Five Things About Revenge: “Damage”

1. I’d like to say this post was delayed due to my intense distress over certain Nolan developments. But the truth is that it’s just been a busy week. My bad.

Nevertheless: MY POOR BABY, NOLAN! That was heartbreaking in about ten thousand ways, starting with how happy and proud he was that David sought him out and wanted his support, and ending with that devastating line comparing him to his real — also abusive — father.

Nolan hurt

All right, David Clarke: I put up with you trusting Victoria for no reason and against all evidence. I tolerated you talking way too long to even see Nolan. I accepted that maybe after being wrongfully imprisoned and… whatever else you’ve been doing for last ten years, you’ve legitimately forgotten what your own daughter’s face looked like.

But accusing Nolan in public without even bothering to ask him for an explanation? Punching him in the face? Oh, no. No no no. You, sir? DEAD TO ME.

(Although, for real, this is one of the many reasons why Emily not telling David the truth is so ludicrously stupid. How did they seriously not see something like that coming?)

Charlotte grows up

2. For the first time in forever, Charlotte was neither useless or completely annoying! That’s exciting. I mean, she still needed someone else to spoon feed her all her opinions, but at least this time when she took Emily’s words to heart, she didn’t immediately ping pong into believing whatever Victoria told her afterward. And she legit kicked ass instead of whining and crying!

Although it is strange to find myself still kind of rooting for a sister team up after that whole attempted murder thing. (Does Hallmark make “sorry I tried to burn you to death” cards?)

3. So now Emily’s not telling David the truth because she thinks he’s lying about his story. And the best way to find out why is OBVIOUSLY not to just tell him the truth herself and then, you know… ask him? Just saying: awfully judgy about other people keeping secrets there, Emily.

Victoria has Louise's number

4. It’s kind of hilarious how all of Victoria’s actual children desperately want her out of their lives and all Louise wants is to crawl up into her womb. (Seriously, how messed up does Louise’s real mother have to be in order for Victoria to look good in comparison?)

Speaking of the Grayson kids, I feel cheated that we didn’t get to see Daniel’s reaction to learning the truth about Emily. That was one of the two big reveals that this show had left and it’s basically an afterthought? Lame, Revenge.

5. Nosy Officer Ben is pointless and boring. Why does he exist? This is a serious question.


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