Hates so good.

After Michael laid such a righteous smack down on his mother last week, I was pretty sure his confrontation with Sonny would not disappoint. Like, 95% sure. The other 5% is still bitter about Morgan’s reaction. (Although his attempt to justify himself to Kiki has convinced me that he may not be mentally sound enough to be responsible for his decisions?) (This kid did not come by his PC’s dumbest human title by accident.)

But let’s get back to Michael, because OH MY GOD, MICHAEL. I don’t know what my favorite part was — the absolute hate in his eyes? Asking Sonny if he was going to shoot him like he shot Dante? Pointing out the hypocrisy in Sonny’s code? This entire stretch of dialog?

Michael ANGRY

MICHAEL: I’m not your son! And you’re not my father. AJ was my father!
SONNY: Okay, you know what? You’re angry. You have every right to be. But I raised you, okay? I love you–
MICHAEL: All those years, you and mom kept me from him. You poisoned me against him.
SONNY: We were trying to protect you.
MICHAEL: That wasn’t for my sake! I was a pawn! You hated AJ and you used me — his own son — against him. You didn’t care what you did to me. You cost me my whole life with my real father!

Just picture wild seal clapping and you’ll get the gist of my reaction every time Michael calls AJ his real father. The fact that this is a genre where you can get a confrontation literally 17 years in the making is why I’ll always love daytime soaps, no matter how much they drive me crazy most of the time.

But, no. My actual favorite part is Dante pointing out — correctly — that the last thing AJ would ever want is Michael lowering himself to Sonny’s level or going back to prison. Sonny’s defeated expression as he listened to this condemnation of his entire lifestyle, realizing even his pathetic attempt at self-sacrifice was just more proof of his failure as a father? SO GOOD FOR ME.

Sonny is a broken man

You guys, all I’ve ever wanted was to see him a broken shell of a man, rotting away in prison, buried under the weight of the misery he’s brought to the lives of every person he loves. (Well, that or retiring to a tropical island somewhere with Brenda. I AM A WOMAN OF CONFLICTING NEEDS.)

Since even the other characters know the idea of Sonny actually facing prison time is a joke, I’m not holding my breath on that front. But a friend pointed out the other day that Sonny voluntarily pleading guilty would be one of the only ways to ever legitimately bring the character back from this.

And really, isn’t Sonny going to prison the only true drama left to be mined from his story? He’s literally gotten away with murder so many times now that I can’t imagine even his fans feel any real concern when he goes on trial anymore. Prison is the final frontier, a chance to take away all his incompetent henchmen and supportive baby mommas and force him to actually fend for himself for the first time in a decade. Explore the claustrophobia! Show him really being repentant! And leave him there for at least six months, please. Is that asking so much?


Meanwhile, other things I enjoyed in the last few days: Alexis sticking to her guns with Julian and finally, finally calling him out on his condescending “you’re just afraid to admit you love me” bullshit.

Alexis gets real with Julian1

Alexis gets real with Julian2

ALEXIS: I can’t invest my life in a man who puts the people that I love in danger. Who puts you in danger. What about that? Have you ever thought about what it would do to me, or Sam, or Danny if you died?
JULIAN: Alexis–
ALEXIS: What? What could you possible say that’s going to make this any better except ‘I’m out’? I do love you. So much so that I’m not going to give you what you want. Because maybe if I stay away from you, maybe that will bring you to your senses. Better yet, maybe it will keep you alive.
JULIAN: So no matter what I do, how much I love you, you’re never going to take me back?
ALEXIS: When you’re ready to rectify the situation, we’ll talk. Until then, please respect my wishes and leave me alone.

MY QUEEN! That is the Alexis that I have always wanted to see — firm, mature, not falling all over herself in embarrassed attraction. Able to acknowledge her feelings and still demand that her boundaries be respected. Seriously, I have been waiting years for her to give that speech to just one of the many smarmy dudes she’s been with.

Now if only Julian would stop being written like an idiot and go make a deal with Anna, all my dreams could come true.

Speaking of dreams, this happened:

Liason teasing


I thought she was going to offer him her studio to recover in, for maximum old school Liason feels. BUT NO. He’s going to live at the house with her and the boys and chop wood or vacuum or lay around being a live model for her art or I DON’T KNOW, BUT I LOVE IT.

I know this cannot last forever, especially now that he’s had an official meet cute with Sam and Danny. So I’m just going to go on wringing every scrap of enjoyment possible out of every second of flirty chemistry I can.


23 thoughts on “Hates so good.

  1. I loved the scene yesterday with Sonny and Michael, until Morgan had to step in front of Sonny. Seriously, at that point, I was willing to have Michael shoot Sonny through Morgan, the way that Sonny shot Carly in her sex brain by accident when he tried to shoot Lorenzo. I really hope that Sonny goes to jail, especially now that Brandon Barash may be coming back short term to play Johnny. I would love to see scenes of the two of them in prison. I agree that Sonny should be there for at least six months and then Morgan can decide to take over the business. You just know that he’s chomping at the bit to show his daddy what he can do.

  2. “You guys, all I’ve ever wanted was to see him a broken shell of a man, rotting away in prison, buried under the weight of the misery he’s brought to the lives of every person he loves. (Well, that or retiring to a tropical island somewhere with Brenda. I AM A WOMAN OF CONFLICTING NEEDS.)”

    I would be down for Sonny only appearing monthly, with a fishing hat on and sunglasses, the only screentime he’d get being his monthly phone call to one of his kids or Carly. Sure, Sonny would get a happy ending but at least it would be mostly off my screen.

    I like to think of NuJason as NuLucky. He seems and looks more like Lucky to me, and since I was a big L&L2 fan until Jason regains his memory that’s who he is to me heh.

    I loved hearing Dante say as well that he didn’t want it to, but he knew the day was coming when he’d have to arrest Sonny.

    • My ideal scenario is he goes to prison for a long time and comes out a changed man, repentant and totally uninterested in regaining his mob power. Then he can go off and find Brenda and retire with her, never to be seen again except for the occasionally phone call home.

  3. That Sonny smack-down was epically satisfying. I will relive it in memory for years to come, and it will never disappoint me.

    Your comments on Julexis are so on-point. That was some of the best writing for Alexis I can remember.

    What am I going to do about this Jakeson-Imogene thing, though?
    I need to guard my heart! I need to guard my heart!
    But he’s so pretty with that crooked smile… and he flashes it at my girl with such ease and playfulness.

    Bring Billy Miller to GH, I said.

    Give him scenes with Becky Herbst, I said.


  4. as much as I dislike watching sonny and/or carly I admit I loved those scenes and most of it had to do with the way CD finally stepped up and actually acted. He said stuff I say to my TV each time either of his faux parents are on. I felt what Dante said was right but he himself is a bit of a hypocrite because we wouldn’t have dead AJ (maybe) if he had told the truth about Sonny shooting him. Yes six months off screen would probably be about right unless you are Steven Lars or Johnny Z or Matt Hunter they all serve the maximum. JZ showing sonny the ropes in pentonville would make my day.

    I hated Lucky when he left this last time, well since 2006 really, and hope he never ever comes back. I want Elizabeth to put up a fight for Jake/Jason this time even if she has to play dirty but sam deserves it–not danny but nujason can still be his dad without sam around. BM makes me smile–a lot. They are the least angst peeps on this crazy show right now. I didn’t think Jake gave sam much thought at all except she has the same last name as Jason the guy everyone loves to talk about after 2 yrs. Those last scenes with Elizabeth were flirty, beyond cute and seriously I enjoyed them most the other characters gave me a headache.

    • everyone ends up being a hypocrite on soaps, eventually. michael’s a hypocrite too because he had no problem asking dante in the past to essentially choose sonny and to understand the code over doing his job, but now when it involves him so personally, it’s all i’m disgusted by the code, choose the job choose the job rme.

      i mean, i understand it, but if you have a long memory and can’t forgive people their missteps that they even admitted were huge mistakes in retrospect, you’re going to be here all night with a list against everyone for something they did and took back later.

      • while I don’t disagree with the hypocrite thing I feel Michael spouted back what he had heard all those yrs. that’s what he knew until AJ came back to PC but was killed by sonny before their father/son relationship really took off.

        I could agree what carly did was a misstep in hiding the truth but I don’t call shooting an unarmed person a misstep and I can see where michael might not just get over that real soon. It is a soap so I expect the estrangement to last until after the holidays at least then sonny will save someone’s life and carly will help him (probably nujason) and a chorus will sing their praises and a new sonny era will dawn with queen carly and price jason by his side–lol

        • the misstep i was talking about specifically dante lying for sonny since that’s what you referenced. he did explicitly wish he could go back and tell the truth about sonny. that’s what i meant by a character doing something and later knowing that was the wrong choice and wishing they could do it differently. lol i would never call what happened to aj and the coverup to be just a “misstep.”

          i have no sympathy for carly or sonny because even now, what they regret is not the action but the consequence of losing michael over the action. the both of them would probably have zero problems with aj being killed if they didn’t have to worry about michael’s feelings. that’s just disgusting to me. they haven’t acted in good faith so i would definitely not categorize their actions as ‘missteps’ in their journey of being relatively decent people. sonny (especially) and carly both have lived lives that are fundamentally indecent.

          nah i don’t give michael much slack. the hero worship of his parents is one thing and i cut him slack for that indoctrination – but the code and wanting to be in the mob even after prison and being shot and living the damage? nah son.

          he was an adult by that point and if i’m not going to cut sonny slack for being a poor brown kid in a bad home situation who made the choice to live the life he does, the rich white kid with a support system of multiple people (though effed up) constantly trying to stop him from being in the mob gets no pass from me.

          mind, i wasn’t a huge fan of aj (or i could have been if not for the horrendous way his story was handled – his addiction cycles towards the end triggered my personal ish of dealing with addict parents and ugh no) other than the fact that he wasn’t a killer and i really did enjoy his relationship with michael. but even though i wasn’t a fan, his death was such a waste and the way sonny/carly hid it…just awful.

          lol oh i expect that they’ll all make up sometime. i’m dreading it but it’s as predictable as the sunrise.

  5. I would love to see Liz & Jason spend Christmas together. Please let there be tie ins to their first Christmas.
    I really do not want to see fighting between Sam and Liz over a man. Just no please. If Liz and Jason are not the end game then I hope the end it quick and clean and let Liz and Sam keep their dignity.
    I’m a huge Liz fan and I would love to see someone choose her and woo her and feel lucky to have her.

    • Elizabeth wanted to help him remember his name and said names off the top of her head and he liked Jake. She explained the meaning of the name and he felt honored to wear it. Such a sweet scene.

      • Neka, that isn’t exactly the way it went down. When nuJason woke, he remembered the name Elizabeth and the name Jake. Since the name Jake seemed familiar to him, Elizabeth wondered if Jake could possibly be his name. She didn’t just randomly throw out names to see which ones stuck. Nor did he mention anything about being “honored” about having the name Jake. It came across like it was a logical assumption for his name to be Jake, since that name stuck out for him. But she did tell him that Jake was her deceased little boy’s name and that it was a good name.

        • So no mention of Samantha? Well well. I
          Liked Jason w Elizabeth. It would be lovely if this Jason reboot turned out that way.

          Also I have temporarily gotten all my GH wishes lol. Michael hates Sonny and Carly, Jason is flirting with Elizabeth, and KiKi got dumped. And young Michael’s kinda cute with his angry drunk bar sex.

          • NO MENTION OF SAMANTHA!!! To quote our wonderful blogger, “I just have so many feels!!” But in truth, I’m enjoying SamTrick. She is more Superman to his Lois Lane. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes Michael the angry drunk. And might I add I thought the kiss he planted on Rosalie at the FR was, well, kinda hot. Didn’t expect that.

  6. The return of Lucky Spencer?! Heck to the no! Original LnL2 died the day JJ left the show, and that crap written by Guza with Niz affair and the aftermath should never be seen or heard from again.

    Elizabeth should have offered Jake her studio and NOT her home with Cam and Aiden.

  7. the sonny scenes were so good, so so good. yet, i still have a foreboding feeling that there will reconciliation. lbr, it’ll happen at some point and then, i’ll sigh heavily and think it was all for naught. michael’s so extreme right now, and i completely get it and i was cheering him on but it rings a little…false (?) to me. basically after i got over the high of hearing michael turn on sonny so vehemently, i thought ‘they killed aj for sweeps’ sigh. i mean, i get it, that was always the point, but everything was amped to nth degree that i’m just going to be more disappointed when the eventual middle ground is reached between michael and sonny. hopefully, it won’t happen, but i have no faith as long as sonny remains a lead character on this show. i don’t know if i’m making sense.

    • Oh, and i am eternally disappointed that jason wasn’t taken to task even a little bit. he was the man who enabled carly and sonny and set the whole thing in motion. i get that he’s ‘dead’ and he didn’t collude to cover up aj’s murder, but if michael’s going to realize what he lost from the very start of his life, jason’s choices have to factor in there too.

      my jason bitterness and hate has dimmed a bit with billy miller charming me so, but i wanted this. i wanted this so much. also, i was wondering: what would jason have done if he was alive and the events of aj’s murder still happened and he found out about it? would jason have participated in the coverup with sonny and carly ostensibly to protect michael? would he have forsaken sonny, finally, and told michael the truth? i am a cynic and i think he would have gone along with the former option.

      this is probably the most i’ll ever care for michael lol.

      • Jason did apologize at AJ’s crypt in 2007 when Elizabeth was pregnant with Jake. Of course, it was way too late at the time, since AJ was already dead. I will always see Sonny as a leech that used a brain damaged young man’s inability to remember he despised Sonny for what the man did to Karen and would have never given Carly the time or day or kept Michael away from his father.

        • yeah i remember that, but that doesn’t change the choices that jason made for michael. it’s likely michael wouldn’t even know that jason regretted keeping him away from aj. so, i still would’ve liked to see a jab in at jason too but jason’s still the saintly hitman, i guess.

          i agree that sonny is a leech but i have a hard time whitewashing jason’s decades-long actions with ‘brain damage!’ in the beginning, yes, jason was taken advantage of by sonny, but as the years progressed, he was not portrayed as a man who did not understand the immorality of the life he chose. he got it that it was socially and morally wrong and he did it anyway.

          i am a cynic and i will eternally see the “inconsistent and vaguely nebulous brain damage” as the show’s way to have jason to do awful things and still woobify him and exempt him from any real responsibility for his choices. sonny can be a leech and at the same time, jason can be responsible for his choices too. those two things do not exist on a binary spectrum, especially since we’re talking years and years of jason killing people for money.

          • ITA about jason and his choices. I always felt he was aware that he was choosing to be a criminal/killer and was basically okay with it. until BM came on I had a bad case of jason dislike but I see in BM what I hoped would happen before SBu checked out of being jason and from GH. I’m hoping RC/FV don’t go back to ’08-’12 jason morgan because I’ve been watching GH again and have liked it again for the most part, that would make me turn my Tv off again.

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