s favorite lines. I need to go watch that right now.

    …AND JASON is back too. Just in time to be his supportive loving uncle.

    Oh bliss.

    • Yeah. Yeah he did! Loved that he threw that line that Sonny throws around like it’s nothing – but this time, you know he meant it. Someday, years from now, Michael will talk to Carly. That’s his mom. But if the writers really want to make this rock – to have this mentioned with all the truly great GH storylines of yore and give us the payoff we’ve been waiting for for decades – Michael Quartermaine will totally cut Sonny off.

      My personal favorite was this line – “That–that what? That savage, that monstrous? That completely lacking in humanity and decency? In mercy? No, you’re right. I don’t understand.” That’s great writing *period.* Whoever wrote this episode needs to write all the episodes.

  2. I was actually up cheering not only for what he said–finally–but Chad D. started acting suddenly i’ve thought he was such a dud but he nailed those scenes. i’m looking for him to clean house top to bottom. GH needs to have Sonny in jail please they sent Steven Lars to jail and JZ send sonny and then carly for aiding and abetting. now if we could just get sam’s many sins outed I’d be back to watch GH full-time. I’m sick of the mob–please don’t drag supportive nujason back in.
    i was rotflmao when he said ‘you are dead to me.’

  3. I have to say they were all awesome yesterday. From the wedding to Nina/Ave stuff was amazing. Michael was awesome and I do hope his changes his name to Quartermaine.Sonny and Carly deserve each other. I hope they can do something with Franco and Nina.

    I never saw Billy Miller before but he has given life to Jason. At least the Jason I have seen for the years I have been watching, which isn’t that many….I think 05, when Scrubs started and RS came back. Anyway, I agree that he has actually given Jason emotions and facial expressions!! I need to see him with Sam and Danny to decide who he is better with…her or Liz. Also they should have been able to figure out who he is by now…Patrick should have recognized Jason’s brain in his sleep…but he is too busy trying to get into Sam’s pants.

    • YT old Liason scenes from 1999 onward and Jason always had facial expressions while in scenes with Liz, but they seem to stop around the time that Frons took over the show.

      • I have seen some old stuff on YT. He did have some expressions even back with Robin but not like this. It certainly did stop when he took over but maybe that’s when Burton got tired of playing him. Who knows.

  4. Sure, I realize that unfortunately Michael will eventually “come around”, but until that horrifying day comes, I will devour this like a giant banana split with a flaming rum sauce. And I can not wait until he goes off on Sonny. If he hurls barware with another “deadtome” I don’t think I’ll be able to contain myself.

  5. Seriously GH needs to finally have Sonny go to jail. His ‘I have claustrophobia’ excuse is just not cutting it. If Johnny Z and Steven Lars, not to mention Michael can to prison, so can Sonny. And then Johnny Z and Sonny can have scenes, where he teaches Sonny the ropes so to speak. Give Maurice a 6 or 7 month vacation and then bring him back. I might actually start to care about the character again if he actually pays for his sins. I mean this is a man who has no qualms at shooting an unarmed man (Hi Dante!) before. And I would love it if Michael changed his name legally to Michael Quartermaine.

  6. I caught that scene you transcribed and it was beautiful. I’m thinking Jason and Sonny are going to hate each other. One can hope.
    I do not see Sonny with a long term prison sentence unless MB leaves. I’m ok with that as long as there is the Michael consequences. I really hope to see MB shine here. Ican remember when he could bring it, saw it again briefly with robin dying.
    Many reasons I dislike the S/C pairing but one is the actors.To me they have a pretty good friends vibe.They never had the romantic chem like MB hadwith SB&TB. Really withLW’s Carly I’ve only really felt it with Jax & AJ. Sigh. AJ on the show right now.

  7. About the people in jail…i would like to free these people already…first and foremost MATT!! He did a service to the citizens of PC by offing Lisa…Free him already!! Patrick needs him badly.

    I have read rumors about some actors being let go…some I am happy about and one in particular not so happy….if true.

  8. What I loved, besides all the stuff you mentioned, is that fact that Dante told Michael right away that they suspected Sonny. He is the only decent human being in that group. At least someone still respects Michael. If only he had a decent girl friend whose shoulders he could cry on. Alas, instead he’ll have to deal with wanting to disown Kiki and Morgan as well. Poor Michael. I hope he goes to live with the Q’s and never looks back.

    • Yes! I was really pleased to see them emphasize how Dante treats Michael with honesty and respect yesterday. I would be so happy if the result of all this is Michael disowning his entire family except for Dante and maybe Molly, moving in with the Qs, tossing Kiki to the curb and having a hot fling with an older woman. SO HAPPY.

      • You want him to disown Kristina too? She had literally zero involvement in this story. I hope he forgives Morgan eventually. Morgan was stuck between the rockiest rock and the hardest hard place – he made a dumb decision, but I can forgive a 19 year old kid.

        I hope he leads a resurgence for the Q’s though. Watched the scenes in the Q living room after Alan died recently – really disgusting that they’ve all been massacred off while the mafioso is still kicking and was parenting the Q heir. Alan and Emily should have been alive to welcome AJ and Jason back and to mourn Edward – really gross that Edward had to be predeceased by his son and grandkids, not to mention the horror that is Monica’s existence.

        I don’t like most of RC’s writing, but I will take all the Nina if it gets me *this* payoff.

        • Well, personally, I would have disowned Kristina for being terminally annoying a long time ago. But no, I just wasn’t really counting her at all while she’s off the show.

  9. Squeee! Since AJ’s funeral I haven’t watched much at all but I’ve been checking here hoping maybe someday this story would play out. Youtubed back to 11/4 through yesterday and so SO good. CD is a pretty good actor when he’s got something to work with. He totally did justice to a long, long story arch. So good to see him tell Carly that she only ever cared about herself and Sonny. Magnificent the part where he lays into Sonny w “you cost me my whole life with my real father”. Good gooooooood stuff. I see KiKi still just wanders the town w a furrowed a brow saying “Michael! Michael!” Can’t have everything I suppose.

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